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Someone Tore Apart An Old TV And Used It To Build A 4-Foot Magnifying Lens That Melts Metal, Burns Concrete, And More

Grant Thompson has a YouTube channel with over 71,000 subscribers. On it, he posts his “weekend projects.” His weekends seem to be different than mine. He does things like make fuel from water and create speakers out of paper plates. In the video above, he demonstrates how he took a piece from an old TV [...]


How To Network At SXSW

Are you one of the lucky 49,000 or so to attend SXSW this year? If so, enjoy every moment. Your days will be full of classes, innovative booths, exciting company announcements, and your nights will be filled with, well, a lot of happening parties. There’s a reason this could be argued the top multimedia conference [...]


How To Add Your Phone Number To The Do Not Call Registry

While the Do Not Call Registry has been around for a while now, it still surprises me that so many people don’t have their phone number registered. If you’re tired of telemarketing calls at the most inconvenient times, take a minute out of your day and do these 3 easy steps. First, click over to [...]


How To Add ZAGGblog To Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Last month, nearly half a million of you clicked over to ZAGGblog for at least one of our posts throughout the month. How cool is that? We’ve got some great things planned for the rest of the year, too. So first off, a big thank you to all of you for being part of it. [...]


Social Media Tips For Parents

My 17-year old niece was recently grounded. Part of her grounding included the restriction of internet usage. What did not occur to her father (my brother) was that teens are smart – and may be on social platforms that parents are less familiar with. I spotted a picture posted on Instagram during school hours, notified [...]


If You Don’t Like That App You Just Bought, You Have 15 Minutes To Return It And Get A Refund [Google Play Only]

According to an official Google Help page, you have 15 minutes after purchasing an app from the Google Play Store to return it. However, “You may only return a given application once; if you subsequently purchase the same app again, you may not return it a second time.” Here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to [...]


A Few Notes About Simple (The Internet’s Favorite Bank): Deposits, Funds Availability, And Cash Withdrawals

I recently signed up for Simple, the Internet-based bank. If you’re not familiar, you’ll soon be hearing more and more about them. While Simple is transparent about how they operate, there are a few things I never knew until after I signed up and had questions. I won’t call them problems or issues, but they [...]


How To Get The Quickest Response From Airlines When Flying During A Storm

Travel is kind of my thing.  At least, it’s been my thing from birth.  I flew around so much as a child that I very seriously suggested that my 5th grade class fly to New York to pick up litter for our volunteer service.  Obviously, it didn’t occur to me that might be a difficult [...]


This DIY Metal Cell Phone Case Is The Toughest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

One Reddit user posted a the image below to the r/pics subreddit. Since its posting, the image has received over 3,500 up votes  and has over 150,000 views. We approve.


7 Pinterest-Approved Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics

We could all use more life hacks to make our lives easier, more organized, and even more eco-friendly.  Check out these 8 life hacks for your electronics and home office.  You can find more life hacks by searching Pinterest or StumbleUpon. Twisted Sifter muxedo task Bits & Pieces Twisted Sifter muxedo task Mandatory Twisted Sifter [...]

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