Motorola Drops The Moto X To $399 Off Contract

Motorola has had it rough for the last few years, failing to gain much traction in the Android smartphone wars against rivals like Samsung, HTC, and LG. That being said, the Moto X was one of the finer devices to come out of 2013. While it doesn’t pack the highest performing processor or the highest [...]

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This App Will Pay You For Exercising And Eating Healthy

Do you need a little extra motivation to get in your daily exercise and eat healthier in 2014? Pact (Formerly known as GymPact) is a smartphone app that will give you some extra incentive. Financial incentive, that is. Pact works by asking its users to make a financial commitment to exercising or eating healthy for [...]

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The NFC Ring: Futuristic, Wearable Tech

NFC, or near field communication, has been making our tech more useful for a while now. If you’ve ever touched your phone to another to transfer a photo, set your phone on a charging pad, or paid for a purchase by touching your credit card to a payment console, you’ve used NFC. Now, a fully [...]

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If You Got Gadgets For Christmas, Extra Battery Power Is a Must Own

For many of you, it’s very likely that you got at least one mobile device or gadget this holiday season. If that’s the case, I’m going to tell you the one accessory that you must buy: A ZAGGsparq. If you’re not familiar, ZAGGsparq is a series of battery packs that you can connect your USB-chargable [...]

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iTunes 12 Days Of Gifts

Christmas may be over, but the spirit of gift giving still prevails in iTunes.  From December 26 to January 6th is the 12 Days of Gifts.  There will be a choice of a song, book, movie, or app for you to download for free. Download the free app to get details you’ll need each day. [...]

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Channel Your Inner 90s Teen With This Modern Mixtape

What do you get when you cross budding romance, music, and the 90′s? A mixtape, of course. In the age of the Spotify playlist, it seems that mixtapes are a thing of the past. If you’re yearning to go back to the days where the tape reigned supreme, look no further than the Milktape. The [...]

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Amazon Broke Sales Records, See What We Bought This Christmas Season

Amazon is my “go to” store.  Of course I would also go there for my Christmas shopping. I imagine that a good majority of Americans feel similarly because the days, weeks, and hours leading up to Christmas gave us some great numbers. New Prime Members: 1,000,000+ Cyber Monday Items Sold Worldwide: 36.8 million (426/second) This [...]

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Finally, A Real Virtual Fitting Room

The idea of a virtual fitting room for online retailers has been around for a while. But they were never all that realistic…until now. The virtual fitting room is a new way to shop for clothes online, and it’s been proven to reduce the number of online garment returns companies receive. This helps companies [...]

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[Video] This Device Will Measure And Track Your Muscle Fitness

Wearable gadgets to measure fitness are extremely popular right now, whether it is various wristbands from Fitbit, Nike, or Jawbone, or heart rate monitors, or simply using a smartphone as a pedometer. While we can easily measure the number of steps we take, calories we burn, or distance we run, so far there have been [...]

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Gift Cards To Amazon, Walmart, and More For Gifts Not Delivered In Time For Christmas

It was a banner season for Amazon.  Sales went through the roof for most online retailers.  Somehow, this was surprising to some.  A surprise at the demand for deliveries combined with winter weather meant that many people did not get their packages in time for the big day. Amazon is apologizing to those effected by [...]

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