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Instagram Photos Get 8,500 Likes Per Second

Photo-sharing social network Instagram is on fire. It released monthly usage statistics for the first time yesterday, and the numbers are impressive. More than 90 million people use the Instagram every month, and post more than 40 million photos to the service every day. Those photos generate more than 8,500 ‘Likes’ and 1,000 comments every [...]


Now More AT&T iPhone Users Can Use Facetime Without WiFi

In November, we told you about AT&T rolling out Facetime video chat to LTE devices or  Mobile Share data plans. Now, customers with tiered data plans can use Facetime on the go, as well. That just leaves customers with grandfathered unlimited data plans out. If you have a tiered data plan and haven’t been able [...]


Facebook Messenger Now Gives iOS Users Unlimited Free Voice Calling

Facebook rolled out a new feature for its Messenger app in the U.S. yesterday: free voice calling. They began testing it with Canadian users last month, and now it’s come stateside with an app update released yesterday. With the update, iOS users can call other iOS users from within the Messenger app. No word yet [...]


White House Launches The Official Presidential Inauguration App So You Can Watch The Inauguration On Your Smartphone

President Barack Obama will be sworn into office, officially kicking off his second term as President of The United States next Monday, January 21st. If you can’t make it to Washington D.C. to watch in person, the Presidential Inauguration Committee has you covered with an official, free app for both Google Play (download link) and [...]


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Cheaper iPhone

There have been rumors for as long as I can remember that suggest Apple will release a “low end” iPhone; something apparently more affordable for the masses. I’ve never written about these rumors because frankly, I’ve never believed them. A “cheap”, entry-level, low-cost iPhone isn’t Apple-esque. You can get a free Samsung phone, if that’s [...]


Viral Video: Japanese Guy’s iPhone Quick-Draw System

This contraption allows you to quickly say hello, while simultaneously saying goodbye to missed calls.


The Pebble Smartwatch Everyone Is Talking About

Remember the Pebble? We told you about it last May, when it raised more than $10 million USD on Kickstarter. I backed the project, and have been waiting (and waiting) for it to enter production. Today at CES, the company announced that they’re going to begin shipping the Pebble to Kickstarter backers on January 23, [...]


New ZAGG Product: The Perimeter iPhone 5 Case Is The Perfect Complement To The invisibleSHIELD ($24.99)

Introducing the ZAGG Perimeter iPhone 5 case. The Perimeter is a simple accessory that wraps around the sides of the iPhone 5. It’s light, thin, compatible with the invisibleSHIELD, and comes in several colors , including blue, clear, green, pink, and purple. Click here to buy the Perimeter In addition to complementing the invisibleSHIED, it goes great [...]


Wal-Mart’s iPhone 5 Offer: $45 Unlimited Plan, No Contract Required

If you’ve dreamed of the day when you could get an iPhone without being chained to a two-year contract, or if you’re just interested in a cheaper monthly phone bill, this one’s for you. Just yesterday, Straight Talk (a division of TracFone) announced that beginning this Friday, January 9th, the company will begin offering the [...]


The Complete Guide: You Can Take Vertical Panoramic Photos With Your iPhone

In its latest iPhone keynote, Apple made a big deal out of the ability to take panoramic photos using iOS 6. Of course, the traditional panoramic photo is horizontal in nature. But what about the vertical panoramic photo. What if you want to capture a tall building or tree? The iPhone camera’s panoramic feature works for that [...]

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