How To: Make MP3s from YouTube or SoundCloud

There are some great tunes on YouTube and SoundCloud, but saving them for later can be difficult. That’s where Peggo comes in. Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that records MP3s of your favorite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks. Simply enter in a search for the video or track you want, or copy and [...]

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Selfie App Is Bringing Face To Face Conversations Back

I’m willing to bet that most of us have found our way to public forums or the comments section below articles. Whether you post anything or not, the experience nearly always ends in frustration. Strong opinions and the anonymity of hiding behind a screen and keyboard have made people on the internet downright mean. This [...]

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iPhone 6 Review: The iPhone for Everyone [Videos]

Every year around this time, something big happens. Year after year, it only gets bigger, literally and metaphorically. This year is no exception: Apple release a new iPhone. Two new iPhones, in fact. They both feature the same exterior design and the same internal hardware, but for the first time in iPhone’s history, offer two [...]

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iPhone Speed Test

[Viral Video] Oh How Far We’ve Come – Watch Every iPhone Ever Made Race In These Speed Tests

It’s hard to think back to 2007, when the original iPhone made its first debut, and how amazing it seemed at the time. That’s how technology fools us; incremental upgrades each year aren’t usually significant on their own, at least not enough to see a major breakthrough in speed. It’s only when we look back [...]

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This Gadget Helps You Hear Better than Ever

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by all the noise in your environment, you know how disconcerting it can be. Concerts so loud you can’t hear the person yelling in your ear; people talking around you while you try to concentrate on the TV; or so much going on at a party that you can’t hear [...]

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Have You Seen These 4 Awesome Tricks In iOS 8? [Video]

With the launch of iOS 8 comes a ton of cool new features. I’ve found four of my favorites to share today. If you have others, feel free to leave them in the comments. Instant Selfie in iMessage iMessage has gotten a ton of new updates with iOS 8. One of the new features: the [...]

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This Intelligent App Learns What You Need

As technology evolves, companies need to work even harder to predict what people will want from their devices in the future. Some believe that apps will be connecting devices in your life that haven’t universally been made “smart” yet., an Android app which is currently in an invite-only beta stage, is betting more of [...]

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How To: Find Out If Your Accounts Have Been Hacked

With data breaches announced almost every week by companies big and small, it’s important for you to know how to find out if you’ve been affected. You can figure it out easily and quickly with a website called Have I Been Pwned? Created by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional awardee for Developer Security, this [...]

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The Next Version Of Android Will Encrypt User Data By Default

The Next Version Of Android Will Encrypt User Data By Default

When the next version of the Android mobile operating system — called by many “Android L” — users will find that for the first time, the information on their devices will be encrypted by default. Google has long offered the ability to encrypt data on its devices, but it has only been an option. Now, [...]

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Shazam Logo

Shazam Has New Features For Google Play Unlimited And Mac Users

No need to pull out your phone when you hear a great song if you are already on your computer. Shazam for Mac will do the work for you. This app actually runs in the background and will be ready with the information you need in a moments notice. I get a lot of music [...]

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