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Apps Every iPhone Owner Should Download

Among my group of friends and family, I’m the gadget/tech guy. Maybe you are too. Or maybe you’re reading this post because you just got an iPhone for the first time and you need suggestions on what apps to download. Either way, use this post and please feel free to share it anytime anyone asks [...]


This Ride Sharing App Is Great For Passengers, But Is Even Better For Drivers

If you follow tech news, you might have heard about ride-sharing startup Sidecar recently. Sidecar is a service that pairs drivers who have extra space in their cars with riders looking for rides. In a lot of ways, it is like Über, but with regular people driving their own cars instead of Lincoln Town Cars. [...]


How To Add ZAGGblog To Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Last month, nearly half a million of you clicked over to ZAGGblog for at least one of our posts throughout the month. How cool is that? We’ve got some great things planned for the rest of the year, too. So first off, a big thank you to all of you for being part of it. [...]


Tempo: The Smart Calendar For Your iPhone [First Look]

One of the main functions of original smartphones was to help you take and manage your calendar on the go. Back when you had to use ActiveSync to sync your scheduled meetings and appointments via a USB cable, it wasn’t nearly as convenient. No doubt, we’ve come a long way. iPhones and Android phones offer [...]


There’s A Unit Within The NYPD Responsible For Recovering Stolen iPhones And iPads

New York City residents have one more reason to appreciate the NYPD: they’ve created a dedicated group within the department that specifically handles thefts of iPhones and iPads within the five boroughs. One device was tracked and later recovered as far away as the Dominican Republic. The NY Post spoke with NYPD spokesman Paul Browne [...]


Mobile Payments Company Rewards You For Loyalty At Restaurants And Doesn’t Charge Retailers A Transaction Fee

A Boston-based startup is hoping to solve two problems, one each for retailers and consumers: 1) The problem of consumers (outside of Starbucks customers and some Google Wallet users) not picking up the trend of mobile payments. 2) Retailers having to pay a processing fee when customers use credit cards. The first problem — that [...]


10 People Who Just Tweeted About Their Scratched iPhone

These 10 people tweeted about their scratched iPhone. It’s probably time to invest in an invisibleSHIELD. Click here to get an invisibleSHIELD for your device. Click here to get an invisibleSHIELD for your device.


How An iPhone Saved The Life Of A Soldier Fighting In Afghanistan

When his unit was sent to Eastern Afghanistan, a United States soldier from Alaska, Joel Stubleski, took his iPhone with him. He didn’t bring it to call or text, but to use as a camera and iPod. The device, however, would serve an unexpected purpose — it saved his life. After returning home from a [...]

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Winston Gives You The Morning News With Your Coffee

I’ve been using this app, Winston, for the last couple days, as an interesting way to consume news and posts from my friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s an interesting approach, unlike the traditional feed of scrolling up and down in a news feed or timeline. It’s also different from an aggregator like Flipboard, in [...]

OKCupid Dating App

Single On Valentine’s Day? These Three Apps Will Help You Find The Love Of Your Life

On Valentine’s Day, if you are in a relationship of any sort, chances are very high that you’ll be doing something romantic tonight with your special someone. If you’re not in a relationship though, thankfully, you can curl up on your couch on Valentine’s Night, download one of these dating-focused mobile apps, and start ensuring [...]

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