iPad 3 rumors got hot this week – what’s next?

The rumor mill has recently started pumping out news about the iPad 3. The pulse is usually a pretty good indicator that something is happening. As the beat gets hotter, and heavier, it seems like the product rumors get ridiculous. Don’t believe everything you hear, some of the blogs are just looking to get your [...]

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Android infographic

Android Offering Premium Apps for 10 Cents

The infographic you see posted here comes from Android’s Google+ page. They’re obviously quite proud of the fact that they’ve reached 10 billion app downloads. That’s quite the feat! To celebrate this milestone they are offering some of their top premium apps for only 10 cents. Apparently, this will be going on for 10 days. [...]

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Sony’s sweet illusion videos without post production editing

Your about to see some videos made on behalf of Sony Europe by Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast. Projection mapping made this video worth the watch. Sony managed to create some of the most mind-blowing visual illusions you can find anywhere online. Some might call this the realization of a virtual ‘holodeck’. All without [...]

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Going to CES? Wear A ZAGG T-Shirt And We’ll Hook You Up

We’re getting ready for CES and we hope you are too! In an effort to help you narrow down your CES wardrobe, we’re are sending out free ZAGG t-shirts for CES attendees. Plus, when you stop by our booth wearing a ZAGG t-shirt, we’ll hook you up with free ZAGG gear. If you’re attending CES, [...]

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What is all of the buzz about Flipboard?

If you aren’t an iPad owner, you may not have heard of Flipboard. That is, until it was released for the iPhone Wednesday night. Flipboard is a social magazine for your iOS device, powered by Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your other friends. You simply choose topics and people that you’re interested in, and [...]

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Facebook is Scary Good at Finding Your ‘Friends’

Ok, so here’s the deal. I left Facebook just under a year ago. I won’t get too deep into the reasons why here in this post, suffice it to say that I was trying to break out of my own Social Media Refresh Loop. I haven’t found a real reason to go back until this [...]

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Fuelly Mileage Report

Fuelly, record your mileage without an app or data plan

Sometimes smartphones and their apps take the long way of getting things done. Fuelly, an online mileage tracking program shows us how it can be done with just a simple text message. To get started you will need to online and create an account. Once you have created your car’s profile (Facebook for cars anyone?) [...]

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3D Movies: Are they here to stay?

From the early 1950′s until now, hundreds of movies have been produced in a 3D format. Over time, the 3D technology improves and becomes better every time the crowds enter the theatre with each new phase. From the above chart (full size image here) I see a pattern that may or may not be foreshadowing [...]

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“Funny, but true: Granny’s advice on techno-gadgetry”

Apparently grandma has a lot of technamalogical wisdom to impart to you. She may confuse left-clicking with right-clicking or forget how to turn the computer on, but she knows a lot more than you think. Here are some of her best tips, by Chaco Puebla: “Vimeo has more quality but Youtube has more content.” “Don’t [...]

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Record Audio from Any App on Your Mac with Piezo

Rogue Amoeba – developers of popular Mac Apps Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro, and others – has released their first app specifically for the Mac App Store: Piezo. If you are familiar with Rogue Amoeba’s work, you know that they specialize in broadcasting and recording audio from any source on your Mac. Airfoil allows you to [...]

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