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How To Nominate Your Favorite ZAGG Product For An Readers’ Choice Award

Since 2008, has presented the Readers’ Choice Awards. It showcases the best in hundreds of categories across most of’s channels, from technology to hobbies to sports. is currently gathering nominations for its various categories. After the nomination period,’s experts will select the finalists and readers will be able to vote for [...]


Hidden Gmail Trick To Organize Your Inbox

A post by Lars Fosdal went viral on Google + this weekend. The post details how a Gmail address has nearly an infinite amount of variations and gives examples of how you can use them. The trick is that a ‘+’ and keyword after your Google username, but before the part of your email [...]


Keycard Is A Brilliant, Simple Way To Keep Your Mac Secure When Unattended

Keycard is a Mac application that locks your computer when you walk away, and unlocks it again when you return, just by pairing with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Why You Need It Whether you’re using a Mac that never leaves the desk (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro), or a MacBook that moves [...]


Track Santa on your Android phone

This is why you can’t help but love Google. Not only do they make entertaining doodles, and fun videos, but they come up with fun apps like this one – Santa Tracker – right in time for the holidays. Sorry iOS users, you’re left out of the fun on this one. The app is free, [...]


Don’t hang Christmas lights up this year. Just Photoshop Christmas lights on your house. Here’s a guide.

If climbing ladders and crawling on the roof isn’t for you, you could learn a thing or two from Corey Barker, who created the above image. But, if I hadn’t told you so, you’d never know the original image was of the same house, but taken during broad daylight, and most definitely barren of any [...]


You can play YouTube videos in the VLC app on your desktop

Do you watch your YouTube videos in the browser? For a long time I refused to watch any YouTube video that didn’t work in Safari without Flash installed. A few months ago I gave in and started using Chrome when I wanted to watch a YouTube video that didn’t work in HTML5. A Native Option [...]

creating a signature in preview with your isight camera

How To: Use your Mac to sign a document

This one is worth sharing just in case you’ve never heard of it, or forgot it existed: iSight signatures. The feature was added quite a while ago, but I recently remembered how awesome it was when I signed a document without printing it out. Signing Documents It’s always been possible on OS X to scan [...]


If you have 15 minutes, this YouTube video will teach you how to make an origami Naboo Starfighter

Origami can be pretty cool. When I was in grade school it was all about the cranes and 4 way decision makers. You made those too right? Martin Hunt has put together paper origami techniques to create Star Wars vehicles and robots. Which are, of course, a little more advanced than a 4 way decision [...]


Posting Photos of Your Ballot: Legal in some states; illegal in others

Today’s the day we, as Americans, pick the next leader of the free world. As you’re getting out to vote today (or if you already have), here’s something to keep in mind: certain states expressly prohibit taking photos / videos at your polling station and of your ballot. Others don’t have any laws against it. [...]


iPad mini pre-orders start tonight. Here’s how to get one

At midnight tonight (Pacific time), the long-awaited iPad mini will officially be up for grabs. Of course, we have no way of knowing how much inventory Apple has ready to and waiting to ship. As we remember, the iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out online within an hour. The iPhone 4S, last year, wasn’t far behind, [...]

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