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10 People Who Just Tweeted About Their Scratched iPhone

These 10 people tweeted about their scratched iPhone. It’s probably time to invest in an invisibleSHIELD. Click here to get an invisibleSHIELD for your device. Click here to get an invisibleSHIELD for your device.


How An iPhone Saved The Life Of A Soldier Fighting In Afghanistan

When his unit was sent to Eastern Afghanistan, a United States soldier from Alaska, Joel Stubleski, took his iPhone with him. He didn’t bring it to call or text, but to use as a camera and iPod. The device, however, would serve an unexpected purpose — it saved his life. After returning home from a [...]

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Winston Gives You The Morning News With Your Coffee

I’ve been using this app, Winston, for the last couple days, as an interesting way to consume news and posts from my friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s an interesting approach, unlike the traditional feed of scrolling up and down in a news feed or timeline. It’s also different from an aggregator like Flipboard, in [...]

OKCupid Dating App

Single On Valentine’s Day? These Three Apps Will Help You Find The Love Of Your Life

On Valentine’s Day, if you are in a relationship of any sort, chances are very high that you’ll be doing something romantic tonight with your special someone. If you’re not in a relationship though, thankfully, you can curl up on your couch on Valentine’s Night, download one of these dating-focused mobile apps, and start ensuring [...]


Here’s The iPhone App A High School Student Built As His Application To Stanford

A prospective Stanford University student has taken a creative approach to the application process, he built an iPhone app. The app, built by Alex Greene, is in Apple’s review process and not yet available for download. However, you can see a video demonstration below. In a blog post to Stanford officials Green states, “It’s been a number of [...]


Apple Art: These 5 Pieces Of Apple Product Art Are Ready To Hang On Your Wall (Price Range: $50-$3,400)

Etsy is full of creative treasures. Below are five pieces of art that Apple enthusiasts may consider adding to their collection. Made from polished metal. Cost: $160 Self-portrait titled, Me and my iPad. Cost: $3,400 iPhone Art. Cost: $175 Macbook. Cost: $50 Evolution Art. Cost: $175 ZAGG Discount Code


Get 25GB Of Free Cloud Storage From Here

While physical storage media (USB flash drives, portable hard drives, etc) will always have a place in the world, the big thing now is cloud storage – that is, storage you can access from anywhere, on any device, anytime. You might be familiar with the big name players already – Dropbox,, Google Drive, and [...]


Destroyed: This Is What Happens When Your iPhone Gets Caught In The Belt Of A Treadmill [PHOTO]

Reddit user tstone 11 posted the image below with the comment, “Look what happened to my sisters iPhone… caught in the belt of the treadmill.” No word yet if this damage is covered by AppleCare. Discount Codes


36 Million Waze Users Contributed More Than 90 Million Traffic Reports Over Six Billion Miles In 2012

A report from social traffic and navigation app company Waze this week revealed that of the millions of users of the Waze traffic app, nearly 100 Million reports of traffic hazards, speed traps, and other traffic information have been submitted to help make commuting easier for all of us on the road. If you haven’t [...]


For $249 You Can Send Your iPhone 5 To This Company And They’ll Anodize It In Color

If you’ve gotten bored with the black/slate or white/silver colors of your iPhone 5, AnoStyle can help. They’ll anodize your iPhone in one (or multiple) colors, which will guarantee it doesn’t feel like the same iPhone all your friends have. If you’re not familiar with anodization, you can find out more about it here. They’ll [...]

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