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Swing Copters Is Flappy Bird’s Crazy Little Brother

Remember Flappy Bird? Remember how crazy you went trying to beat your high score? Well, standby to go absolutely insane. Dong Nguyen, the Creator of Flappy Bird, has just released Swing Copters. In this game, you are trying to guide a little helicopter through swinging hammers, moving up the screen. Each time you tap the [...]


Uber Launches Corner Store To Deliver Necessities To Your Door In Minutes

Uber is great. You download the app and input credit card information. When you need a car, use the app to request it and it’ll be at your door sometimes in less than 10 minutes. The driver will take you wherever you need to go, and your card will be billed. No need for cash. [...]


Leo’s Fortune Is The Game This Monday Needs

Happy Monday! Are you in the mood for a treasure hunting adventure game that will properly distract you from everything else you are supposed to accomplish today? Leo’s Fortune to the rescue! Leo’s Fortune is a new game on Android and iOS. Leo is a furry little guy who just had all of his gold [...]


The Modern Version Of The Mix Tape

Remember the good old days of compiling the most perfect songs on a mix tape or cd then giving it to a loved one? Me too, but only vaguely. A friend of mine said recently that “the mix tape/cd is a lost art form.” Is it? Or has it just changed? Of course we still [...]

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Amazon Enters The Mobile Payment Market With An Option Of Their Own

If you are a local business that still isn’t accepting cards, it is likely that you are losing a lot of business. Carrying cash is getting to be the exception instead of the rule. Companies like PayPal, Square, and Venmo assist with paying friends or family, or paying for goods and services with a card. [...]


How Sad And Lonely Are Your Tweets?

We can say that we don’t really care if our status gets “liked” or our tweets get a lot of favorites, but we all care at least a little. It’s nice to know that somebody agrees, relates, or thinks you are funny. Sad Tweets goes through your tweets and shows you the ones that were [...]


#ThrowbackThursday 5 Gadgets From Early Bond Movies That Are Now Commonplace

One of my favorite things about Spy Movies is the gadgets those spies get to use. It’s always on the cutting edge of technology or just great stuff that we can’t imagine actually being a real thing. So for today’s Throwback Thursday, here are 5 gadgets from early Bond movies that are now commonplace. 1. [...]


The Robot That Is A Member Of The Family

Look how cute this little guy is. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this companion around to help you out? We’ve been imagining what it would be like to have robot helpers for years. Maybe it’s finally time to make it a reality. We are still a few years out, but you have the opportunity [...]

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Hulu Releases Limited Free Streaming On Android Devices

The newest version of the Hulu App for Android has been released. With this update, selected content will be free to view via your mobile devices. Previously, only Hulu Plus subscribers were able to view on anything other than a desktop. “We are pleased to announce an update to our Hulu app for Android┬áthat gives [...]


Game About Squares Is Just The Distraction You Need Today

Today is Wednesday, which is only slightly better than Monday. If you’re like me, you probably welcome any distraction from the work you are actually supposed to be doing right now. Game About Squares. It’s a game about squares. Really. That’s all you need to know. It’s a puzzle game that doesn’t have any instructions [...]

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