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These 11 Tweets Sum Up Twitter’s Reaction To iOS 7

Apple announced its next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 7, on Monday, and with the announcement, the Twittersphere reacted mostly positively to the announcement (which ZAGG Daily’s Mike Beauchamp recaps in full fidelity here). The following tweets sum up the reaction of Twitter. Inconsistencies? Yes. Absolutely.An incredible fresh start? Yes. Absolutely.#ios7 — Cole Peters (@cole_peters) June [...]


Your iPhone Is About To Get Redesigned With iOS 7 [Gallery]

Today at WWDC in San Francisco, Apple unveiled the next version of iOS: iOS 7. It’ll be available “this fall” for iPad and iPhone users. It’s been completely redesigned by Jony Ive and his design team from the ground up. Of course, it’ll include many new features, but we’ll cover that in another post. Here’s [...]


Everyone With An iPhone Is Playing Dots — Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Dots, the extremely addicting iPhone game by Betaworks One has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times and now it’s available for iPad. Its simplicity in design and social connectivity generate the formula of a successful app. Your goal is to connect as many of the same color dots in the allotted time to score. It’s one [...]


Apple WWDC Keynote Date Confirmed: Are You Ready?

Ah, it comes but once a year. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, but for some Apple fans, it might as well be. The event in question is Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, but more specifically, the keynote that kicks it all off. The date of the keynote has been confirmed as Monday, June [...]


Bondsy: A Way For Friends To Trade Things You Can’t Put A Price On

Allow me to indulge in a personal story. A couple of years ago, I did an internship as an art director at Ogilvy (ad agency) in New York City. One of the highlights of such an opportunity is to meet, or at least observe, some of the most fascinating and creative people in the industry. [...]


Smashed And Shattered: This Is What Happens When An iPhone Falls Out Of A Jeep At 50 MPH [PHOTO]

Reddit user Juge88 posted the image below with the comment, “What happens when your phone falls out of the Jeep at 50mph.” No word yet if this damage is covered by AppleCare.


Ohio Man Wins $10,000 For Downloading The $50 Billionth iOS App

What were you doing May 16th? Probably not winning $10,000 like Brandon Ashmore from Ohio. Brandon was the winner of “Apple’s 50 billion app Countdown” contest by downloading the popular app from the band OK Go, Say the Same Thing. Lucky Mr. Ashmore received an iTunes Card worth US$10,000 to use at his discretion. The press [...]


Lemon Wallet for iPhone Digitizes Your Entire Wallet [Free App]

Let’s face it: our phones aren’t really phones anymore. Think of all the things your iPhone or Android mobile devices replace in your daily life. Things like your alarm clock, a digital camera, an MP3 player, a day planner, stopwatch, GPS for your car — the list could go on forever. And the latest trend [...]


Have A T-Mobile iPhone 5? Here’s How To Double Your Data Speed For Free

I found this great trick over on TmoNews this week. If you have the iPhone 5 with T-Mobile, some intermediate computer skills and a few minutes to spare, you can practically double your upload/download speeds without adding any extra fees to your bill. This trick works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. From TmoNews: Non-jailbroken [...]

blackberry messenger z10

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Coming To iOS And Android This Summer

While many of us would have appreciated this news a few years ago, it seems Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry is finally bringing BBM, their instant messaging platform, to both iOS and Android in just a few short months. BlackBerry Messenger has previously been proprietary, only working from one BlackBerry device to another, via a [...]

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