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Google Launches Beta Of 64-Bit Chrome For Mac

Google Launches Beta Of 64-Bit Chrome For Mac

Last week, Google released its first official 64-bit version of its Chrome web browser for Windows. Now, the company is releasing a beta version of 64-bit Chrome for Mac, as well. The beta version of the browser can be downloaded from the Chrome Beta Channel. According to Macrumors, if the Chrome for Mac version follows [...]


Tesla’s Next Software Update Will Let Owners Start Their Car With Their iPhone

A software updated rumored to be released soon for the operating system in Tesla’s Model S vehicles will introduce new features specifically aimed at integrating the popular electric car with iPhones. Electrek dropped the report with the rumored new features by releasing screen shots of the updates that are expected to come in the next [...]


Rumor: eBay Considering Spinning Off PayPal As Its Own Company

Reuters is reporting that eBay, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, could consider “spinning off” its PayPal business unit into its own company as early as next year. The report comes at a time when PayPal is growing rapidly. According to Reuters, eBay has told candidates for the PayPal CEO position that [...]


This Is The World’s First WiFi-Enabled Water Heating Kettle

We’ve seen our share of alarm clocks over the years here at ZAGG. Evil alarm clocks apps. Pillows that wake you up. And now, there’s iKettle. Now, iKettle isn’t officially an alarm clock, but it serves in that role if you want it to. At its heart, iKettle is a kettle that will heat water, [...]

The Most Interesting Questions Internet Explorer Developers Answered On Reddit

The Most Interesting Questions Internet Explorer Developers Answered On Reddit

On Thursday, several members of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer development team spent a few hours answering questions from Reddit users as part of the site’s “Ask Me Anything” forum. Internet Explorer, of course, is the often-mocked web browser that in recent years has taken a backseat to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as the most popular [...]


Use Your iPad Like A Typewriter With This App Created By Tom Hanks

Typing on a typewriter is quite the experience with the sounds and the feels of the keys as you build out a line of words. Then, you hit the edge of the page, the printing mechanism reverts back to the left side of the paper, and you get to start typing on a fresh line. [...]


Google Tracks Users Wherever They Go: See Your Own Map

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Google tracks movements of users of its mobile devices or mobile apps. The visualization of that tracking, however, can be pretty startling, and now it is easy to see a history of how Google has tracked where you’ve been. This week, Steven Tweedie at Business Insider published [...]


Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Shoes To Go On Sale In India

So far we’ve seen the following “smart” wearable products or product lines brought to market: Smartphones. Smart watches. Smart glasses (Google Glass). Smart wristbands. Smart heart monitors. Now, an Indian company called Ducere, wants to bring a $100 pair of Bluetooth-enabled smart shoes to market. Ducere’s smart shoe technology would primarily be used to integrate [...]


The NFL’s New Personalized Video Service And App Is A Must Have For Football Fans

NFL fans who are hungry for more ways to stay in touch with their team or the league in general have a great new source in a new service making its debut this week. The service is called NFL Now and is a personalized video service available both on the web, on mobile apps, and [...]


Shazam Introducing Mac Toolbar To Constantly Detect Music And TV Shows

For as long as apps on smartphones have been “a thing”, Shazam has been like the granddaddy of them all. The music recognition app was one of the first iPhone apps that really captured our imaginations and caused us to show friends what it could do by tapping the app and within seconds being able [...]

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