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For $249 You Can Send Your iPhone 5 To This Company And They’ll Anodize It In Color

If you’ve gotten bored with the black/slate or white/silver colors of your iPhone 5, AnoStyle can help. They’ll anodize your iPhone in one (or multiple) colors, which will guarantee it doesn’t feel like the same iPhone all your friends have. If you’re not familiar with anodization, you can find out more about it here. They’ll [...]


Would You Buy A 5-Inch iPhone? [Poll]

When the iPhone 5 came out in October 2012, it was the first to feature a larger screen since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007. If there’s one thing bandwagon Apple hasn’t jumped on, it’s in making larger phones with bigger, taller, wider screens. If you consider the rendering above of a rumored “iPhone [...]


Find My iPhone Leads To A High Speed Car Chase And Arrest

If you have an iPhone, there’s one service you need to setup before all the others. Before you download Facebook, Twitter, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, or your email, please, please take the time to configure Find my iPhone. It takes less than two minutes. I wrote this post a few months ago if you need [...]


This Is Why Unlocking Your Phone Could Cost You $2,500

Remember the Digital Millenium Copyright Act from back in 2010? It’s reared its ugly head again now that a certain part of it has gone into full effect. We thought this might pertain to many of you, our tech loving readers. I’ll save you the legal mumbo jumbo and hundreds of pages of briefs (you [...]


Kickstarter Project Seeks $150,000 To Turn Your iPhone Into A Mouse For Your Computer

We’re always browsing around on Kickstarter to find intriguing new products. This one, the Mauz, is the latest compelling gadget I’ve come across. It’s a small attachment for your iPhone (4/4S/5) that turns your phone into a mouse for your computer. But this is no ordinary mouse. Mauz plugs into your iPhone and takes advantage of [...]


Cup Holder iPhone Case: The iPhone Case For Really Thirsty People

The product in the video above, a “cup holder iPhone case,” appears to be a joke and/or publicity stunt according to one blog. The Uppercup, as the creators are calling it, has raised $845 on crowdsourcing site Indigogo. Who knows, if the Uppercup gets enough funding, maybe it will go from a fun joke to an actual product. Regardless, [...]


Before The iPhone Launched, These 3 Bloggers Predicted It Would Fail

Apple’s original code name for the iPhone was “Project Purple.” Per Steve Jobs’ request, only current Apple employees were allowed to work on the project. An internal team of 1,000 employees was assembled to work on “Project Purple” and in January 2007 Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. On June 29, 2007, iPhone was available for [...]


2013 Is The Year Of The iPhone-Controlled Insect sells various tech gadgets. From helicopters you control with your smartphone to RC cars, there are a lot of fun gifts on the site. One product that caught our eye is the iPhone controlled bug. As you can see from the video above, the bug is controlled with a directional pad as well as via the [...]


When it comes to smartphones, how big is too big? [Poll]

Remember when mobile phones were huge? So big, you had to carry them in a bag? Their battery lasted all of 30 minutes worth of talk-time and they had cumbersome retractible antenas? And then they started getting smaller. Then the external antenas went away, to be replaced internally. They shrank so small, the buttons were [...]


8 Things That Are Not The Next iPhone [PHOTOS]

Before iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6?) rumors really get started, let’s look at things that are definitely not the next iPhone. Not this. Or this. This isn’t it either. Sorry, no. iPhone 30S, 30 lines of apps with lightning connector supported.… — DVDFab (@DVDFabber) September 20, 2012 Still no. Don’t count on this. Whoa, [...]

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