[Deal Alert] Moto X Is $70 Off Now Through Valentine’s Day

If you’re in the market for a new Android smartphone, I’m a big fan of the Motorola Moto X. While it isn’t at the top of the charts as far as hardware specs go, it surprised me with how well it performs. Since being acquired by Google, Motorola loads it with a relatively stock version [...]

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[Viral Video] Watch The Most Hilarious Chinese Ping Pong Match In History

Table tennis is a serious sport in China. As you watch the match play out, it gets better and better. Enjoy! —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. Be sure to say hello! You can also keep up with Mike on his personal blog:, on Facebook, or on Google+.

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[Deal Alert] Microsoft Offering $100 Off Xbox One If You Trade In Your PS3 Or Xbox 360

While the new Xbox One topped the charts in holiday game console sales, Microsoft isn’t slowly down its marketing machine to get new consoles out the door. They’ve just announced a new trade-in promotion: between now and March 2, give them your Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Slim, or Playstation 3 and they’ll give you [...]

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How To Tweet A GIF

However you decide to pronounce it—although I stand with the creator—GIFs are a super fun way to express yourself. So it can be frustrating if people have to click on a link to see that you feel like “face-palming” after your last work meeting. Wouldn’t it be so much better if the GIF was front [...]

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Silence Is Golden—And Now You Can Buy It?

If you could make unwanted noise disappear…well, you would, wouldn’t you? Noise pollution is inherent in our daily lives, and a company aptly named Silentium has silently been working on a solution, and their three-part products are amazingly efficient at eliminating the noises we all despise. The three components of their Active Noise Control products [...]

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This App Tells You What Makes You Most Happy

Have you ever pondered what things in your life make you consistently happy and what things make you less than happy? A new app available for iOS more or less is giving users a way to identify the trends in their lives that impact their moods, and it accomplishes this by logging detailed information about [...]

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MIT Creates A New Way To Dive Into Your Past Through Your Emails

Three individuals at the MIT Media Lab have created a new way to look at your past through your e-mails. Immersion allows you to log in with your e-mail, then maps your interactions with friends and family in a unique, visual way. Their demo shows you a version of what you’ll see before you log [...]

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How To Transfer Your Music From iTunes To Your Android Phone Or Tablet

So you’ve just gotten an Android phone, but all of your music is sitting in iTunes on your desktop and now seldom used iPod.  This used to be a much messier deal, but Google has since made putting your music on your Android phone so much easier. Go to Google Play Music and download Music [...]

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How To Install A New Keyboard On Android Devices

One of the major benefits of owning an Android smartphone or tablet is the ability to install a custom software keyboard on the device. While the stock phone keyboards can oftentimes be really good, there are lots of features available through custom software keyboards — features that range from the ability to swipe words instead [...]

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Remember What You Studied In Your Sleep

Research suggests that sleep helps solidify our memories, helping facts and figures move from our short-term memory to the long-term memory storage areas in our brains. Now, a company called Sheepdog Sciences, based out of San Francisco, is capitalizing on this knowledge with a wristband that promises to help the memory-producing process along. While the [...]

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