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How To Download Your Twitter History

If you’ve ever wondered what your first tweet was, here’s your chance to find out. Twitter allows you to download your entire Twitter history, and it actually sorts the information into easily digestible monthly chunks of time—super helpful for those who tweet multiple times a day, since those 140 characters add up quick. In Twitter, [...]


[How To] Easily Change Your Homepage In Chrome

It might seem easy for some, but the task of setting one’s home page can be daunting for others. So, I’ve compiled this quick and easy guide to setting Google as your home page in Chrome. Google Chrome This one is a no-brainer. Google is the home page for Chrome browser by default, so there’s [...]


How To Make Your Passwords More Secure With LastPass

Seemingly every week in the news there are stories about web companies getting hacked, security breaches that result in passwords being exposed and consumer accounts being put at risk. In some cases, the bad guys simply break into customer accounts by using lists of commonly used passwords that many people use out of convenience. There [...]


How To Make Your Computer Screen Easier To Read At Night

If you’re reading this at night or early in the morning when it’s dark outside, look at the darkness out the nearest window, and then look at your computer screen. When you pause to think about this for a second, you’ll realize that the computer screen is much brighter than it needs to be at [...]


How To Stop Google+ Strangers From Emailing You

Last week Google announced the new Google+ and Gmail integration which means people from Google+ can email Gmail users even if they don’t know their email address. Since then, you’ve probably received an email that looks a bit like THIS that is explaining the new changes and what it means to us.  Google is trying [...]


How To Take A Screen Shot On A Mac

Command-Shift-3: This will take a shot of your entire screen (you’ll hear the camera shutter) and save it to your desktop as a file like Screen Shot 2014-14-1 at 11.03 AM. Command-Shift-4: This will give you cross hairs to select an area.  Any area you select will be in your screen shot and saved on [...]


How To Return That Unwanted Gift Back To Amazon

It’s easy to return gifts your friends or family purchased from a brick and mortar retail store, but what about gifts from While not as fast as walking into your local big box store and walking out with cash a few minutes later, it’s actually a fairly painless process. Amazon knows many people order [...]


Taking An Unlocked Phone To T-Mobile? Here Are The Settings You Need For Data

I’ve written extensively about T-Mobile in this last year, particularly about how they’re transforming the wireless industry and putting other telecom execs on notice. They’re bold. They’re brash. They’re loud and proud. And in truth, they’ve come a long way. T-Mobile and CEO John Legere have a lot to be proud of for what they’ve [...]


How To Use Big Letters On Snapchat

Maybe you’ve gotten a Snapchat from a friend featuring some rather large white letters, quite different from the small text bar you’re used to. Want to be a part of the club? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a step by step guide to the big letters 1) Update your Snapchat app 2) Go [...]


[How To] Configure Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone or iPad in iOS 7

One feature that’s been around since iOS 6, but that many people don’t know about, is Keyboard Shortcuts. Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to get them setup and customized to save you time when composing your texts, emails, or documents. These shortcuts work across the iOS system, including inside third-party apps. The [...]

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