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The Characters Of The Office Will Stare At You With Any Emotion You Type In

The Internet has done it again. This is The Office Stare Machine. Creators Joe Sabia and Aaron Rasmussen documented every moment during The Office when a character looked at the camera without speaking. There are 706 total stares. These moments were then tagged with emotions. “They realized every character from The Office was so perfectly [...]


[Viral Video] Photographer Talks About What Went Into Shooting The Most Viewed Photo Of All Time

In 2001, Windows XP was all the rage on new PCs, and with it was what would become the most viewed photo of all time. Seen by more than one billion people around the world, the desktop background called ‘Bliss’ has a cool backstory. Was it generated by a computer? Was it Photoshopped? Was it [...]


Searching For A New Desk Setup? Check Out These High Tech Ideas

Before I watched a setup video for the first time, I thought to myself, “there is no way this will be interesting.” Boy did I think wrong. A setup tour is a walk through of somebody’s desk/computer setup. From sound systems, gaming, music, and homework, we all use our setups differently. Marques Brownlee on his [...]


This Is The World’s Largest Game Of Tetris [VIDEO]

The only thing missing as the classic Tetris soundtrack. A team led by a professor from Drexel University last weekend created the world’s largest game of Tetris, played using LED lighting on the side of a 29-story building in downtown Philadelphia. News of the game became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook over the [...]


The R/C Bullet Remote Control Car Has A Top Speed Of Nearly 200 MPH

Don’t expect this beast to be available at your local retailer anytime soon (or ever), but it’s fascinating to watch the R/C Bullet speed past the camera at a staggering 188.87 miles per hour. The project is a result of the efforts of Nic Case and more than 100 other individuals and sponsors. Case currently [...]


Viral Video: BASE Jumpers Leap Nearly 1,800 Feet From Freedom Tower In NYC

I’m a skydiver, but this is nuts. Back in September 2013, three BASE jumpers leapt from the top of the then-unfinished Freedom Tower in New York City and strategically guided their parachutes to the ground some 1,776 feet below. The recorded the experience with a couple GoPro cameras. If you aren’t familiar with Freedom Tower, [...]


This Robot Made From Legos Solves A Rubik’s Cube In 3 Seconds [Video]

The third in a series of autonomous robots constructed of Legos, Cubestormer 3 now holds the record on the fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube. While mere mortals like you and I could twist and turn and turn and twist for hours, not getting ourselves any closer to the finish line, Cubestormer 3 accomplishes [...]


[Viral Video] Billy Joel And Jimmy Fallon Use iPad To Create Doo-Wop Magic

Billy Joel made a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and as you can likely imagine, hilarity ensued. During the show, Jimmy pulled out an iPad loaded with the “Loopy HD” app and the pair performed “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. The results were actually pretty impressive. Give it a watch. —– You [...]


You Don’t Take Aerial Photography Seriously Until You Fly A Drone Into An Erupting Volcano [Video]

The title says it all. If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with an erupting volcano but don’t have the cajones to trek up a mountain, only to be chased back down it by molten lava, this video has you covered. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights [...]


Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Stylus Is “Mighty-er” Than The Sword

A lot of times, especially when it comes to technology, the word “innovation” is thrown around a lot. But then, when you learn more about the program or application or object, it’s just not as cool as you thought it would be. The innovation seems lacking, and you’re underwhelmed once again. This isn’t the case [...]

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