I AM ANDROID – A platform used to painfully enslave you [by @jkhowland]

I recently started developing for the Dark-Platform. I have a suite of apps on the iOS App Store, and thought it might be effective to increase my revenue by porting those apps that were most successful on iOS over to the Platform-Which-Shall-Not-be-Named. I hate it. I love the users, and so I will continue development [...]

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Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Hands-on 3M’s multi-touch screens

3M is all about “Enabling Your Multi-Touch Experience.” Multitouch isn’t just for weathermen and newscasters. You thought it was fun to pinch and zoom on your iPhone, try doing it on a 40-inch screen. We did. Most touch screen demos include some sort of photo box. In addition to the intuitive touch controls, a radial menu [...]

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New ZAGG Products Showcased at CES

As many of you know, CES is currently going on in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ZAGG is making sure to represent itself well.  Along with all the other cool stuff being shown off at CES this year, ZAGG is showcasing some new, classy products that will be sure to turn the head of any gadget-lover. [...]

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Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Bamboo keyboard, mouse, and calculator

Unique ideas from Impecca.

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Cool Stuff at CES 2012: muRata Rike Riding Robot

We got a sneak peak at this awesome bike riding robot by muRata.

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Want a free iPhone 4S? Move to China

After months of negotiations and regulatory setbacks, Apple has finally announced that it is releasing the iPhone 4S in China. China Unicom, which is China’s second largest carrier, will be the sole provider of the iPhone. It currently boasts 200 million subscribers – roughly 2/3 the entire population of the US. It is is offering [...]

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Are Wearable Gadgets the Future?

It might seem like something out of the Back to the Future franchise, but wearable gadgets are on their way. Apple and Google are both working on some interesting prototypes. On the other hand, Apple already has a gadget you can wear. The latest iPod Nano can still play music, but it also has a [...]

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Instagram’s Deeper Integration With Facebook

Instagram has done it again, and is now allowing its users who share their pictures on Facebook to display them in full size on their timelines or timelines of friends. Along with the full sized picture, the caption from the Instagram app on the iPhone will now show up underneath. It goes deeper by letting [...]

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Andoird iPhone Contact Icon

How to Fix the Blank Contact Profile Picture Problem: Google+

We have all seen these icons before. They represent a contact on our phones that have not been given a face. A major pet peeve of mine is seeing these as I look through my contacts. I have spent many hours copying, pasting, and uploading photos from one location to another so that I don’t [...]

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How To Not Be This Person: “I Got A New Phone, I Need Your Numbers!”

Whenever I see this post on Facebook  I am very confused. What happened to your old phone with all your old numbers? I am pretty sure you already have my number why do I need to give it to you again? Ok maybe something happened to them in transfer process but don’t you have them [...]

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