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Finding a AirPrint Printer

Printing from an iOS device? Here are your options

AirPrint gives your iOS device such as the iPad and iPhone the ability to print directly from the OS. The problem with AirPrint is that it does not allow you to use with older printers that are not built for AirPrint. Here are 3 different solutions that you can use to easily print to a [...]


How to secure your new iPad’s personal hotspot from data thiefs (by @jkhowland)

If you’re like me, one of the driving factors to getting the new iPad was the blazing fast internet and personal hotspot capabilities of the newest model. In fact, in my area, Verizon LTE is faster than Comcast Xfinity. We’re loving our iPad. The problem is the new iPad’s data plans are a bit of [...]


How to set up LTE on your new iPad

I don’t know if you went to Verizon or AT&T for your iPad data plan. It doesn’t affect the setup, but it can affect your experience. I chose Verizon for my ‘new’ iPad. And I wouldn’t fault you if you did choose AT&T. You have to go with what works in your area. Am I [...]

Robin checks in at the Batcave

Win Latitude Leaderboards with auto check-ins (post by @brettbristow22)

So you have checked into Foursquare and challenged your friends in check-in points game. For the first week it is fun and entertaining until you completely forget the app even exists. Google has created a Leaderboard of its own and will help you easily keep your check-ins up to date and private. The Leaderboard function [...]

Picture 8

Apple’s iPad Recycling Program

With the introduction of the iPad 3, it’s no wonder Apple is now offering trade-ins. If you plan on ordering the new iPad online, you won’t find a link to an upgrade or trade-in offer. Instead you will need to visit Apple’s Reuse and Recycle page. There the iPad has been integrated into the program [...]

PlayBook 2.0

PlayBook OS 2.0, how to make it usable

It has been about a month since RIM released its update to the BlackBerry PlayBook. OS 2.0 came with a list of changes that made the tablet much more useful for consumers and business users alike. With the new update they have now added a e-mail client along with a calendar and contacts app. These [...]

iTunes Digital Copies in iCloud

iTunes Digital Copy shows up in iCloud purchases

At the Apple event last week they briefly went over the updated Apple TV and announced that Movies and TV Shows that you have purchased will now be available through iCloud. At first hearing this it all makes but there seems to be a lot to it when you look into it. For years movie [...]

which iPad should I buy

Cheat Sheet: Should you buy an iPad 2 or the new iPad?

The iPad 3 is great, but the iPad is $100 cheaper… Which should you get? Here’s everything you need to know to decide between the two: Get the iPad 2 if: 16 GB is enough storage for you. You don’t want to spend more than $399, or $529 with 3G internet. Get the new iPad [...]


When tech and DIY collide

I feel like half of what I write about is something I came across on Pinterest. But, really, Pinterest! Land of genius ideas and interesting products! The wonders never cease. Anyway, this isn’t a post about Pinterest necessarily. But, those of you who frequent Pinterest may have noticed that it is a DIY-ers heaven. There’s [...]

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

Stop using “Password1″ – 84% of passwords are easily hacked.

According to CNN, the most popular way for hackers to crack your password isn’t by anything complex, it’s simply guessing your password. A company called Trustwave recently issued a report called the “2012 Global Security Report.” It had some very interesting findings that I’d share with you readers: “Password1″ is the most popular password used [...]

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