Your iPhone is already a pro camera. Use it like one more often

Get The Glif and the new +Pack This is so awesome, I ordered one the second I got to the screen. Do you have a Glif? I guess you have to have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S first, don’t you. The Glif (for those of you who haven’t heard) is an iPhone 4 or [...]

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Finally, in-flight iPad rentals. Games included!

Hate traveling? Now you can rent an iPad on your next long flight with JetStar airlines. Airlines continue to fight for the tech-savvy crowd. Many flights have wi-fi, but how many let you rent an iPad on the flight? JetStar claims to be the first. Gameloft and Australian airline JetStar have made a deal to include [...]

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Samsung makes fun of Apple lovers that wait in line

Have you ever waiting in line for an Apple device on opening day? If you remember we found a someone that wouldn’t even give up their spot inline for an iPad 2. In this commercial Samsung pokes fun at how crazy fans can get as they wait in line for a device that has a small [...]

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Malls start tracking shoppers’ cell phones

Did you go to the mall today? You may have been followed. Several malls have started using “FootPath,” a service that uses shoppers’ cell phones to track their location. It can be accurate up to 1 meter. Footpath’s purpose is to help malls analyzing which stores are most popular and which routes people take. It [...]

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We Draw Drawing

We Draw: Stop the family feud and start having fun

I am sure many of you spent some time with your family over this weekend. You ate, had some good laughs, and then probably spent a few hours arguing over which is the better mobile OS. May I suggest a way to bring the family together to have some memorable fun when you meet again a [...]

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Tellme, are you better than Siri?

In a recent interview with Forbes’ Eric Savitz, Microsoft’s Craig Mundie said that Siri is nothing special. Microsoft had a “similar” version over a year ago. So did Android. And the 3GS had voice control, which was also “similar” to Siri. Is Siri special? As Craig Mundi points out, Siri is “the only thing [Apple] [...]

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#BlackFriday meet your righteous twin, #WhiteFriday

Thanksgiving is a time for consideration and contemplation. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? Did you feel like you came off more thankful and ready to share what you’ve been blessed with? Check out this graphic. Meet White Friday. If we all took a step back from the alter of capitalism this Friday, what could come [...]

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Amazon’s Free App of the day: Muffin Knight

The free Android app of the day on the Amazon App Store is Muffin Knight. This app is a super simple and fun to play. I first was introduced to this app on my iPad and spent lots of time playing it on their. I was only using the free version so it is nice [...]

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Facebook’s iPhone Slayer “Buffy” wants to thrust a stake into the iPhone’s heart

We have rumors of yet another “iPhone killer” on our hands. Except this time, it’s being called “Buffy” the iPhone slayer, and it’s being developed by Facebook. Can a facebook phone take down the iPhone? Every time I hear the term “iPhone killer,” I think of the following comic: There is some truth behind this [...]

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eBay Couch Commerce

This holiday season eBay and PayPal are pushing consumers to do their shopping from the comfort of their couches on their tablets and smart phones, hence the term couch commerce. A new tab “Watch with eBay” has been added to the eBay iPad app which allows users to shop and view items related to what [...]

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