How advertising works

Special Announcement: Facebook makes money through advertising

Facebook wants to make this clear: It makes money. And it makes it through advertising. It went so far as to make an announcement to all Facebook users. I didn’t think it was that big of a secret, but I guess If you didn’t know it before, you know now. How ads reach you Facebook [...]

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Have you seen this? 12 year old app developer

Have you ever had an idea for an iPhone app? Well this 12 year old did, and he made his idea come to life. Thomas Suarez is a 6th grader who loved video games so much that he decided to teach himself how to make them! Now he started his own app-building company and uses [...]

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Most Popular Stuff of 2011

For some reason people love top 10 lists, myself included. With the end of 2011 fast approaching lots of people and companies are putting out their own top lists of their favorite or most popular things of 2011. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more have all released their top 10 lists. I’ll start off [...]

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Tiny, wearable computers rumored to be the next big thing. Should we care?

Rumor has it that Apple and Google are in the beginning stages of creating small, wearable, voice-controlled computers for the consumer. Oh, you thought that’s what a smartphone was? Smartphones were the first step in this new technological development.  But smartphones have created a problem where we walk around with a small screen about 6 [...]

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Google’s tablet is coming in six months. But what about the Chromebook?

Eric Schmidt says that a Google tablet will come out within six months, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Here it is in English, thanks to Google Translate. Forced to decide: Google Tablet or Chromebook? The iPad cut into netbook sales. The Chromebook is Google’s version of a netbook, so will Google’s tablet cut [...]

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iPhone Dock for Goliath

This iPhone Dock Weighs 700 LBS. And Costs $30,000

If you have already bought yourself a desk speaker dock for your iPhone this holiday season, I would suggest that you enjoy it and keep it for a long time. For those of you that are still in the market for one and like to be more risky may I suggest you wait and get [...]

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Manhattan Thieves Take iPhones, Leave Droids And BlackBerrys

In several recent robberies in upper Manhattan, the thieves didn’t want anything but iPhones. You know it’s bad when even robbers in New York won’t even take a BlackBerry or Droid when robbing someone. I can see it in an Apple infomercial: “Even common thieves prefer the iPhone over the alternative brand.” Instead of taking [...]

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2011-12-20 at 11.55.30 PM

Google+ updates before the holidays

This month, Google+ has made several updates. Here are the main updates that have occurred over the past month. Find My Face & Photos Find My Face scans photos for your face and automatically tags the ones that have you in them. Currently, Social networking requires you or your friends to tag you. Sometimes you [...]

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Ban Siri from driving? Or do the opposite?

Should we ban Siri while driving? Texting is illegal in many states. Is Siri just as much of a distraction? (See also: Texting & Driving Is Illegal in 34 States – Is This Drivable Arcade Game Next?) Siri is supposed to provide the perfect hands-free experience. Unfortunately, she can slip up from time to time. [...]

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16 year old builds a business with his app, and gets a billionaire’s funding.

The Next Web has a great post on the latest wiz kid, Kick D’Aloisio. His app idea has been around for a long time, in fact he released an app called Trimit to start the service off. His app was revamped, funded by Hong Kong Billionaire Li Ka Shing, and relaunched this week as Summly. [...]

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