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National Park Service Bans Use of Drones in All 59 National Parks Plus 342 Other Federally Controlled Areas, Effective August 20

The ongoing debate and discussion around the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has a new voice: the U.S. National Park Service. On Friday, Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, signed a policy memo ordering a ban on launching, landing, or otherwise operating drones within the 84 million acres of federally controlled land [...]

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Apple Selects Kobe Bryant In First Round of iWatch Testing, Reports Says

With anticipation rising for the Fall release of Apple’s first smart watch, a recent report from 9to5Mac only adds to the buzz; Apple has enlisted the help from some notable athletes to do some product testing on the iWatch. Top athletes in most of America’s most popular sports, including the NHL, MLB, and the NBA, [...]

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The Achilles’ Heel of Amazon Fire Phone: No Google Apps and No Google Play Store

Last week, Amazon announced its first foray into the cutthroat world of smartphones: the Fire Phone (check out James’ article for the details). It runs exclusively on AT&T’s network here in the States, it packs a 13 MP camera, a quad-core processor, and high-def display. On the hardware specs side of things, it’s a solid [...]

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#ExpressYourSelfie, win $1000 with

Has being yourself ever earned you $1000? Well, maybe it’s time that it did. An online social media start-up called wants to give you the chance to show the world what you’re made of before it launches later this year, and they’re willing to pay to know who you are. According to the start-up’s [...]

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Remember That One Song From That One Movie? TuneFind Does.

With the advent of Shazam, you’d think there’d be no need for an online database of songs from movies and TV shows. But let’s be honest—you’re not always going to have your phone with you when you’re watching a random episode of Pretty Little Liars or when you hear a great song in the theater. [...]

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Facebook’s iPad App Update Will Bring Users More Games And Trending Videos

Facebook is testing a new version of its iPad app that will bring users closer to mobile games and provide them with the latest information about trending videos. News of the update comes today from TechCrunch and speculates that many of Facebook’s users who use the iPad app are also playing Facebook-connected games on their [...]

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News Of Surface Mini Accidentally Leaked By Microsoft

With the introduction of the Surface Pro 3, many were expecting Microsoft to announce the arrival of a smaller version of the Surface as well. There have been some reports that Microsoft cancelled the launch of their mini tablet just days before the Surface Pro 3 event; yet Microsoft has never officially confirmed that they [...]

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The One Thing You’ll Need for Your Upcoming Stay in Space

Space. The final frontier. So if you’re gonna go, there are some essentials. No, I’m not talking about a space suit or a million dollars or a nice camera or even friendly relations with Russia, since that’s the only way Americans get to the International Space Station these days. I’m telling you, there are more [...]

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News And Information You Need In A Daily Email From The Skimm

Remember the good old days when you could read the newspaper while you ate your eggs and bacon in the morning? Then, as you left the house you were already caught up with all of the news and goings on in the town, country, and world? Neither do I. That was before my time. There [...]

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Tesla Opens its Portfolio of Patents to Other Automakers in Hopes of Boosting EV Manufacturing

If there’s one thing unheard of in the technology world, it’s the sharing of vital patents. Companies spend millions waging all out war against each other in defense of them, in fact. Needless to say, it’s both a bit surprising, and refreshing, to see Tesla open its portfolio of patents to other automakers with the [...]

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