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Sony’s sweet illusion videos without post production editing

Your about to see some videos made on behalf of Sony Europe by Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast. Projection mapping made this video worth the watch. Sony managed to create some of the most mind-blowing visual illusions you can find anywhere online. Some might call this the realization of a virtual ‘holodeck’. All without [...]


The iPad 3 Rumors Of 2011

The iPad 2 is still doing really well, and it doesn’t seem like any competitor’s products are going to compete with it in the near future. Of course Apple will, as they have in the past, unveil a new product. The iPad 2 announcement came in March of 2011. Even before it was revealed, the [...]


iPad 3 Rumor Mill vs Apple – FIGHT!

A great question was posed by ReadWriteWeb: Does the Apple Rumor Mill Help or Hurt? The definition of ‘hurt’ is important here. You can look at it a few ways: does it hurt the publics view of the final released product? Does it hurt sales? Do normal people think the same way as tech bloggers? [...]


Blogging, Ads, Linkbait, and Pagination Making the Web Unreadable From Big Publishers

Do you believe in evolution? Some sites right now are at a point of becoming unreadable. Some sites are becoming more accessible to their readers. Which do you prefer? Rian van der Merwe writes a great webcolumn, and recently published a commentary on a piece by Brent Simmons (creator of NetNewsWire). Here is a samples [...]


The Atari Flashback 3 Comes With 60 Games Built-In. Yep, Perfect Gift For Yourself

If you’re playing PS3 or Xbox 360 at any level that would make you a ‘gamer’ this probably isn’t for you. It might be, however, if after all that you want something that is a bit more light weight. If you remember Atari, or even if you don’t, this new gadget will give you a [...]


Are QR Codes Worthless?

I’ve been having a debate inside my head lately about QR codes and whether or not they’re completely worthless.  Sure, it’s a cool idea- scan this code with your smartphone and receive more information, coupons, special deals, whatever.  But not everyone knows what a QR code is.  Many people will recognize a QR code since [...]

Don’t watch these ads. They’ll make you stupider.

I’m on a commercial kick… It’s that time of the year. The eternal question of advertisers: Are we selling a product or selling an idea. There is your non-starter. I can’t help but think of Verizon’s “Your wife will love the dual core Tegra 2 chipset.” Ads are a big deal. They are the way [...]


More Women Gamers Than Men?

During the Thanksgiving break last week, I was in Arizona visiting a friend I had not seen since high school.  I had had the biggest crush on this girl for a number of years and was pleased to see that she was still as attractive as I remembered her.  We talked for a good 2 [...]


Android [finally] gets another big name iOS game.

You guys have to be starving for games like this! After all, apart from Angry Birds, there aren’t many popular games on Apple’s iOS devices that you can buy. Well, today you get World of Goo, a seriously awesome, award winning game. A (comedic) recent Press Release from 2Boy “We deeply regret this inconvenience to [...]


Rebecca Black’s New “Hit” Single

I’m sorry to do this to y’all, but I’m going to write about Rebecca Black.  “OH PLEASE FOR THE LOVE, WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF HER” says your internal monologue.  I apologize –the only reason I write about her is because she is continuing to make headlines.  Yes, even after she dropped out of school due [...]

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