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Parker: Find A Parking Spot Ahead Of Time

If you’ve ever tried to find a parking space in a busy downtown area or by a large university, you know what a hassle it can be. Parker, an app by Streetline, is helping connect cars with a space to sit and wait for you while you go about your business and it’s expanding into [...]


iPhone Thief Writes Contact List From Victim’s Phone And Mails It To Him

It’s the unfortunate world we live in: thieves don’t think twice about swiping your gadgets and reselling them for truck loads of cash. How much, you ask? Last year, it’s estimated that consumer spent more than $30 billion replacing stolen devices. However, one thief went to great lengths to make his crime a little less [...]


Google’s Chairman Gives A Roadmap For Switching From iPhone To Android

Gone are the days of one smartphone operating system being largely better than another. Both Android and iOS have evolved into excellent platforms, each with strong points for particular types of users. If you want something simple and intuitive, iOS is an excellent choice. If you want something more robust with expanded options, Android is [...]

Muku Shuttr

A Smartphone Camera Remote That Makes Sure Everyone Is In the Shot

As the cameras on our phones get better and better, many of us are less likely to carry our point and shoot camera with us as well.  Then it comes to the point of wanting to take a picture or yourself or the whole group, and you’re stuck with only your camera.  The Muku Shuttr [...]


Professional Style Lighting You Can Carry In Your Pocket

Technology today has turned all of us into professional photographers and videographers.  Armed with iPhones and imagination, we are in a world of digital creativity.  Kick, from Rift Labs, is a gadget designed to take our projects to the next level.  It is a small “pocket sized lighting studio” capable of a variety of effects. [...]


Blippar: The App That Brings Everyday Objects To Life

Print is so limiting, with its static photos and unclickable text. Boring. We want more. Now there’s Blippar, an app that gives brings print—as well as product packaging, merchandise, outdoor signage, and more—to life with augmented reality technology. The experiences in the app include videos, games, 3D experiences, voting, recipes, buying, and more. Similar to [...]


Apple Is Now Selling The iPhone 5s Unlocked And Sim-Free In The U.S.

Apple fans who were waiting for the company to release an unlocked, SIM-card-free version of the latest iPhone 5s in the United States will wait no longer. As of Friday, the untethered device is available, with the options of shipping with a T-Mobile SIM or shipping SIM-free (this option would require a GSM-compatible SIM of [...]


Access Emojis On iOS And Android

Sometimes, saying it with a smile—or a winky face, or a sad face—just isn’t good enough. That’s why emojis, a Japanese word literally meaning picture, “e,” and letter, “moji,” exist. If you want to be able to access your emojis on your phone, read on. iOS You can find the emoji keyboard on iOS by [...]


Siri Makes an Appearance on The Simpsons [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever had issues with Siri recognizing what you say and responding accordingly, The Simpsons share your frustration. Check out this quick 20 second clip from Season 25, Episode 3. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. Be sure to say hello! You can also keep up [...]


How Do App Store Rankings Work?

App Store rankings have, for quite a while, relied on just two factors: the number of app downloads and the rate at which that app is downloaded. So in order to obtain a Top App ranking, you would have to create an app that was downloaded a lot in a short period of time—so strategically [...]

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