HTC Announces $199 RE Camera for the Average Consumer sans GoPro

Fresh off the heals of GoPro’s new Hero4 announcement, HTC held a media event last week to unveil the RE Camera, it’s first mainstream consumer product outside the smartphone and tablet space. For the spec sheet enthusiasts, here’s what we’re looking at under the hood. 16MP sensor shoots 1080p 30fps HD videos 820 mAh battery 32MB [...]

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This Gadget Calms Your Mind in Three Minutes a Day

There are plenty of apps that promise to improve your mental and cognitive abilities. The problem is, using them consistently in order to get the most out of them can be, well, mentally taxing. But a new gadget called Muse is different, and it aims to help teach your brain how to manage stress in [...]

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Bring On The Animated Cats: IMGUR Is Making A Change That Will Make It Easier To View GIFs On All Devices

Ultra-popular image sharing site IMGUR is making a big change to the way people upload GIFs (I pronounced that guh-if, not Jif, like the peanut butter, because that’s how it should be), with the hopes of making it easier for the animated images to be seen on more devices. Calling the change “Project GIFV”, IMGUR [...]

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Sony and Verizon Announce Xperia Z3v Coming to Big Red Later this Month for $199 on Contract

Big new from Sony and Verizon today: Sony’s latest flagship, the Xperia Z3, is coming to the U.S. by way of Verizon, as the Xperia Z3v. Previously, at IFA last month, we knew the Z3 would show up stateside with T-Mobile, but that was the only official carrier announcement made at the time. The Xperia [...]

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This App Syncs The Tempo Of Your Music With The Pace Of Your Workout

For the past two years or so, running has been my workout of choice. For me, one of the challenges of running though is the repetition, that is, how do I keep the workouts interesting and fresh? Sure, you can try new routes, but there is some comfort in running the same route: You know [...]

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Get the Scoop, the Shot, and the $$$

If you work in marketing, you know the stock photography databases you have to work with; they’re probably bookmarked on your browser right now. But there’s a problem with those stock photos…everyone’s seen them. If you’re a news publisher, you know that your hired photographers can’t be everywhere, all the time…and sometimes they miss the [...]

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Luxy Dating App Is Tinder For The 1%

Everyone is searching for love. Even rich people, so I hear. Tinder is the social media dating app for everybody, but Luxy is the dating app for the 1%. If you have found yourself disappointed in your Tinder matches social or financial status, then perhaps this is the app for you. Luxy works the same [...]

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Plex, Our Favorite Personal Media Streaming Service, is Coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

We. Love. Plex. In case you’re unfamiliar with the service, it organizes all of your stored media files (movies, music, TV shows), adds rich album, cover, and poster art, and makes them available to you across your home or on the other side of the world. Personally, I use it as a media server, connected [...]

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[Viral Video] These Guys Go Pod Racing, Star Wars Style, With Drones in a Forest in France

A group of enthusiasts in France took their drones pod racing through a forest in France, recently, because why not? The group, called Airgonay, is a quadcopter racing association that builds custom drones for the purpose of speed. Some of them fly through the air at speeds over 50 km/h. As you’ll hear in the [...]

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‘Plastc Card’ is The Wallet-Replacing Smart Card ‘Coin’ Should Have Been

For nearly a year now, we’ve been patiently waiting for Coin, the digital “smart” card that replaces all of your individual plastic debit and credit cards. It has an e-ink display and a single-button design that lets you cycle through your various cards. It syncs (via Bluetooth) to your smartphone, where you can load and [...]

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