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Amazon Said To Be Readying Its Own Smartphone For A June Launch

I love Amazon. When it comes to the technology industry, they’re arguably one of the few companies that actually competes with Apple head to head on more than any others. While Apple makes a fortune on the sale of its hardware, it also rakes in massive piles of cash with its ecosystem for apps, books, [...]


For One Day, Anyone And Everyone In The US Will Be Able To Purchase Google Glass

If a leaked document published by The Verge is to be believed, anyone and everyone in the U.S. will soon have their chance, for one day only, to become part of the Google Glass Explorers program. The document is clearly marked as a “Proposal” so there’s no telling if this will actually see the light [...]


Sneak Peek At HTC Sense 6.0 Before It’s Revealed Next Week

Next week, on March 25, HTC is expected to unveil their latest (and much anticipated) flagship smartphone, the follow up to the HTC One we saw last year. Photos and videos of the device have been leaking for months — at least some of which HAS to be intentional — and here’s the latest, which [...]


Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Stylus Is “Mighty-er” Than The Sword

A lot of times, especially when it comes to technology, the word “innovation” is thrown around a lot. But then, when you learn more about the program or application or object, it’s just not as cool as you thought it would be. The innovation seems lacking, and you’re underwhelmed once again. This isn’t the case [...]


Sprint Publicly Confirms It Wants To Buy T-Mobile To Better Fight Verizon And AT&T

T-Mobile has certainly shaken up the wireless industry here in the U.S., and their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, especially by their competitors. All of them. Just two years ago, rival AT&T tried to purchase the company, but the deal was struck down by regulators. Now, Sprint wants to attempt the same. In an interview with [...]


Facebook May Buy A Solar Drone Company To Help Provide Internet To Everyone

Last month when Facebook acquired messaging application WhatsApp for $19 billion, one of the theories was that the app would play a large part in the Facebook-backed “” initiative, which aims to provide affordable Internet connectivity to people in developing and disadvantaged regions of the world. Now, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is in talks to [...]


Amazon May Soon Launch Its Own Music Streaming Service For Prime Members

For $79 a year, you already get a very enticing amount of benefit for subscribing to Amazon Prime. Free 2-Day shipping on most items, unlimited streaming of their movies and TV shows, as well as more than half a million books available to “borrow” on Amazon Kindle for free. Rumor has it that the company [...]


Samsung Galaxy S5 Said To Have Fingerprint Reader Built Into Home Button

In a seemingly never-ending game of cat and mouse, Samsung is reportedly taking a page from Apple and HTC by including a fingerprint reader in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Rumors suggest the sensor will be integrated right into the physical ‘Home’ button on Samsung’s upcoming flagship (cue copycat jokes now). The latest report on [...]


Leaked Photo: Is this the Samsung Galaxy S5?

What you’re looking at in the photo above very well could be the next big thing from Samsung: the Galaxy S5. In the image, the current Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 are plainly identifiable. While it’s hard to put into words exactly what’s different, I for one love the design, even more so than the [...]


These Are The First Leaked Photos Of iPhone 6

Well folks, it’s that time again. The Apple rumor mill has sprung its first leak in anticipation of the next iPhone, what many believe will be called the iPhone 6. These images come via an anonymous Twitter user, @mornray886, who tweeted them yesterday afternoon. The photos purportedly show an iPhone 6 from various angles, including [...]

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