Spotify Launched in Canada Yesterday

One of our favorite music streaming services, Spotify, has finally landed for our friends to the north. As of yesterday, Spotify is live in Canada. The company has put a specific emphasis on building the Canadian-version of its music library to include local, Canadian artists that users will already be familiar with. Users will have [...]

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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 and Opens “Tech Preview” for Download

With its latest version of Windows, dubbed ‘Windows 10,’ Microsoft has decided to crowdsource the features and design of the final product, which it plants to ship in “late 2015.” To do so, it’s opening a “Tech Preview” version of the OS, which will undoubtedly include several “rough edges” and areas that “lack some polish.” [...]

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Pebble Cuts Price On Smart Watches And Adds Sleep And Activity Tracking Features

Pebble Cuts Price On Smart Watches And Adds Sleep And Activity Tracking Features

Smart Watch maker Pebble is cutting the price of its two models of watches and also adding new features to its software package that will enable users to track activity and sleep with the devices. Pebble’s basic model, which had retailed for $149, will now be available for $99, and the premium trim of the [...]

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Coming Soon: CamoPhoto, A Social Refuge For Hunters

I’ll be honest and tell you all that I’m not a hunter. I do have several friends who are hunters, and I’ve seen some of the issues they have faced with sharing any of their hunting photos on social media. It really doesn’t matter what you post on the Internet these days. It’s bound to [...]

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iOS 8

[Apps] Camera+ Brings Full Manual Controls and New Camera Tools to iOS 8

The best app for taking photos with your iPhone has gotten even better, thanks to a slew of new API controls made available to developers in iOS 8. The latest version of Camera+, which rolled out over the weekend, brings full manual controls — shutter speed, focus, exposure compensation, and ISO — to a control [...]

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How To Geocache Like A Pro

Most of us have at least heard of Geocaching, even if we’ve never done it. Before everybody had a GPS in their pocket, geocachers had to purchase GPS units in order to join in on the fun. No need to have a separate device anymore. If you’ve got a GPS enabled smart phone, you already [...]

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GoPro Announces New Hero4 Cameras; Now Has Most Compelling Product Lineup Ever

We’re huge fans of GoPro action cameras, and today, the company announced three new models: the Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 Silver, and a new, entry-level camera simply called ‘Hero.’ They’re also keeping the Hero 3+ Silver and Hero 3 White editions around, which provides for one of the most compelling lineups, at every price [...]

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The Erli Bird…Gets to Beta Test?

If you love being on the cutting edge of technological innovations, I’ve got the one website you have to know about right this second. It’s called Erli Bird, and it’s for early adopters and those who want to know what’s new and what’s coming out soon—before anyone else. Everyone can access the upcoming projects featured [...]

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Fetch logo

Fetch This Personal Assistant App for Free

You may think that online shopping is easy, but when you break it down, it’s not as convenient as retailers have led you to believe. You still have to go from online store to online store, buying a shirt here and a pair of pants there, entering your billing info and creating passwords with abandon [...]

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How Does iPhone 6′s Dual-Core CPU and 1 GB of RAM Stack Up to the Competition?

While flagship Android devices continually push the envelope when it comes to processing cores, clock speed, and RAM, Apple doesn’t spend much time focusing on hardware specs. It’s the same strategy they’ve taken with the Mac. You see, the end result isn’t a product of just hardware or just software; it’s how the two work [...]

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