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iOS 8

[Apps] Camera+ Brings Full Manual Controls and New Camera Tools to iOS 8

The best app for taking photos with your iPhone has gotten even better, thanks to a slew of new API controls made available to developers in iOS 8. The latest version of Camera+, which rolled out over the weekend, brings full manual controls — shutter speed, focus, exposure compensation, and ISO — to a control [...]


How To Geocache Like A Pro

Most of us have at least heard of Geocaching, even if we’ve never done it. Before everybody had a GPS in their pocket, geocachers had to purchase GPS units in order to join in on the fun. No need to have a separate device anymore. If you’ve got a GPS enabled smart phone, you already [...]

Fetch logo

Fetch This Personal Assistant App for Free

You may think that online shopping is easy, but when you break it down, it’s not as convenient as retailers have led you to believe. You still have to go from online store to online store, buying a shirt here and a pair of pants there, entering your billing info and creating passwords with abandon [...]


Circa News 3 Is The Place To Go For Your Daily Brief

This week Circa has rolled out their biggest update yet. Circa News 3. If you haven’t already been using Circa, now is a great time to start. Stay up to date with news and current events that you care about. The update to News 3 introduces some new features. Wire This is a personalized Daily [...]


Yik Yak Is Built As The App That Tells You What Is Happening Around You, But Is It Actually Doing That?

In a world of self-destructing pictures (Snapchat), and anonymous messages are shared freely (Secret and Whisper), is there space for another app that lets users anonymously and, by and large, without fear of repurcussions, share messages? The makers of Yik Yak think so, and they’ve got $1.5 million in venture capital funding backing them up. [...]


Selfie App Is Bringing Face To Face Conversations Back

I’m willing to bet that most of us have found our way to public forums or the comments section below articles. Whether you post anything or not, the experience nearly always ends in frustration. Strong opinions and the anonymity of hiding behind a screen and keyboard have made people on the internet downright mean. This [...]


This Gadget Helps You Hear Better than Ever

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by all the noise in your environment, you know how disconcerting it can be. Concerts so loud you can’t hear the person yelling in your ear; people talking around you while you try to concentrate on the TV; or so much going on at a party that you can’t hear [...]


This Intelligent App Learns What You Need

As technology evolves, companies need to work even harder to predict what people will want from their devices in the future. Some believe that apps will be connecting devices in your life that haven’t universally been made “smart” yet., an Android app which is currently in an invite-only beta stage, is betting more of [...]

Shazam Logo

Shazam Has New Features For Google Play Unlimited And Mac Users

No need to pull out your phone when you hear a great song if you are already on your computer. Shazam for Mac will do the work for you. This app actually runs in the background and will be ready with the information you need in a moments notice. I get a lot of music [...]

Up Your Secure Password Game With A Free Year Of LastPass Premium

Up Your Secure Password Game With A Free Year Of LastPass Premium

LastPass is a password creation and storage service for creating more secure passwords on all the sites you use. We’ve written about the service in more detail before, but at the end of the day, it’s simply a smart way to do better with passwords. And with all the data security breaches and password hacks [...]

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