Remember Crazy Taxi? It’s Now Available On Android And iOS

If you spent any time in an arcade growing up, you’re bound to remember Crazy Taxi. Drop in a quarter, hit the gas, pick up your fares, get them to their destination, and try not to run over the pedestrians in the process. For a limited time, SEGA is offering Crazy Taxi on both iOS [...]

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Revealr: Get A Date By Using Your Voice

Tinder, the dating app that allows users who like each others photos to instant message each other, is all the rage right now. And to be sure, it’s a cool idea and all, but if you’re fed up with meeting these attractive potential partners only to find out their personality is lacking, Revealr might be [...]

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As Expected, Amazon Raising The Annual Cost Of Prime Membership

Early last month, we started hearing reports that Amazon would soon be raising the cost of a yearly Amazon Prime membership. Early rumors suggested it could go as high as $119 a year. The official announcement was just made late last week in emails sent to current Prime subscribers. While the price did in fact [...]

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How Does Uber’s Surge Pricing Work?

Popular ride sharing app Uber has come under fire several times over the past year because of one of the central features of the technology: price surging. Price surging for Uber is what happens when there are too many people request rides in a certain area of an Uber market. For those unfamiliar with Uber, [...]

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Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Stylus Is “Mighty-er” Than The Sword

A lot of times, especially when it comes to technology, the word “innovation” is thrown around a lot. But then, when you learn more about the program or application or object, it’s just not as cool as you thought it would be. The innovation seems lacking, and you’re underwhelmed once again. This isn’t the case [...]

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Play Modern Day ‘Operation’ With Surgeon Simulator For iPad

Remember the game “Operation?” Where you’d perform a “surgery” on a patient using a tiny pair of tweezers to remove things like the “funny bone” from the patient without hitting the metal sides of the body and setting off a startling buzzer? The modern-day equivalent of Operation — well, perhaps slightly more sophisticated version — [...]

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Roku’s Streaming Stick Puts Google’s Chromecast To The Challenge

If you asked me the best way to stream TV and Movies to your TV, my answer would be Roku.  We cut our cable cord last August, and I can’t imagine ever needing to go back.  Paired with an antenna that gets me local channels, I have access to all the content that I need [...]

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This Gadget Will Track Your Luggage While You Travel

Lost luggage. If you travel with any frequency, chances are, you’ve had an airline (or a train, or bus) lose your bags at least once. If not you, you probably know someone who has experienced this stress. It’s a painful experience. For me, it’s only happened once, but I will not soon forget waiting at [...]

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Hands On: Do Sony NEX Lenses Work With The Sony A7/A7R? [Video]

Two of the latest and greatest mirrorless cameras taking the photography world by storm are the Sony A7 and A7R. They aren’t exactly replacements for the NEX line of mirrorless cameras, but they do share the same E-Mount lens mounting system. That means, in theory at least, you should be able to attach any lenses [...]

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