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Powerful and Comfortable Earbuds

$49.99 $49.99
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  • An in-line noise-cancelling mic and mic/call control means you can leave your phone in your pocket.
  • ZAGG's Hangin' Tight slider alignment allows for ultimate comfort.
  • Compatibility with Siri™ devices creates a complete hands-free experience.
  • The premium length, tangle-free cord is coated with original InvisibleShield material.


ZAGGsmartbuds let gadget lovers get the most out of their favorite devices. They are compatible with all Siri devices, so you can use your device hands-free. In addition, their superior speakers deliver a rich, full sound so you can enjoy your music anywhere you go. And if someone calls you when you're enjoying your tunes, the in-line mic lets you conveniently take those calls, without missing a beat.

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