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When the Apple App Store launched, there were 500 third-party applications available for download. Such humble beginnings. Now, just over five years later, there’s an app for just about everything. Apps to help you be more productive. Apps to help you get fit. And, of course, apps for wasting time, i.e., gaming apps. Not all [...]

Apple Patent Details Feature That Lets Users Entertain iPhone Callers When On Hold   Ubergizmo

Apple Wants To Make It Fun To Be On Hold

Being on hold is boring, and the elevator music — though a noble attempt — isn’t really entertaining us. That could all be changing soon thanks to a new patent granted to Apple. Picture this. Your and your friend are in the middle of an awesome conversation when your boss calls. You’ve got to put [...]


So You Don’t Have To: This $0.99 iPhone App Will Send A Breakup Text For You

I stumbled across this app this morning (completely by accident, mind you) and it made me laugh. If you ever find yourself needing to end a relationship via text message, cough up $0.99 and the BreakupText app (App Store Link) will craft a crafty text to end your turmoil. I particularly like the part about [...]


Camera Test: HTC One vs. The Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 [PHOTOS]

HTC made a bold bet with its Ultrapixel camera, dropping the resolution to just 4 megapixels, while everyone else is focusing on boosting the resolution. But as you’ve heard me (and others) say a gajillion times, the overall quality of a photo has nothing to do with the amount of megapixels it contains. What really [...]


Everyone’s Talking About A Bigger iPhone, Here’s What Tim Cook Says

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal put the Apple rumor train in high gear by saying Apple is planning larger versions of the iPhone and iPad. Since then, all the major tech blogs have picked up and regurgitated the story a thousand times as if it were fact. Steve Kovach from Business Insider was the [...]


Living In New York City With Google Now: The Features I Love And The Features I Wish It Had

For the first few months I was living in the city, I had an old phone that no longer held a charge or had room for many apps. In late February I was finally able to purchase a Nexus 4 and have spent the last 5 months in a relationship with Google Now that is [...]


College Humor: New iPhones are Like New Girlfriends [VIDEO]


These People Think ________ Is The Best App Ever

[View the story "These People Think _______ Is The Best App Ever" on Storify] These People Think _______ Is The Best App Ever This week, the Apple App Store celebrated its fifth birthday by offering several apps free for download. There might be a lot of debate over what the best app ever is, but [...]


Will the Next iPhone Come in These 5 Colors? [Gallery]

There’s long been talk about a budget model iPhone, which many in the tech blogosphere have dubbed the “iPhone Lite”. It’ll be targeted at emerging markets and prepaid services with lower income demographics, the rumors say. But what would such a budget iPhone look like, exactly? We’ve got what intends to be high-resolution photos of [...]


New iPhone May Come With Slow Motion Camera Functionality

According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s testing a new slow motion camera feature for the next iPhone. The feature would capture video at a high rate of 120 frames per second (FPS), making the video crisp and detailed when slowed down. This is a pretty big improvement from the current iPhone’s speed of 30 FPS. The feature, [...]

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