[How To] Take Photos Of The Milky Way With DSLR Or Mirrorless Cameras

As many questions as I get about photography, the one that comes up most is how to take great photos at night of star constellations, star trails, the moon, and the Milky Way. I went out shooting last night here in New Zealand and the above photo was the result. I wouldn’t consider it National [...]

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Send A Text Directly From Facebook With MightyText

Several months ago I wrote a post about MightyText. It’s the Android app (available on Google Play) that allows you to text from your computer. I’ve been using this app for almost a year and absolutely love it. I don’t miss texts or calls anymore if I’m on my computer and my phone is on [...]

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Combine All Your Cloud Storage Accounts into One Giant Account with CloudGoo

With the myriad of cloud storage service out there these days, many of you probably have accounts on a few of them. A new service called CloudGoo ties them all together, which I think is awesome. For me personally, I have accounts with Dropbox, Box, Amazon, and Google Drive. I just use the free option [...]

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Samsung’s New 28″ 4K Display Is Gorgeous And Available For Pre-Order For Less Than $700

If you’re looking for a great high-res monitor that doesn’t take up much space on your desk, give Samsung’s new 28-inch 4K display a look. They currently have it available for pre-order on Amazon for just $699, which is an incredible price for a 4K display from Samsung. The display has two HDMI ports, a [...]

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This Android Alarm Clock Will Keep You From Overusing Snooze

If you’re anything like me when you wake up in the morning, you hit the the “snooze” button on your alarm clock, one, two, seven times every day. It’s not an ideal way to wake up, getting just a few extra minutes of un-productive sleep, and this new app for Android devices aims to solve [...]

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The R/C Bullet Remote Control Car Has A Top Speed Of Nearly 200 MPH

Don’t expect this beast to be available at your local retailer anytime soon (or ever), but it’s fascinating to watch the R/C Bullet speed past the camera at a staggering 188.87 miles per hour. The project is a result of the efforts of Nic Case and more than 100 other individuals and sponsors. Case currently [...]

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Not Just Another Smartwatch—FiLIP Is For Kids

Smartwatches are the latest in wearable technology, but FiLIP is a little different. It’s actually a watch AND a phone—and it’s for your kid. After all, staying connected to your kid can be pretty useful. The device itself is simple. It stores five important numbers so your kid can place a call if they need [...]

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Neil Young Is Building The Best Sounding Music Player You’ve Ever Heard

An ongoing Kickstarter project started by world-famous musician Neil Young is among the most successful crowd funding campaigns ever and aims to bring true, uncompressed, high-fidelity music to the masses. The project is called Pono Music, and over the March 29 weekend, the project neared 15,000 backers and had received pledges of more than $5 [...]

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[How To] Save Money On Printer Ink By Changing Your Font

Although times are changing and many of us don’t print as much as we used to, there’s an easy way to save yourself some cash by using less ink on the occasions when you DO have to have a physical printed copy of something. It was none other than a 14-year old student here in [...]

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Tips, Tricks, And How To Use Your Phone Cheaply When You Travel Overseas

I’m currently backpacking around the world. I left the U.S. last week and I’m currently in New Zealand. From here, I’ll head to Southeast Asia, followed by India, Dubai, and Russia, before coming home in June. However, I’m still connected to my friends, family, and ZAGGblog by way of my iPhone 5S, which I brought [...]

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