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iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and the App Store: Apple Announced Some Big New Stats Today

As has been the tradition at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the Cupertino company announced some new numbers for its App Store downloads, as well as the total number of iOS devices sold to date. Here’s the latest data as of June 2014. General Stats 130 million new Apple customers in last 12 Months [...]


20 New Features and Improvements Coming in iOS 8

Today at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), we got our first look at the upcoming iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. When iOS 8 launches to the public “this fall,” it’ll bring with it a slew of enhancements, updates, and new features. We put together a list of the top 20 new [...]


This App Makes Ordering Beauty Products Cheap And Easy

Think about the things you usually buy in the beauty aisle at the grocery store or at the drug store. Toothpaste. Lipstick. Shampoo. In a lot of cases (especially if you’re a procrastinator), you only know you need to buy these items when you run out of your existing supply, and if you’re like me, [...]


This Robot Will Change How Your Kids See the World

While we may be a few years away from robot servants running around town completing all of our least favorite chores, at least we can now have (more) fun with them. The company WowWee has created a robot toy that utilizes your iPhone or iPhone Touch to give your kids a fun new way to [...]


Foursquare Launches ‘Swarm’ and Gets Ready to Battle Yelp

Back in 2009, a small group of entrepreneurs had a wild idea: let’s create an app that lets you “check in” to your current location and then share that location with your circle of friends. It’d be a standalone social network in its own right, but would integrate with the other social networks (namely Twitter [...]


[Viral Video] Bentley’s Latest Commercial Shot with iPhone 5S; Edited on iPad Air

With it’s latest commercial called ‘Intelligent Details,’ Bentley has put the device you carry in your pocket to work. Serious work. Check out the video below, which was filmed entirely with an iPhone 5S and then edited with an iPad Air. Not just any iPad Air, mind you, but one of the two iPad Airs [...]


Never Have to Answer the Question, “Where are you?” Again

“Hey, did you make it?” “Are you here?” “Where are you?” “Are you on your way?” These are the questions people text you when you’re driving—you know, that time when you should be concentrating on the road and not trying to update your friends or family on your ETA for that dinner party. With the [...]


It’s Finally Happened: Developer Runs iOS Apps on Android Device

You had to know this was eventually coming. iOS has been around for seven years now, and Android for five. At some point, someone was going to figure out how to make apps from either platform run on the other. That’s exactly what six PhD students at Columbia University did for a research project, which [...]


The Star Trek Tricorder—In Real Life

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you know the most useful device in the universe is a tricorder. With its ability to scan and tell you the makeup of every object you come in contact with, in addition to its ability to tell you what’s wrong with an injured red shirt, a tricorder is handy, [...]


This Cube Can Tell You the Weather

It seems we’ve gotten used to having all the world’s information available to us at all times. And when everything is important, it’s difficult to figure out those bits of information you need. If it’s all a little too overwhelming, the ORBneXt may be your solution. This fully funded KickStarter campaign provides you with a [...]

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