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Apple Makes iMacs More Attainable

Apple just launched a less expensive version of their popular iMac computer with a price tag of $1,099, this version comes in $200 cheaper than their other iMac models. Of course with a less expensive option you will lose some aspects of the original model, but this new iMac does have  a 1.4 GHz dual-core [...]

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What Do Your Facebook Posts Say About Your Personality?

What do your Facebook posts say about your personality? What about your friends? Five Labs is using a model based on the world’s largest language study that was conducted at University of Pennsylvania to analyze the personality traits of you and your friends. “The application’s predictions are based around the Big Five personality traits: the [...]

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Give Your Big Idea A Website

You’ve got a big idea. I know you do. Why are you sitting on it? According to Weebly, every big idea needs a website. Weebly is a service that helps you create and run that website for your idea or business. There are different price structures depending on what you need. They make it really easy [...]

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Android Users Can Finally Break A Sweat

This week Nike announced that their FuelBand app will finally be open to Android users. This news has been long coming since Nike first launched the FuelBand over 2 years ago. This announcement has many people confused because as of last month there have been plenty of rumors that Nike was going to to withdraw [...]

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Google Glass and Glass Explorers Get Hilariously Trolled by The Daily Show

It’s said that the best humor is that which is based on truth. This week’s viral video comes to you via The Daily Show and comedian Jason Jones, and I think it fits that description perfectly. The stigma behind wearing Google Glass is real, and six Glass Explorers explain why. They say they’ve been verbally [...]

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Get The Scoop: Slingshot Vs Snapchat

After last week’s accidental launch, Facebook has now intentionally launched their jab in response to Snapchat’s success, and they’re calling it Slingshot. Within the U.S. it is available on iOS and Android. Why has Facebook created yet another app? How does it compare to Snapchat? Can Facebook pull off creating a real competitor app? These [...]

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This Smart Rug Can Teach You Yoga

We’ve all heard of smart kitchen appliances, smart TVs, and smart faucets…but what about a smart rug? What about a rug that’s so smart, it can show you how to move through a yoga routine? So yeah, this exists, and it’s pretty sweet. The smart rug is called Tera, and it’s made by a company [...]

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This Accessory Will Turn Any Watch Into A Smart Watch [VIDEO]

One of the major conundrums in the realm of the smart watch phenomenon is that a lot of people not only already own watches, they own really nice watches. Think about this for a second: There are people who wear watches, and people who don’t wear watches (because they use their phone to tell time, [...]

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[Viral Video] Today’s Teenagers Get Confused about the Internet 20 Years Ago

In this week’s viral video, you get to kick back and watch teenagers of 2014 have a look at the Internet the rest of us grew up using. Remember Netscape? And the size of computers? And how long pages took to load? Ahhh. The good ol’ days. Enjoy. Also Check Out These Related Posts: Watch [...]

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AT&T Confirms Customer Information Breach

A security breach of AT&T user information in April has been confirmed, in which an unknown number of users’ personal information was acquired. “We recently learned that three employees of one of our vendors accessed some AT&T customer accounts without proper authorization,” AT&T reported in a statement. “This is completely counter to the way we [...]

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