Airbags in your iPhone… best idea ever?

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ZAGG Employee Uses Movember Mustache To Nab A Deer (And Still Makes It To Work On Time)

Every so often, we take opportunity to highlight the ferocious exploits of ZAGG’s internet team members. Nothing quite matches this. Kollin Killian woke up this morning on the last day of hunting season and the existence of his magnificently creepy Movember mustache. With obviously limited time to act, he grabbed his hunting bow, ventured out [...]

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Send money to your friends over Facebook with PayPal

Paypal wants you to give money to your friends on Facebook. Their app is simply titled “Send Money.” How convenient! Such a service would be incredibly convenient. I have no idea which of my friends have a PayPal account, and it’s not exactly easy to transfer money between banks. Most transactions will be free. You [...]

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Don’t watch these ads. They’ll make you stupider.

I’m on a commercial kick… It’s that time of the year. The eternal question of advertisers: Are we selling a product or selling an idea. There is your non-starter. I can’t help but think of Verizon’s “Your wife will love the dual core Tegra 2 chipset.” Ads are a big deal. They are the way [...]

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Google Maps Menu

Google Changes Navigation Bar to Google Bar

Google continues to redesign its services to make them more eye pleasing and easier to use. They are now rolling out a new Google Bar that will be placed at the top of all Google services instead of the previous black bar with the row of services. Now when you hover over the Google icon it will [...]

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Love HD? Put a ring on it with Best Buy’s $1095 HDMI cable.

As the holidays approach, customers are trying to find the perfect for their loved ones. Statistics show that men want electronics and women want diamonds. AudioQuest’s premium Diamond HDMI cable stands in the spotlight as the perfect gift for him and for her. Nothing says “I love you” more than the pure, “life changing” video [...]

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photo 1

iOS Tip: Never type your email address again

This little feature is one that can save you tons of time. When you first get an iOS device it seems like you type your email hundreds of times just to set up all your applications and different services. Apple has come to the rescue with iOS 5 to help you with this. You can [...]

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Video Game Review: Skyrim!

For the past couple weeks, there has been one thing on my mind.  Okay, not just one thing, but there has been something constantly nagging at my thoughts, and it has a name: Skyrim. Skyrim is game developer Bethesda’s latest installment in the Elder Scrolls video game series.  Available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and [...]

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More Women Gamers Than Men?

During the Thanksgiving break last week, I was in Arizona visiting a friend I had not seen since high school.  I had had the biggest crush on this girl for a number of years and was pleased to see that she was still as attractive as I remembered her.  We talked for a good 2 [...]

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Disassembled Gadgets Arranged Beautifully by @jkhowland

This photo series is enough to make anyone love the beauty of gadgets. Art. Todd McLellan’s gorgeous photo series is called “Everyone has a piece of the puzzle”. He takes everyday electronic items, disassembles them, and then arranges them attractive layouts – sometimes neat, sometimes messy. The messy pieces are usually falling through the air, [...]

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