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This App Tells You Who’s at the Bar Before You Go

It’s Friday night, and you’re headed out. You have your favorite spots, but they’re hit or miss as far as the crowd—sometimes they’re too old; sometimes they’re a touch too young; sometimes there are not enough ladies (or guys) for your taste. Whether for good or just for ultimate creeper status, there’s an app that [...]


Save the Best for Later with Pocket

It’s a beautiful thing when a program is usefully integrated in all the right places in your digital life. Such is the case with Pocket. This handy app/content organization system allows you to save articles, videos, and anything else you see online so you can view it later, when you have time. Use Pocket with [...]


Capture Every (No, Really, Every) Moment with this Amazing Video Camera

Taking video is great. You can capture moments for a lifetime; relive your favorites; and share experiences with others from your viewpoint at a given place and time. But what about everything you miss? If you’re pointing your camera one way, you might miss the epic event that happened right behind you. This camera solves [...]


LG Makes the G3 Official; Killer Specs, Gorgeous Screen, Great Camera

What we’ve seen via rumors and leaks over the past few months about the LG G3 have been nothing short of excellent. There’s never been any doubt that the phone, when it became official, would be one of the top phones of 2014. Today, LG has made the G3 official and it’s nothing short of [...]


Foursquare Launches ‘Swarm’ and Gets Ready to Battle Yelp

Back in 2009, a small group of entrepreneurs had a wild idea: let’s create an app that lets you “check in” to your current location and then share that location with your circle of friends. It’d be a standalone social network in its own right, but would integrate with the other social networks (namely Twitter [...]


Practice Your English And Spelling With Google’s Spell Up

Learning a new language is really hard. I’ve been there. Google is trying to make learning English easier with their new game Spell Up. Having it laid out as a game makes it a lot more fun. The concept is that you are trying to build a tower by spelling, guessing, pronouncing, or defining words. [...]


It’s Finally Happened: Developer Runs iOS Apps on Android Device

You had to know this was eventually coming. iOS has been around for seven years now, and Android for five. At some point, someone was going to figure out how to make apps from either platform run on the other. That’s exactly what six PhD students at Columbia University did for a research project, which [...]


The Star Trek Tricorder—In Real Life

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you know the most useful device in the universe is a tricorder. With its ability to scan and tell you the makeup of every object you come in contact with, in addition to its ability to tell you what’s wrong with an injured red shirt, a tricorder is handy, [...]


Motorola Does What Apple Can’t; Launches Budget ‘Moto E’ for $129 Unlocked and Contract Free

When the rumors were swirling before the launch of the iPhone 5C, the thought was that Apple would finally be tapping into a new market segment with a budget smartphone. No doubt a lesser version of its flagship iPhone 5S, lesser specs and cheaper build parts would mean a considerably lower price for consumers. Such [...]


This Cube Can Tell You the Weather

It seems we’ve gotten used to having all the world’s information available to us at all times. And when everything is important, it’s difficult to figure out those bits of information you need. If it’s all a little too overwhelming, the ORBneXt may be your solution. This fully funded KickStarter campaign provides you with a [...]

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