Updated Google Voice iOS app Allows You Make Calls Without Hoops

Despite the fact that the voicemail transcription is utter rubbish, Google voice is a service that almost anyone could love. The official iOS app thus far may have lacked the love and care from Google that it’s users deserved. Welcome to a better Google world iOS The latest update to the app, however, adds some [...]

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Screen Shot 2011-12-27 at 12.38.00 AM

Chrome Web Store Gets High Quality 3D Games

Google has been working hard to make Chrome the next big thing in online gaming. They have recently added a few high quality games to the Chrome Web Store that will please all types of gamers. The first of the games that they recently added was one of my favorites, Bejeweled. There have also been [...]

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$9.4 million iPhone 4S includes part of a t-rex bone!

The world’s most expensive iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4S Elite Gold, sells for £6 million ($9.4 million). Made by Stewart Hughes, this iPhone 4S sells for 11,000x the price of an unlocked 64 GB iPhone 4S. Details The bezel has about 500 individual diamonds. The back is 24 carat gold. The Apple logo is made of [...]

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Airless EV 2

Airless tires debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

Bridgestone unveiled an airless tire at the Tokyo Motor Show this month. Airless tires? That’s even better than James Bond’s self-inflating tire! (See also: Self-inflating tires, just like in James Bond?) If the tire proves to be durable enough, this would be invaluable to off-roaders. Recyclable The tires are also 100% recyclable. Starting small Currently, [...]

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Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer

Have you heard this one yet? iPad to be released on somebody special’s birthday.

What’s the date then? It’s Steve Jobs’ birthday, which is on February 24th. Where does this rumor come from? “Focus Taiwan citing the Economic Daily News as reporting that Apple’s rumored iPad 3 will hit shelves to mark the birthday of the late Jobs. The detail apparently comes from sources in the iPad supply chain [...]

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Avoid Buyer’s Remorse on Your Gadget Gifts

Ok, you may not have bought the gadget you received for Christmas. But for some reason it is not living up to your expectations. However you ended up with it, there are a few tips to avoid buyer’s remorse. An article from PsyBlog gives a few examples of what may cause buyer’s remorse. See if [...]

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LandingZone is Just That for Your Macbook Air

LandingZone is just the latest success story from Kickstarter, the crowd-funding site for cool projects in tech, art, and design. It aims to be the docking station for your Late 2010 or Mid 2011 Macbook Air. Docking stations are great for laptop owners who also have a separate display, keyboard, mouse, etc on their home [...]

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Stolen iPhone

Major iPhone Security Flaw Lets Thieves Act As You on Stolen iPhones

One of the highly touted features of the iPhone is the feature set that helps you should your iPhone get lost or stolen. Find My iPhone allows you to track, send a message, or remotely wipe your iPhone in case it is misplaced or it falls into untrusted hands. So, if you’re iPhone is stolen, [...]

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Apple Denies Product Placement in New Mission: Impossible

If you ask Apple, they don’t even have a product placement department. But one needs only watch the new Mission: Imposisble, Ghost Protocol to know that isn’t true. The entire movie is heavy on Apple products. Don’t get me wrong – it’s pretty awesome. Throughout the movie, the crew uses Macbooks, iPhones, iPads for almost [...]

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HTC Flyer and EVO View 4G Get 3.2

If Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) was not what you were looking for in a 7″ tablet you are in in luck. HTC has recently update it’s most recent 7″ tablets to run Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). The little switch in numbers does a pretty amazing thing the software that is found on the device. For the most [...]

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