Mod Notebooks Let You Do Your Best Work with Pen and Paper, Then Digitize it to The Cloud

Sometimes, despite all this technology we have at our disposal, it just feels good to sit down and use a good old fashioned pen and paper. Whether it be for taking notes in a class or a meeting, drawing a brilliant sketch, penning the new great piece of poetry, or something else that needs to [...]

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President Obama May Soon Trade His BlackBerry for an Android

A recent report from The Wall St. Journal says that the White House is in the early stages of testing Android phones from Samsung and LG to replace President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry. The President has used a modified BlackBerry from the White House since taking office in 2008. While the President uses an iPad for [...]

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How to: Watch TV Shows Like Top Gear on BBC from the US

I’m a huge fan of Top Gear. Not the lame, knock off version put on here in the U.S., but the version that airs on BBC 2 in the UK. The version with Jeremy, Richard, James, and the Stig. Basically, the only version that matters. If, like me, you want to watch Top Gear live [...]

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Apple TV Concept-5-11

These Next-Gen Apple TV Concepts are Gorgeous [Gallery]

My favorite Apple concept designer, Martin Hajek, is at it again. For months now, we’ve heard rumors that Apple will be introducing a new Apple TV set top box later this year, and he’s put his best guesses into what that might look like. We’ve also read reports that Apple has patented a touchscreen remote [...]

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Travel Apps-5-11

The Best Travel Apps for Your iPhone

I’m currently on a three month backpacking trip around the world. Well, part of it anyway. I’m visiting twelve countries throughout Asia and the Pacific. One of the most valuable tools in my pack is my iPhone, and I don’t use it much for actual communication. Instead, it helps me keep track of my itinerary, [...]

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Explained: How Does Bitcoin Work?

We’ve had several readers ask about Bitcoin. What is it? How do you get it? How does it work? So, since it’s been in the news increasingly lately, I figured I’d give you a quick crash course on how Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies work. Bitcoin has somewhat of a mysterious past. It was started [...]

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Hockey Robot – 5-11

The Last Robot Played Ping Pong; This One Plays Air Hockey [Video]

A few weeks ago, we showed you an impressive video of the fastest robot in the world playing table tennis with the ping pong world champion. This video is a little different (sans the Michael Bay special effects and slow-mo), but still shows off the impressive capabilities of our semi-autonomous friends. The builder used a [...]

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New Netflix Streaming Prices

Netflix announced this morning an update to their Streaming Plans and Prices. Starting today, the $7.99 streaming plan will now be $8.99/month. This applies to all new members. All previous members will stay at the same $7.99/month price for the next two years. With this subscription, you can watch HD TV and movies on 2 [...]

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How To Personalize Your Doorbell Ring

Remember the first time you were able to customize your phone’s ringtone? It was amazing. Old school or new school, from the Beach Boys to Beyoncé, you were finally able to show your personal style and flair through your music. In fact, it seems like we can personalize just about anything these days. But when [...]

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Text-to-911 Goes Live Nationwide This Month; Is Your County Setup To Support It?

Several years in the making, the official Text-to-911 service is going online on May 15th around the country. If you live in an area that supports it, you’ll be able to send and receive SMS messages with a 911 dispatcher in an emergency. At launch, you won’t be able to send photos or videos, but [...]

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