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UltraViolet Movies: A Failing Digital Solution?

Blu Ray + DVD + Digital Copy purchases seem like they are the way of the future. This package gives you the options to watch your movies just about anywhere as long as your mobile devices can play Apple DRM content. UltraViolet is a new company that has come up with a new way to [...]

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LunaTik Touch Pen is Two Writing Utensils for the Price of One

There are a lot of stylus-pen combos out there for tablets such as the iPad and Motorola Xoom. But few of them are as elegant or simple to use as the LunaTik Touch Pen. If you want to write with a pen, press the button on top. If you want a capacitive stylus, press it [...]

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Instaprint brings back the good old days of Polaroids

I’ve often wondered if one day there will be a self-help group for those addicted to Instagram, based off the extreme popularity of the photo app.  Thanks to Instagram and smartphones, we are now graced with pictures on blogs and social networking sites of every event attended, item purchased, meal prepared, and vacation milestone of [...]

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Check out this $800 clock that reinvents time telling.

I love the dialog in the interview you’ll see in a bit, until then here is the story. The designer was lying in bed imagining a space station shaped like a spiral. They pictured it gradually the station got smaller, and then imagined that a ball could roll on the spiral to tell the time. [...]

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This is a 3-D Printed Cubic Kite that will fly, but it doesn’t look like it should.

These are some of the most gorgeous kite pictures ever. Take a look. You may see them and think they don’t look like kites. They just look like big foam boxes. The shape, and the complexity, and then the flight are ironic and fun. These big boys don’t just fly, they do so with grace. [...]

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Cult Of Mac Readers Vote ZAGG Keyboard Case ‘Best Apple Device Accessory Of 2011′

The Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 just won an award for “Best Apple Device Accessory” in Cult of Mac’s Best Of 2011 Awards Cult of Mac explains that, though many users may not need a keyboard, the Keyboard Case by ZAGG won for its sturdy case design and quality keyboard. “The keyboard almost [...]

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Videos battle for votes on YouTube Slam

YouTube and Google Research are teaming up to bring you YouTube Slam, and they desperately want to know: Which do you think is funnier?  A woman getting a watermelon smashed into her face or a montage of silly moments from The Simpsons? As if it isn’t already easy enough to waste a few hours on [...]

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Movies, Music, Apps: Where is the Universal Solution?

Rent your movie from RedBox, buy a hard copy from Amazon, then get the Digital Copy from iTunes. Once you get the Digital Copy it will then only work with certain devices such as those that sync with iTunes. And after all that there is no place to upload your content to stream flawlessly on [...]

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Baby-proof your iPhone with the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case

Have a little one?  Have an iPhone?  Ever noticed how babies are drawn to iPhones like a moth to a flame, but really are about as compatible as oil and water? The drooling, the dropping, the accidentally calling your boss or 911…yikes.  Fortunately Fisher Price caught on to this and created the Laugh & Learn [...]

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Updated Google Voice iOS app Allows You Make Calls Without Hoops

Despite the fact that the voicemail transcription is utter rubbish, Google voice is a service that almost anyone could love. The official iOS app thus far may have lacked the love and care from Google that it’s users deserved. Welcome to a better Google world iOS The latest update to the app, however, adds some [...]

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