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Watch The Impressive “Bounce Physics” Apple Built Into iOS 7 [VIDEO]

Developers who have installed beta versions of iOS 7 continue to feed us previews of what we can expect from the operating system when it goes live this fall. Here’s a quick list of our most popular iOS 7 blog posts: Your iPhone Is About To Get Redesigned With iOS 7 [Gallery] Here’s How To [...]


20 People Who Posted Photos Of Their Smashed iPhones To Instagram

[View the story "20 People Who Posted Photos Of Their Smashed iPhones To Instagram" on Storify] 20 People Who Posted Photos Of Their Smashed iPhones To Instagram Storified by ZAGG· Tue, Jun 25 2013 15:17:11 We’ve all felt the sickness that comes when you watch your iPhone fall to the unforgiving cement. With an iPhone [...]


Snapchat Screenshot Notification May Be Disabled In iOS 7

Initially overlooked by many reviewers of the latest beta of iOS 7, Apple has reportedly removed the ability for users of Snapchat, Facebook Poke, and other ‘self-destruct’ photo services to notify photo senders when someone has taken a screenshot of their sent image. Let’s say that you have sent a funny photo that you only [...]


These Graphic Designers Redesigned iOS 7 [Gallery]

There’s been endless debate about the new look for iOS 7 since Apple showed it off for the first time earlier this month. Some love it, some hate it. Regardless of which side you fall on, it’s undoubtedly the biggest change we’ve seen to the general UI of iOS since it launched on the first [...]


Arrested Development’s “Fakeblock” App Now Available For iOS And Android

Stair car. Never nude. Banana stand. Candy beans. If any of these items are remotely familiar, you can consider yourself an Arrested Development fan. The popular television show that was cancelled after its third season in 2006, much to the sadness and confusion of critics and fans alike, regained steam over the years that followed [...]


This Is What A Larger iPhone Would Look Like [VIDEO]

The Apple rumor mill has continuously cranked out murmurings of a larger iPhone since, well, the beginning of time. Not until the iPhone 5 last year did any of those rumors actually play out with the 4-inch display. And yet, the rumors (and demands) for an even larger phone continue. Personally, I don’t see this [...]


What’s The Difference Between Instagram Video And Vine? [VIDEO]

Instagram announced Thursday that its app would be upgraded to allow 15-second videos to be posted to users’ accounts. One of the first questions many asked in social media as a result of the announcement was how Instagram Video would compare to Vine, the current king of short-form video social media outlets. Following the announcement, [...]

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Fascinating Maps Show Distribution Of iPhone And Android Users In Heavily Populated Cities

Gnip, a social media data company, created an interactive map that displays all geo-tagged tweets since September 2011, down to the city level. The data collected includes over 2.7 billion data points. Gnip says the breakdown of Android and iPhone owners correlates to wealthier and poorer parts of each city. Here’s s a look at [...]

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New York Times To Limit How Much You Can Read For Free On Phones And Tablets

If you’re a frequent reader of the New York Times, a new change goes into effect next week that will limit how many articles you can read on your mobile device without paying for a subscription. Beginning one week from today, June 27, the New York Times will only allow mobile users to read 3 [...]

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