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Google+ Pages: will you now connect?

Join ZAGG on Google+ [Click here] I recently saw a info-graphic for a guide to social media. It mentioned where you should post depending on who you wanted to hear you. It said if you wanted no one to hear you, you should post to Google+. Weather this is true or not Google certainly is looking [...]

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Should Apple Create A Siri Status Page?

The iPhone 4S battery was having some trouble, and Apple did ‘the right thing’. But Sascha Segan seems to think the lack of public explanation for the Siri problems in a terrible oversight. Unlike with a complex handset bug that needs lots of testing to verify, it’s relatively easy for Apple to know its servers [...]

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What the Heck Is Pinterest?

So, what the heck is Pinterest??  All of my friend girls (some of which I wouldn’t mind if they were my girlfriend, but that’s another story for another time) are obsessed with Pinterest and are using it all.  The.  Time.  More than Facebook.  Strange, no? When I first had Pinterest explained to me, it sounded [...]

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Angry Birds Total Gameplay Adds Up To Over 200,000 Years

Angry Birds continues to be king of the nest as far as app gaming goes.  Some recently revealed stats from Angry Birds developer Rovio are quite interesting, as well as surprising.  Rovio recently announced that: Angry Birds has surpassed half a billion downloads in 2 years The game’s total playtime now adds up to over [...]

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Backblaze 2.0 offers faster, unlimited online backup

Online backup service Backblaze has just released Backblaze 2.0, a significantly improved version of their current backup service. Since many of you might not be aware of Backblaze, I’ll first provide a brief overview of the service before I share what’s new: What made me pick Backblaze? Backblaze has many worthy competitors, including Mozy, SpiderOak, [...]

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Games that rock, cost whatever you want, and help charity: Humble Indie Bundles

If you’re a gamer, you will definitely want to look in to Humble indie bundles. They just came out with a new one. Here are some reasons you should look into donating: Name your price The Humble Indie Bundle lets you set the price for your games. Hypothetically, you could get Voxatron for 1¢. Support [...]

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Sprint Google Voice Logo

Sprint customers, are you using the benefits of Google Voice?

Google has worked its hardest to get Google Voice to work friendly with the major carriers in the US. Currently you can set up a new Google Voice number and have it start receiving your voicemaels and you can even customize the voicemail message for each group in your contacts. In order to get the [...]

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Students and universities dream of digital books, but will it happen?

Tablets have been in every vision of the future I’ve seen. Imagine replacing your 20-pound textbook-loaded backpack with a 1.3-pound tablet. Digital textbooks will make this possible. Digital textbooks also offer a world of potential beyond just words and pictures. Students everywhere have been dreaming about this. It’s time to make the dream come true. [...]

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Review: Apple TV plays your media wirelessly and effortlessly

Here’s why: It’s insanely easy to put music or videos up. But you don’t need an iPhone or iPad to use it. You can stream videos straight from sites like Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, or even the Wallstreet Journal. You can also stream videos and music from any computer. If it’s on the same network and [...]

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Struggling to find the right camera? Try

Looking to buy a camera and don’t know where to start? is the best comparison site I’ve seen. Any site can give you a huge list of specs, but snapsort intuitively helps you discover cameras. It’s incredibly simple. When I was looking into getting a DSLR, came in very handy. Sensible comparisons Most [...]

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