#ThrowbackThursday for Tech Geeks: Video Games of the 1980s

Last week, we threw back to the most popular video games of the 1970s. This week, we’re moving forward a decade to the 80s, when video games really started becoming mainstream in the consumer market, beyond just arcade machines and into our homes. Here’s a look at 10 of the most popular video games of [...]

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[Back to School] Top 10 iPad Apps for Better Studying, Productivity, and Fun

I did it. I dropped the dreaded ‘S’ word: school. While Summer break is still in full swing, you’ll soon face the reality that is back to school shopping. We’ve know a lot of you are picking up (or already have) iPads for the upcoming school year, and so we figured – what better time [...]

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Florida Fraudster Rips Off Apple Stores for $309,768 With a Simple Debit Card Scam

Running up a $7,700 transaction at the Apple Store isn’t exactly tough to do. Grab a new Mac Pro, three Thunderbolt Displays for it, and an iPad and your total can reach that much with just five items. Or, claim you’re picking up 10 new iPads or five new MacBook Pros for your business. People [...]

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Game About Squares Is Just The Distraction You Need Today

Today is Wednesday, which is only slightly better than Monday. If you’re like me, you probably welcome any distraction from the work you are actually supposed to be doing right now. Game About Squares. It’s a game about squares. Really. That’s all you need to know. It’s a puzzle game that doesn’t have any instructions [...]

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How To Use Google Now To Help You Lose Weight

We all know the hard it is to make healthy food choices, and the added difficulty if you are constantly on the go. There are so many apps available to help you track your calories. Did you know that you can ask Google Now about nutritional information? No need to download a separate app at [...]

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Would You Replace Your Passwords with a Familiar Face?

I think we can all agree: password rules are the worst, and they’re not getting any better. With more and more sites popping up where we need passwords, we’re told that having the same password for multiple sites is a big no-no. We’re also told to include a capital letter, a number, and sometimes a [...]

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With This App, Chat with Those Around You Without Saying a Word

Finally, a way to connect with the people you’re with—and not necessarily the people you know. Slight is an app available for iOS that allows for completely anonymous conversations with those around you. That’s right. No Facebook sign in, no log in name and password, no user accounts, no e-mail. You simply make comments that [...]

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Facebook and Instagram Attempt to Take on Snapchat with New App Called Bolt

If you aren’t already convinced that every tech company with a pulse wants to dominate the instant messaging space, yet another app is making its debut: Bolt. For all intents and purposes, it’s another Snapchat clone, this time developed by Instagram (owned by Facebook). Facebook launched Slingshot back in June, which was received with lackluster [...]

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How To Check Into Your Room At Hilton Using Your Smartphone

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Hilton Hotels is investing $550 million to replace all the door locks on more than 4,200 properties around the world. The project is expected to be complete next year and when finished, will allow guests to completely skip the check-in desk. The Hilton Hotels app already lets you [...]

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How To: Stream Movies to Your Chromecast or Apple TV with ‘LocalCast’ for Android

I get almost all of my video content digitally, whether through Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu+, YouTube, or, in the case of full length feature films, we’ll just say “other means.” I have a DVD player, but I couldn’t even tell you the last time I turned it on. This post isn’t meant to tell you [...]

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