Pre-Order the ZAGGmate for iPad 2 Now

Yesterday Apple announced the details of iPad 2, and today we are excited to announce that the ZAGGmate for iPad 2 is ready for pre-order (click here to pre-order the ZAGGmate for iPad 2).

The ZAGGmate is one of the best selling iPad accessories available and won several awards, including Best of Show at Macworld Expo 2011. The ZAGGmate’s wireless keyboard is changing the way people use the iPad to create content and the aircraft-grade material of the ZAGGmate offers unmatched protection.  Watch your iPad 2 fall in love with its perfect mate, the ZAGGmate.

Below you have will find answers to frequently asked questions about the ZAGGmate:

Is ZAGG going to make a new ZAGGmate for the iPad 2?
Yes. We are working very hard to accelerate the release of the new ZAGGmate for iPad 2. We will start shipping the new ZAGGmate no later than March 31.

Will my original ZAGGmate work with the iPad 2?
The original ZAGGmate was only designed to work with the original iPad. The outer dimensions of the iPad 2 are different than the original iPad so your iPad 2 will not fit securely into the ZAGGmate. While the ZAGGmate does work with most bluetooth devices, and it should pair with the iPad 2, we do not recommend using it with your iPad 2.

What should I do with my original ZAGGmate if I get an iPad 2?
We recommend keeping your original ZAGGmate with your original iPad. Whoever you may give or sell your original iPad to, we recommend keeping the ZAGGmate with the iPad since the new owner will need the keyboard and protection that ZAGGmate offers.

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  • Anonymous

    Why no Zaggmate without keyboard for the iPad2?

    • Anonymous

      Could be the ZMcKB sold far more units and proved more popular; to save on material and reduce risk of overstock on ZMsKB, they may have phased it out completely.

  • Shawn Grimes

    Will the Zaggmate for the original iPad get a price reduction?

    • Jeff Strommen

      I saw the Zaggmate with keyboard for $79.99 at a local Best Buy the day the iPad 2 dropped. However, on their website it’s still $99.99.

  • Dan Fugate

    Sad face.

  • Brucear

    With me not seeing the ipad2, but checking the post measurements, it seems that the different in size is 1/5 of an inch in the width. Can’t something be made to fill that gap, so the Ipad2 would fit?

  • Kate Cote

    I love this company! And it does not need Apple! It’s innovative, sharp, and on the rise in its own. You know that saying–rags to riches? Well, Zagg is zagging to riches in more ways than we know. I am thankful to the CEO, whom my husband says is a very innovative, caring person, and to all the stock holders and employees of this wonderful company. May God Bless!

  • Jon Worrel

    Looking forward to the ZAGGmate for Motorola Xoom! I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on one and can’t wait until ZAGG’s corporate officials announce the product!

    • Sororrose7

      Ditto, but the customer service rep said none would be forth coming.

  • Cindyfrag

    I’m with Jon. I’ve got the Xoom and ordered the Invisible Shield for it. Now just waiting for a ZAGGmate to be developed for it!

  • Rod

    Of course I just bought the ZaggMate … for the iPad 1… and of course – I want the iPad 2… lol oh well

  • Quiltfanatic

    I ordered the Zaggmate for my Ipad 1 and it’s on the way to me now. BUT my hubbie surprised me with the news he’s buying the Ipad 2 for me. Can I return my Ipad 1 version of the Zaggmate keyboard unopened in exchange for the new Ipad 2 version?

  • Joe

    Now that the curved back of the ipad has gone, will the iPad 2 sit in the Zaggmate case facing out? So if I just want to use the touchscreen I don’t have to stash the case somehwere, I can just flip the ipad around so that it’s facing out instead of in? Deciding factor for me I think

    • Dan Fugate

      Joe, I’ve been using my ZAGGmate with the iPad facing out. Flip up the stand and then sit the iPad against the front lip of the ZAGGmate with the back resting on the stand. It will sit with a nice angle which is great for using the on-screen keyboard.

      • Joe

        Hey, cheers for the feedback Dan :-) That sounds pretty good! I’m still weighing up whether to get an iPad 2 at the moment, but more tempted each day. I’ll certainly look up a case if I do get one.

        Cheers again

      • Joe

        Hey, cheers for the feedback Dan :-) That sounds pretty good! I’m still weighing up whether to get an iPad 2 at the moment, but more tempted each day. I’ll certainly look up a case if I do get one.

        Cheers again

      • Lardie

        Yup! That’ll do it – just buy an expensive Zaggmate with Keyboard for the original iPad and position your expensive iPad 2 in such a way that you can use your on screen keyboard – Genius!!!

  • Asylum Photo

    I love my ZAGGmate for my original iPad. It’s unfortunate that an adapter or thin case for the iPad 2 can’t be made to make it compatible with ZAGGmate “1″. Either way, this is great news, as I was on the fence about the iPad 2 mostly due to the keyboard issue. Keep up the quality work guys.

  • Solongjoe

    It seems that that if you make make a thicker rubber seal that could be retrofitted into your original zaggmate, it would work.

    • Solongjoe

      The difference in dimension is 3 mm in width and 4 mm in length. If the sides were thickened by 2 mm and the tops by 1.5 mm, it should work.

  • Matt

    Will there be any improvements to the actual design that the ZaggMate had?
    Maybe a better keyboard or something new?

    Or just the same thing with different dimensions?

  • xdakz

    Will you be looking into making a similar one for the Motorola Xoom? Would like the attached keyboard to go with it.

  • Bryce

    theres two camaras on the ipad 2. is there a hole for the back camara so u can have your zaggmate on the ipad and take pics at the same time. And also all the pics that i saw of the zaggmate it was covering the ipad screen it will fit on the back of the ipad too right. Can you have headphones plugged in to the ipad while the case is on because in the pics i dont see the hole for it

  • Anonymous

    Soon as I get an ipad2

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  • Xoom fan

    Can’t wait for the Zaggmate for the Xoom!

    • Anonymous

      Me too! I have Ipad first edition but gave it to hubby and he can’t type and doesn’t need a keyboard. I ordered my Xoom WiFi and am hoping Zaggmate makes a cover for it.

  • Morris Mary

    I have the zaggmate for the ipad2, it does all that I hoped it would! does the zagg skin for the back of the ipad still work with the zaamate case?