Drop Test: Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

Android Authority has created another drop test video against the two smartphone titans, iPhone and the Android Galaxy. This time, they put the iPhone 5 against the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Although, it’s not entirely clear which glass type Apple uses for their display, we do know Samsung has been using Gorilla Glass in its devices. The bodies of each smartphone are put to the test, iPhone having a mostly metal body, while the Galaxy S4 still has a plastic shell.

This video can’t cover all scenarios in the 3 minutes it plays, but both phones are dropped from pocket level, chest level, and head level. I’ve unwilling put my iPhone 5 to the drop test and it failed miserably. Don’t worry, I didn’t spoil the results of the video so still give it a watch. The host is a little much, but the video is really well done.

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