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How To Turn Google Drive, Dropbox, Or Evernote Into Your Personal Fax Machine

Every so often I’m required to fax something in.  Normally these faxes are being sent to an organization that it older and not concerned with being up to date with the rest of the world – you know, the DMV, banks, etc.  If you are like me or millions of other people around the world, [...]

iPhone Keyboard Shorcut 1

Type Faster On Your iPhone With This Shortcut

Another day, another smartphone shortcut.  It feels like there is no end to the functions that an iPhone can offer a user. Instead of typing out words or full phrases that you regularly use, you can create a shortcut.  This also prevents you from texting/emailing like a teenager and prevents embarrassing/funny confusion about what an abbreviation [...]

My Job Chart

How To Make Chores Fun With My Job Chart

As a parent, the choice between pushing children to do chores and just doing them yourselves can be a difficult one.  Battles over what is fair, if a chore has been done properly, or when a chore must be done by can be exhausting.  And frankly, most of the time it’s easier to just do it [...]


How To Access Hidden Keyboard Functions On iPad

I’m always a huge fan of anything that will help me to be more efficient.  In this case, using your iPad just got easier thanks to DetroitBORG.  This short video teaches you how to access different letter language options (if only a regular keyboard was this easy!), access website shortcuts, and The Basics: Begin by [...]


You’ll Never Visit These 6 Places In Person, But You Can With Google Street View

That Google Street View car gets around. In fact, everything in blue on the map below has been effectively snapped and mapped by the Google car, giving you awesome on-the-ground 360 degree panoramas. The beautiful thing about Google Street View is that you can now visit places you’ve never been without leaving the comfort of [...]


Anyone Can Do It: How To Request To Have Your House Blurred On Google Maps Street View

Want your house blurred on Google Maps Street View? Google makes it easy to request blurring. Here’s how to make a request: Let’s pretend you want to blur the white building above. You’d focus the street view on the appropriate image and then click ‘Report a problem’ in the lower right. Upon clicking ‘Report a [...]


Now You Can Decide What Happens To Your Google Account After You Die

A new feature was announced today on one of Google’s official blogs. The Google Public Policy Blog outlined a new feature that helps you “plan your digital afterlife.” Here’s an excerpt from the blog post: The feature is called Inactive Account Manager — not a great name, we know — and you’ll find it on [...]


Developers Who Want To Create Apps For Google Glass Can Start By Watching This Video

If you are a developer who can’t wait to start creating apps for Google Glass, but want some information from Google as to how to interact with the API, the video below will be a great start for you. The video, titled “Building New Experiences With Glass”, is from a March 11 event at SXSW [...]


This Raspberry Pi-Based Project Will Let You Automate Feeding Your Pets [VIDEO]

For those who love their pets but hate the daily routine of actually feeding them, there is now a high-tech solution to automating those repetitive processes. LifeHacker published details Sunday about the setup, which includes a shopping list of all the resources (including a link to a GitHub repo with all the python scripts the [...]


This Is What In-Game Advertising Looks Like In The New SimCity

EA announced on its official SimCity forum today that a Nissan LEAF® Charging Station is now available for players. There are some advantages to the charging station: Plopping down the Nissan LEAF® Charging Station will add happiness to nearby buildings. Adding the Charging Station will not take power, water or workers away from your city. [...]

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