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Never Have to Answer the Question, “Where are you?” Again

“Hey, did you make it?” “Are you here?” “Where are you?” “Are you on your way?” These are the questions people text you when you’re driving—you know, that time when you should be concentrating on the road and not trying to update your friends or family on your ETA for that dinner party. With the [...]


It’s Finally Happened: Developer Runs iOS Apps on Android Device

You had to know this was eventually coming. iOS has been around for seven years now, and Android for five. At some point, someone was going to figure out how to make apps from either platform run on the other. That’s exactly what six PhD students at Columbia University did for a research project, which [...]


The Star Trek Tricorder—In Real Life

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you know the most useful device in the universe is a tricorder. With its ability to scan and tell you the makeup of every object you come in contact with, in addition to its ability to tell you what’s wrong with an injured red shirt, a tricorder is handy, [...]


This Cube Can Tell You the Weather

It seems we’ve gotten used to having all the world’s information available to us at all times. And when everything is important, it’s difficult to figure out those bits of information you need. If it’s all a little too overwhelming, the ORBneXt may be your solution. This fully funded KickStarter campaign provides you with a [...]

Travel Apps-5-11

The Best Travel Apps for Your iPhone

I’m currently on a three month backpacking trip around the world. Well, part of it anyway. I’m visiting twelve countries throughout Asia and the Pacific. One of the most valuable tools in my pack is my iPhone, and I don’t use it much for actual communication. Instead, it helps me keep track of my itinerary, [...]


Yes, The App Store Now Has A Section Dedicated To Taking Selfies

For those of you all about taking selfies, Apple has you covered. There’s now a new featured section of the iOS App Store dedicated to taking and sharing pictures of your beautiful face. In all, there are 12 apps in the selfie section. They are: Picr Frontback Everyday Snapchat Samba Close-up Selfie Cam Front Flash [...]


The Best Gadgets to Take When You Travel

Apple iPad mini Hands down, the best tablet when traveling is the iPad mini. This is especially true if you opt for one of the models with built-in cellular connectivity and add it to your data plan. Most carriers offer this option for an extra $10 bucks a month. If you’re on the go a [...]


How To Add Creative Designs To Instagram Posts

Ever wonder how people create those cool Instagram photos with the inspirational quotes and the designed backgrounds and the unique fonts? Well, at least some of them are probably using Studio Design. It’s an app for iOS and Android that gives you the creative means to design your own boxy pieces of wisdom to share [...]


Say Good-Bye To Your House Keys With This New Lock System

Welcome to the 21st century, house keys. You’re no longer necessary. Why would any of us fumble for a key that fits into a lock when Kevo exists? It’s a more secure and, let’s face it, futuristic way of looking at home security. Basically, your smartphone has become the key to your home. Set up [...]


Get A Million-Dollar Painting Delivered To Your Living Room

Rich people. They get the cars, they get the homes, and they get the priceless pieces of art hanging up in their hallways. But for us that can’t afford it all, not to mention, some of the best artwork is in Paris in the Louvre, or other museums spread across the globe, here’s another solution. [...]

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