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This Antenna Allows Smartphones To Text Even When There Is No Cellular Signal

A New York City company is selling a small antenna-like gadget that will pair with smartphones to create a long-range wireless network for sharing text messages and GPS coordinates even in areas where cellular of WiFi service is non-existent. goTenna is the name of the company and the device that goTenna founders hope will become [...]

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Strava Now Supports Android Wear

The Running/Cycling App that we all love has just received it’s newest update and now supports Android Wear. During your ride, you have a quick view of your stats, and can start/stop your activity by hand or voice activation. This update also introduces Routes. You can download routes others have posted or save your own [...]


Ladies: Who Needs a Smart Watch When You Can Have This?

Wearable tech got you down? If you want to stay connected but don’t want to be tethered to a clunky smart watch, may I suggest Ringly: a classy way to get the notifications you need without distracting you from the real world right in front of you. The concept is simple: these stylish rings connect [...]

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Save Time, Money, And Energy With Smart Appliances

Home appliances are getting a lot smarter. Our refrigerator can update our grocery list and the house can call us when a fire alarm goes off. Smart appliances are useful and fun, but can also be a hassle. You could have 5 or 6 different apps with different controls, settings, and notifications. At some point, [...]


Fact: Facebook is Better at Facial Recognition Than the FBI

It’s a strange world we live in when a social network is better at identifying criminals than the most powerful law enforcement agency in the country. Not just a little bit better, either. Here’s what’s going on. This summer, the FBI is launching its new facial recognition technology, which it calls NGI (Next Generation Identification). [...]


New Gmail Hack Let’s You Send Emails In The Future

How often do you send a message with an important time sensitive question, but forget that you haven’t gotten an answer until it’s too late? Or, you remember right now that you should email that person, but you don’t think you should send it at 4am. Sometimes, you just need to be able to schedule [...]


Make Money By Creating A Walking Tour Of Your Neighborhood

Last summer I reviewed Stray Boots. It’s a walking tour/scavenger hunt app that creates a fun way to explore home or a new city. I’ve been on several tours since my first time using it, and it’s always been a fun and interesting experience. Now, along with the growing list of tours and cities, Stray [...]


How do you improve Google Earth? With this.

I’m not knocking Google Earth. It’s super impressive, and the images are amazing. But it lacks a little pizzazz—or, to put it more accurately, moving pictures. Well, now Google Earth has taken a step in making itself even more relevant by entering into an agreement to buy a company called SkyBox for $500 million. Skybox [...]


Your GoPro Videos Will Never Be the Same with This

If you’ve always had high hopes for your GoPro videos but have never been quite satisfied with the shaky and amateur-looking results, you’ll want to check out the Hexo+, currently on KickStarter. This intelligent drone will help you make the epic GoPro videos you’ve always wanted: An easy, three-component system: the drone, a camera (optimized [...]


The One Thing You’ll Need for Your Upcoming Stay in Space

Space. The final frontier. So if you’re gonna go, there are some essentials. No, I’m not talking about a space suit or a million dollars or a nice camera or even friendly relations with Russia, since that’s the only way Americans get to the International Space Station these days. I’m telling you, there are more [...]

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