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Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch

In addition to announcing two new iPhones, Apple also announced an entirely new product category (you know it’s official when they add it to the top navigation bar of the smartwatch. Contrary to rumors and common belief, the device isn’t called ‘iWatch,’ but simply: Watch. There are three Apple Watch “collections” — Apple Watch, [...]

Twitter Buy

How To: Buy A Product Without Ever Leaving Twitter

One of the greatest things about Twitter is the intimate and daily interaction we can have with our favorite companies, artists, and businesses. I no longer use customer service numbers because I get quick answers through a tweet. It only seems natural that if we are communicating with each other through Twitter, we should also [...]


This Business Card Does More Than You Can Imagine

If you’ve been to a business conference lately, you know people are still utilizing the most standard, most boring way to give their basic information to others—the business card. SwivelCard is going to change all that. It’s a premium paper business card that includes a USB drive. Yeah. Check it out: With this technology, when [...]

Nail Polish

College Students Create a Nail Polish that Changes Color When it Detects Date Rape Drugs

At a college of 10,000 students, it’s estimated that more than 350 cases of rape occur each year. According to a study by the University of the Sciences, approximately one in four college-aged women is a victim of date rape, or attempted date rape while in college. They also found that approximately 90% of these [...]


A Hospital in Beijing Just Implanted the World’s First 3D Printed Vertebra In A 12 Year Old Boy

We’ve seen all sorts of things made with 3D printers – from small knick knacks to fully functioning assault rifles – but now, a more important use of the technology is in the medical field. For the first time, doctors at Peking University Third Hospital in China have created and successfully implanted the world’s first [...]


LG Has a Circular Smartwatch Too, Set to Go Head-to-Head with Moto 360 Next Week

With all the hype the Moto 360 smartwatch has been getting in recent months, one manufacture was tired of being left out of the party. After just releasing its first Android Wear smartwatch in June, LG has another contender it’s set to announce next week at IFA in Berlin. This go around, they’re rounding out [...]


This Is The World’s First WiFi-Enabled Water Heating Kettle

We’ve seen our share of alarm clocks over the years here at ZAGG. Evil alarm clocks apps. Pillows that wake you up. And now, there’s iKettle. Now, iKettle isn’t officially an alarm clock, but it serves in that role if you want it to. At its heart, iKettle is a kettle that will heat water, [...]


Robot Butlers are Not a Fantasy. Experience Them Now.

The future is now at Starwood’s Aloft brand hotels. We first told you about Starwood’s plans to allow you to check into your room with only your smartphone instead of a room key. Now, they’ve introduced A.L.O. (pronounced “el-oh”), their electronic “Botlr.” In this role, A.L.O. the Botlr will be on call as a robotic operative, [...]


Polaroid Takes On GoPro

If you walked up to 100 children and asked them what a Polaroid was you would most likely get 100 blank stares. Polaroid, famous for their “instant” photos in years past, has been a classic example of what happens when you do not evolve as a company; well they are finally making waves again. Polaroid [...]


A Dope Smuggling Drone Crashed Outside a Maximum Security Prison in South Carolina

We’ve seen unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, used in countless ways. They’re big with photographers looking for a unique birds-eye perspective. They’re big with the military (obviously) in gathering intelligence covertly and delivering big booms not so covertly. One thing we hadn’t seen, until now, was a drone be used to smuggle [...]

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