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7 Spotify Features You Didn’t Know You Had

We’ve seen some welcome updates to Spotify recently. Here are some new and old features you may not be aware of. Browse Finding new music has always been one of Spotify’s greatest uses. The breakdown of music in this section is very helpful in discovering new music based on Lists, New Releases, News, and Moods/Genres. [...]


Build A Free Website With And Unify Your Social Networks

If you’ve been in search for a easy and inexpensive option for a website, Flavors might just be for you. allows you to combine all of your social media content (30+ different accounts, from Twitter to Etsy to Goodreads) into one place and organizes it into a very nice looking website. It really is [...]


Searching For A New Desk Setup? Check Out These High Tech Ideas

Before I watched a setup video for the first time, I thought to myself, “there is no way this will be interesting.” Boy did I think wrong. A setup tour is a walk through of somebody’s desk/computer setup. From sound systems, gaming, music, and homework, we all use our setups differently. Marques Brownlee on his [...]


Early Bird Pricing Still Available for MightyText Pro

MightyText, the Android app that let’s you text from your computer, introduced MightyText Pro in April. By subscribing to the service you receive several additional options. The Free MightyText App offers: Texting from your computer via the website, Gmail, or Facebook. Image storing. Battery status and low battery notifications. Incoming text and phone call notifications. [...]


How Much Of Your Life Have You Spent Watching TV?

We can watch on our TV’s, computers, tablets, phones, and maybe in a few years our wristwatches. Streaming has opened up a world of current and past TV shows that are begging us to binge watch. Now, can help us calculate the bitter truth. Just how many days of our lives have we spent [...]


Send A Text Directly From Facebook With MightyText

Several months ago I wrote a post about MightyText. It’s the Android app (available on Google Play) that allows you to text from your computer. I’ve been using this app for almost a year and absolutely love it. I don’t miss texts or calls anymore if I’m on my computer and my phone is on [...]


Power Your Devices With Your Own Pedal Power

Check out this Kickstarter project. Friends Andy and Steve are avid cyclists and are working on using peddling a bicycle to generate energy that will power our devices. How will your habits change when you realize how much you have to pedal just by turning on a light? How much would your lifestyle change if [...]


Spotify Announces Student Premium For Only $5

Spotify Premium is a wonderful service. Unlimited and commercial free listening for $9.99/month. Well, it just got even more wonderful for students who can now subscribe to Premium service for only $4.99/month. Enjoy unlimited listening to 20 million songs! Spotify not only announced this great news, but they also offered a playlist to help you [...]


The HTC One (M8) Is Now Available

The HTC One was one of the best phones of 2013, so there was a lot of speculation and excitement leading up to the release of the HTC One (M8). The verdict is still out as far as performance, but the specs are exciting. The sleek and sexy all metal design and dual front speakers [...]


Take The Hassle Out Of Picking An Outfit With This Website

No more dreaming of having your own personal stylist.  No more walking the mall for hours in search of the perfect dress, only to settle for something just so you didn’t waste your time.  It’s time to get some professional help.  Stitch Fix is a personal online styling service that sends clothes right to your [...]

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