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Know Thy App

Apps use data. That’s a fact. So how do you know how much data your apps are going through on any given day? Check out Know My App, a website that tests popular apps and gives you estimates on how much data these apps use for both iOS and Android devices. Let’s take SnapChat as [...]


Original iPhone Prototype Sold For $1,500

A rare original iPhone prototype sold on eBay earlier this week for $1,499. It was listed by a seller in Australia claiming it’s one of only 5 in existence. A similar device had been listed on eBay a few weeks before, but the auction was pulled mysteriously and the item no longer listed for sale. [...]


iTunes 12 Days Of Gifts

Christmas may be over, but the spirit of gift giving still prevails in iTunes.  From December 26 to January 6th is the 12 Days of Gifts.  There will be a choice of a song, book, movie, or app for you to download for free. Download the free app to get details you’ll need each day. [...]


This App Aims To Become The New Standard For An iOS Keyboard [VIDEO]

When considering the pros and cons of iOS devices versus Android devices, few things illustrate the control Apple retains over iOS versus the freedom Google gives Android developers like software keyboard on the devices. As Android users know, any Android device can easily utilize a new software keyboard by simply downloading a new app. Software [...]


Use iMessage from Takeoff to Landing on Southwest Airlines Flights for Just $2 Bucks

Good news for those of you who travel with Southwest Airlines: for just $2 bucks, the airline will enable iMessage on your iPhone or iPad (running iOS 5 or later) so you can keep in touch with your friends, family, and co-workers from gate to gate. If your flight is a short one, it might [...]


Now You Can Prove Santa Exists With An App

Listen, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d be the first to tell them Santa wasn’t real, just so they could tell all the other kids at school and all the other parents would hate my guts. But I just have two cats, so you’re in luck. Plus, I’m [...]


Huge News: As Of Today, Spotify Is Now Free On Mobile Devices

My absolute favorite music service is Spotify. We’ve written about it at length here on ZAGGblog, and it continues to be one of the best choices for music streaming and discovery. Whether I’m creating a playlist and looking for specific songs, or if I’m too lazy to decide what to listen to myself and just [...]


Taxi? There’s An App To Help You Find Your Next Ride: TaxiMe

It’s always difficult for me to figure out the ride situation when I want to get home from the bar at 2:00 a.m. but no one in my group of friends was responsible enough to think ahead and order a Diet Coke. I never seem to have the taxi information saved on my phone and [...]


Here’s A Look At The Cost Of An iPhone 5s Around The World

Here in the U.S., you can purchase a 16 GB iPhone 5S for $649 unlocked and without a carrier contract. The rest of the world typically buys their phones this way; that is, devoid from lengthy, restrictive contracts. There’s no such thing as an “upgrade” with a subsidized handset. We’ve seen T-Mobile go that way [...]


Parker: Find A Parking Spot Ahead Of Time

If you’ve ever tried to find a parking space in a busy downtown area or by a large university, you know what a hassle it can be. Parker, an app by Streetline, is helping connect cars with a space to sit and wait for you while you go about your business and it’s expanding into [...]

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