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It’s Official: T-Mobile Will Begin Selling iPhone 5 On April 12th

T-Mobile announced this morning that they will finally begin selling the iPhone. Earlier this week, the released new rate plans, which coincide with their new 4G LTE network I told you about yesterday. If you want an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, it’ll be available starting Friday, April 12, with a $99 down payment. After that, [...]


This Portable Projector Weighs 0.67 LBS And Connects Via Wi-Fi Or Cables

BenQ’s latest projector is made to work specifically for your iPhone or iPad. It plugs into your device with a 30-pin cable and can project a 40-inch image on your wall. Of course, it’ll also work with a variety of other video sources: a DVD player, computer, camcorders, etc. What’s unique about the BenQ GP10 [...]


Apple Wins 9th Consecutive JD Power Award for iPhone Customer Satisfaction

Last week, Apple’s iPhone won its 9th consecutive J.D. Power & Associates award for highest customer satisfaction with a score of 855 (out of 1,000). It received particularly high marks (again) with regards to physical design and ease of use. Surely that isn’t a surprise to any of you. The study also had some other [...]


Facebook Won’t Let You ‘Hate’ Stuff, That’s What This App Is For

The “Like” button is one of the most iconic parts of Facebook, but the absence of a counterpart for the feature — a dislike, or even a hate button — has been a point of much discussion from Facebook users for years. People who need to log on to the Internet to register their discontent [...]


These Big Names Have Swapped Smartphones

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the mobile ecosystem continually evolve and take shape. The dominant players have long been established, both on the software (OS) and hardware (devices) side. In each case, you’ve got your loyalists and hardcore dedicated users. On one side, you’ve got iOS and the iPhone, which have gobbled up [...]


Now There’s A Breathalyzer For Your iPhone

One of the great things about the market Apple has created for the iPhone is the tremendous amount of third-party software and hardware. There are more accessories made specifically for iPhone than any other phone in the world. And yet, in the five years since the App Store launched, nobody has written an app and [...]


Apple’s Two New iPhone 5 Ads [VIDEOS]

On the eve of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, Apple released two new ads for the iPhone 5. I’ve embedded them below for you to watch. Do you think the iPhone 5 will remain competitive against the Galaxy S4? Let me know on Twitter: @mbchp. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great [...]


This Guy Turned A Broken Atari Into An Awesome iPhone Speaker Dock

I found this gem on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. Peter Morris, who lives in the UK, transformed an old, broken Atari 2600 into a fully-functional iPhone speaker dock, while retaining all the original casing, switches and buttons.  It doesn’t get more hipster than this! If you’re interested, he has one [...]


Apps Every iPhone Owner Should Download

Among my group of friends and family, I’m the gadget/tech guy. Maybe you are too. Or maybe you’re reading this post because you just got an iPhone for the first time and you need suggestions on what apps to download. Either way, use this post and please feel free to share it anytime anyone asks [...]


This Ride Sharing App Is Great For Passengers, But Is Even Better For Drivers

If you follow tech news, you might have heard about ride-sharing startup Sidecar recently. Sidecar is a service that pairs drivers who have extra space in their cars with riders looking for rides. In a lot of ways, it is like Über, but with regular people driving their own cars instead of Lincoln Town Cars. [...]

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