Our Favorite Email App, Evomail+, Gets Even Better

A fine wine or a great whiskey only gets better with time. The longer they sit, the more they’re able to absorb the flavors of the wooden barrel they’re stored in, which adds complexity to their taste. I’m only using this analogy in relation to Evomail+, our favorite email app, because I’m sipping one as [...]

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See What People Are Tweeting About Flappy Bird

It’s a pretty simple concept, very frustrating, and quite addicting.  It’s the game you’re not going to be able to put down.  Flappy Bird, from Gears Studios, is taking the world by storm and you need to get in on this.  It was originally released in May 2013, but it’s only been the past few [...]

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How To Get A Smartphone That Isn’t For Sale By US Carriers

Around this time every year, dozens of smartphone manufacturers unveil their latest and greatest creations. They show them off at CES in Las Vegas, giving the tech press time to use demo units and write reviews of what’s in store for the new year. Within a month or two, they hit the shelves around the [...]

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Best Reason To Buy A Galaxy Note 3? Using The Stylus For Snapchat

Last weekend I upgraded my HTC One for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was the first time I had owned a “phablet” and also the first time I’d had a device with a stylus since using a Palm Pilot my first year in college (which, at the risk of aging myself, was 2002.) The [...]

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How To Delete Your Facebook Account

Most of us have been where you are right now.  You just want to get rid of the whole account and not deal with it again.  You can do that.  OR you could just Deactivate your account so everything will still be there when you decide to come back.  It’s up to you. Here’s how [...]

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It’s Official: Google’s Nexus 5 Now Comes In Red

After weeks of rumors and speculation, it’s officially official: you can now get a bright red LG Nexus 5 on the Google Play Store. As with the black and white models, the Bright Red Nexus 5 comes fully unlocked and includes the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat. Three and a half Benjamins gets you [...]

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Google Chrome Will Now Alert Users When Malicious Software Changes Browser Settings

A new feature in the Google Chrome web browser will alert users when malicious software changes browser settings and will immediately give users the option to reset their settings to their previous state. Google released the update to Chrome last week, a follow up to an earlier update that allows users to do what is [...]

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This USB Key Will Reset The Password On Your Windows Device

In only a few more days, the Password Reset Key will be fully funded on Kickstarter. And by fully funded, I mean funded more than 28 times the original £1,000 goal. There’s a reason people are so excited for this. It’s a physical key that helps you quickly reset any password on Windows PCs. The [...]

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Discover Breaking News Stories Before It Trends

Trending topics on Twitter will tell you what’s being discussed in your city, state, or country, but in between #beliebers and #sports, there could be relevant #breakingnews happening that may not be on the Twittersphere’s radar just yet. And if it is, it’s too late for journalists to, well, break the story. For the last [...]

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Sochi 2014

Olympic Apps You’ll Need For Sochi 2014

It’s Olympic Time!  I’m really excited about this.  The Winter Olympics happen only once every 4 years, so we have to make the most of them each time.  Sochi, Russia and all of our Olympians have been preparing for years to make these two weeks incredible for everybody.  Here are some Apps that will help [...]

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