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Ohio Man Wins $10,000 For Downloading The $50 Billionth iOS App

What were you doing May 16th? Probably not winning $10,000 like Brandon Ashmore from Ohio. Brandon was the winner of “Apple’s 50 billion app Countdown” contest by downloading the popular app from the band OK Go, Say the Same Thing. Lucky Mr. Ashmore received an iTunes Card worth US$10,000 to use at his discretion. The press [...]


Lemon Wallet for iPhone Digitizes Your Entire Wallet [Free App]

Let’s face it: our phones aren’t really phones anymore. Think of all the things your iPhone or Android mobile devices replace in your daily life. Things like your alarm clock, a digital camera, an MP3 player, a day planner, stopwatch, GPS for your car — the list could go on forever. And the latest trend [...]


Have A T-Mobile iPhone 5? Here’s How To Double Your Data Speed For Free

I found this great trick over on TmoNews this week. If you have the iPhone 5 with T-Mobile, some intermediate computer skills and a few minutes to spare, you can practically double your upload/download speeds without adding any extra fees to your bill. This trick works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. From TmoNews: Non-jailbroken [...]

blackberry messenger z10

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Coming To iOS And Android This Summer

While many of us would have appreciated this news a few years ago, it seems Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry is finally bringing BBM, their instant messaging platform, to both iOS and Android in just a few short months. BlackBerry Messenger has previously been proprietary, only working from one BlackBerry device to another, via a [...]


If Apple’s Next iPhone Is Made Of Plastic, It Could Look Like This

There’s long been talk about Apple making a cheaper, stripped down iPhone to focus on emerging markets and budget-minded consumers who prefer prepaid wireless plans but can’t spring for the $650+ entry-level cost of an un-subsidized iPhone. Rumors center around the unannounced device being made of plastic, similar to the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. Using [...]


This One Image Shows How The iPhone’s Camera Has Evolved Over The Years [PHOTO]

The imgur photo below shows how iPhone’s camera has improved over the years:


US Cellular Customers: The iPhone Is Coming

In it’s quarterly earnings call last Friday, U.S. Cellular told investors they’ll be adding Apple products – specifically the iPhone – to their device lineup later this year. She didn’t specify when we could expect to see it, but made a point to say that her company is losing customers without it. It makes sense, [...]


iPhone 5 Camera Vs. HTC One Camera [PHOTOS]

The fine folks at iMore have put together a great comparison showing off the camera capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 5 and the brand spanking new HTC One. If you’re considering the HTC One for your next phone and you take a lot of pictures (who doesn’t, these days?), you’ll find yourself scrutinizing these photos. To [...]


This iPhone App Might Be The Best And Easiest Way To Track Your Physical Fitness

If there’s one thing we use our phones for these days, it’s keeping track of health and fitness. You’ve probably seen your Facebook friends keeping track of their run times with apps like MapMyRun or Run Keeper. From counting calories to counting steps, your phone is likely the one thing you always have within arms [...]


New User Interface Elements Rumored To Be Part Of iOS 7

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, will be released later this year, and with reports this week indicating that Apple is diverting its internal resources to speed up delivery of the new platform, new rumors suggest that one of the big changes in the latest version will include some redesigned user [...]

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