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Learn A Different Language On Your Smartphone For Free

Games for smartphones and tablets are such time wasters. Why not learn something while you avoid work, chores, and your family? Here’s my advice: download Duolingo for your iOS or Android device and see how learning a language can be just as fun as Angry Birds. Plus, it’s free. Yup. This app is surprisingly fun—and [...]


‘Secret’: This App Let’s You Social Network Anonymously

We’ve all had something to say at one time or another that just didn’t seem appropriate to say out loud or to post publicly on our social media profiles. Yet, the emotional side can get the best of us and we end up looking like fools later. Other times, we just wish for a way [...]


This App Tells You What Makes You Most Happy

Have you ever pondered what things in your life make you consistently happy and what things make you less than happy? A new app available for iOS more or less is giving users a way to identify the trends in their lives that impact their moods, and it accomplishes this by logging detailed information about [...]


The Horizon App Makes Sure All Your Videos Are Shot In Landscape

Now that all of us always have a camera in our pocket, we have all become photographers.  One of my biggest frustrations with camera phone video is that a lot of people (it used to be most, but people are getting a lot better) record their videos the same way they hold their phone. In [...]


Review: The mCAM LITE Adds A New Layer To iPhone Photography

If you’ve followed ZAGGblog for a while, you know I’m big into mobile photography. Specifically, I write a lot about apps that can enhance your photos — apps like Snapseed and Camera+, my two big favorites. However, I haven’t covered much about hardware or accessories (with the exception of the Olloclip) available that, when paired [...]


How To: Create Custom Maps With Google Maps

For all those times you need to create customized maps with specific points of interest, stops along a route, or numerous locations, Google Maps Engine is a dream come true. It’s been around for a while, but I thought I’d take the time to give you a simple tutorial on using it. I’m working on [...]


Get 50 GB Of Free Cloud Storage With Box’s New iOS App

Just this week, Box released a major update to its iOS app for iPhone and iPad. With the update, they’ve added a slew of new features and a much needed redesign. In fact, the app was rewritten from the ground up. To celebrate, they’re giving iOS users who download the app 50 GB of free [...]


Instantly Print Your Photos From Your Phone

Millions of photos are taken with smartphones every day, but chances are, those photos stay on those phones or are uploaded and shared digitally. Now, there’s a way to get those memories off your phone and onto your walls (or you know, anywhere in physical space). Fujifilm has introduced an instant smartphone printer called the [...]


Find Out Here If Your Personal Information Leaked In The Snapchat Hack

On New Years Eve, a group of tech-savvy security researchers (not hackers) created a website called, where they host a database with 4.6 million user names and phone numbers of Snapchat users who live in various parts of the United States and make it freely available for download. For now, the group has left [...]


Start Journaling Your Walk Through Life With The Day One App

There really isn’t a bad time to start a journal, but perhaps the easiest time to get started is in January.  We all have high hopes for starting and sticking with things throughout the whole year.  Maybe this app will be just what you need to have a completely documented 2014. It’s called Day One [...]

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