Sell Your Cover Songs Or Original Music Online With Loudr

It’s a beautiful time we live in. That fantastic song that you just heard on the radio? Well, you might find an even better version on YouTube. Artists are making songs uniquely their own, and Loudr is here to facilitate the legality of all this. Loudr is a service that helps artists get the rights [...]

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The Star Trek Tricorder—In Real Life

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you know the most useful device in the universe is a tricorder. With its ability to scan and tell you the makeup of every object you come in contact with, in addition to its ability to tell you what’s wrong with an injured red shirt, a tricorder is handy, [...]

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This Bed Descends From The Ceiling When It’s Time To Sleep

Think of all the types of beds that exist. Air beds. Water beds. Dog beds. Sleep Number beds. Craftmatic beds. Memory foam, pillow top, firm, soft, plush, you name it, there are lots of varieties when it comes to beds. For people who put a premium on living space, murphy beds — the type of [...]

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Motorola Does What Apple Can’t; Launches Budget ‘Moto E’ for $129 Unlocked and Contract Free

When the rumors were swirling before the launch of the iPhone 5C, the thought was that Apple would finally be tapping into a new market segment with a budget smartphone. No doubt a lesser version of its flagship iPhone 5S, lesser specs and cheaper build parts would mean a considerably lower price for consumers. Such [...]

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Xbox Will No Longer Require ‘Gold’ Subscription For Netflix And Hulu Access

Microsoft will soon announce that a premium “Xbox Live Gold” subscription will no longer be required to use streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu on the game consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One, reports from Arstechnica this week suggested. Currently, Xbox users who want to watch streaming video content on their game consoles must subscribe [...]

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Google Glass is Now Open for Purchase by Anyone in the U.S.

The day has finally come. You no longer have to hustle your friends for an invite; Google has opened the Glass Explorers program to anyone in the United States who wants to get involved. That’s the good news. The not so good news: the price hasn’t changed. You’ll still have to plunk down $1,500 bucks [...]

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This Cube Can Tell You the Weather

It seems we’ve gotten used to having all the world’s information available to us at all times. And when everything is important, it’s difficult to figure out those bits of information you need. If it’s all a little too overwhelming, the ORBneXt may be your solution. This fully funded KickStarter campaign provides you with a [...]

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Could Firefly Be The Next Social Phenomenon?

Would it be convenient or annoying to have your bracelet light up when there is somebody nearby that might be compatible? Firefly thinks we’ll love it. Their project is on Kickstarter now, and they are hoping to release these wristbands in October 2014. The Firefly is a wristband that connects to your phone (via Bluetooth [...]

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Mod Notebooks Let You Do Your Best Work with Pen and Paper, Then Digitize it to The Cloud

Sometimes, despite all this technology we have at our disposal, it just feels good to sit down and use a good old fashioned pen and paper. Whether it be for taking notes in a class or a meeting, drawing a brilliant sketch, penning the new great piece of poetry, or something else that needs to [...]

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President Obama May Soon Trade His BlackBerry for an Android

A recent report from The Wall St. Journal says that the White House is in the early stages of testing Android phones from Samsung and LG to replace President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry. The President has used a modified BlackBerry from the White House since taking office in 2008. While the President uses an iPad for [...]

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