The Best Gifts For The Angry Birds Addict On Your List

Angry Birds is the hottest thing to hit your mobile device this year (or maybe ever?).  The game has been such a phenomenon that there are now a multitude of merchandise items available to supplement that addictive little virtual world.  If you or someone you love is one of those that stays up until 4 [...]

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The Most Painful iPad 3 Rumor: It’s Going To Be Thicker

The most painful iPad 3 rumor: it’s going to be thicker. Apple’s iPad 3 is rumored to be slightly thicker than the iPad 2, but will have the same 9.7-inch screen size, and will continue to support the magnetic Smart Cover, according to a new rumors. Apparently, an Asian supplier is offering the rumor up [...]

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Review: Flipboard for iPhone beats Google Currents

Just after Flipboard was released for the iPhone, Google Currents came into the world. Both are beautiful apps for following news, magazines, and other digital content. So which is better? Interface – Flipboard Flipboard is perfectly designed for touch screens – just about all you have to do is flip through pages. Google Currents also [...]

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The Battle of the Behemoths: Call of Duty v. Battlefield

The real battle is in the gaming world this winter, between Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty has ruled the gaming industry since 2008, making a billion dollars a year for its publisher Activision. They have sold 20 million copies at a time and claimed the lead with every version they have put [...]

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Tech Gift Ideas for Non-Techies

So, you’re a tech a geek. I know that because you’re reading this blog. If you weren’t at least a little bit of tech geek, you’d probably be spending your time elsewhere. But you’re like us – you love gadgets, games, and all-things tech. Maybe you get a little bit giddy over the latest Apple [...]

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This Genius Toaster Is Kitchen Gadgetry Heaven (Thanks, Pinterest!)

The other day I was rushing to get ready for work, as always, and was trying to make a quick breakfast for my daughter and I by popping a couple of pieces of bread into our cheap-o toaster.  Apparently, this toaster is ironically not equipped for heat and the little knob that allows you to [...]

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The Long Road of the Logitech Revue

In 2010, at the Google IO, a revolutionary product was introduced that was going to change the way that we interact with our TVs forever. The new hardware was to be compatible with any HDTV and offer a web experience that mixed with your existing cable provider to give you the best TV experience possible. Months later, the Logitech [...]

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Google+, Twitter, And Facebook All Saw Upgrades Last Week. Here’s What Changed

It was a big week for the major social media apps on Android last week. Let’s take a look at the important changes to all three. Google+ This update brings a few needed features to the app and a few that just make things easier. You can now search and find people and pages right [...]

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Tip of the Week: Download Apps to Your Device Remotely

For many, scrolling through the App Store or Market may not be the best way to browse through apps and find what you are looking for. Often, someone will share a link with you while you are on the computer, but it is not the most convenient to re-search for the app on your device to download [...]

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Recap of the iTunes 2011 Rewind

It’s that time of year again- no, I’m not thinking of ugly sweaters and yuletide cheer, although that’s nice too.  I’m thinking about the gazillion lists popping up across the world wide web. It’s time to look back at all the things that happened since January that defined the year 2011!  You know, things like [...]

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