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Big News: The Sony Xperia Z2 Is Coming To Verizon

For all of recent memory, T-Mobile has been the only U.S. carrier to offer Sony’s Xperia Z lineup of smartphones. Of course, you could always get an unlocked version from overseas, but even then, you were likely using it with T-Mobile or AT&T. A photo posted to Sony’s Google+ page indicates that for the first [...]


This Measuring Gadget Puts Traditional Tools To Shame

Let’s say you need to know the measurements of your backyard or maybe a shed or, heaven forbid, an entire building. How would you even begin to tackle such a task? In addition to remembering everything you learned in geometry class, you’d need a bunch of tools of the trade, probably a friend or two [...]


Your Google Now Cards Will Be Available Offline After Latest Update

If you’re a regular user of Google Now — the personal assistant software that keeps track of when you need to leave for meetings, updates you on sports scores and stocks you’re interested in, and keeps track of hotel and airline reservations — then chance are you’ve experienced the frustration of loading your Google Now [...]


The Best Gadgets to Take When You Travel

Apple iPad mini Hands down, the best tablet when traveling is the iPad mini. This is especially true if you opt for one of the models with built-in cellular connectivity and add it to your data plan. Most carriers offer this option for an extra $10 bucks a month. If you’re on the go a [...]


How To Add Creative Designs To Instagram Posts

Ever wonder how people create those cool Instagram photos with the inspirational quotes and the designed backgrounds and the unique fonts? Well, at least some of them are probably using Studio Design. It’s an app for iOS and Android that gives you the creative means to design your own boxy pieces of wisdom to share [...]


Say Good-Bye To Your House Keys With This New Lock System

Welcome to the 21st century, house keys. You’re no longer necessary. Why would any of us fumble for a key that fits into a lock when Kevo exists? It’s a more secure and, let’s face it, futuristic way of looking at home security. Basically, your smartphone has become the key to your home. Set up [...]


Get A Million-Dollar Painting Delivered To Your Living Room

Rich people. They get the cars, they get the homes, and they get the priceless pieces of art hanging up in their hallways. But for us that can’t afford it all, not to mention, some of the best artwork is in Paris in the Louvre, or other museums spread across the globe, here’s another solution. [...]


[Deal Alert] Google Slashes Price Of GP Edition Sony Z Ultra By $200

When you need a monster sized phone to fit your monster sized hands, you’ll quickly look to the Galaxy Note lineup or a few of the other phablet choices that are popping up everywhere these days. One solid contender for your money: the Sony Z Ultra, now on sale for $449 completely unlocked and contract [...]


Samsung Announces ‘Galaxy K Zoom’ – 20 MP Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom With Galaxy S3 Specs

One thing we can always count on from Samsung: and endless amount of variants of their Galaxy line of smartphones. None are ever more important than their flagship devices (Galaxy S5; Galaxy Note 3), but offer some deviation that may be an improvement. In this case: the camera. Samsung’s latest Galaxy phone is the K [...]


[Rumor] Google Doing Away With Nexus Program; Replacing With ‘Android Silver’

Rumors have been building for a while that the Google Nexus program – the initiative that brings high-performance, low-cost Android phones and tablets to the public free of carrier regulation – may be on the chopping block in Mountain View. The rumors suggest a new initiative called ‘Android Silver’ will begin next year, with Google [...]

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