All Netflix Users Now Have Access To Super HD And 3D Content

Netflix announced Thursday that all of its customers would now have access to its 3D and “Super HD” content. The news, reported by GigaOM, details that these additional pieces of Netflix content were previously only available to customers on internet service providers who partnered with Netflix or placed special hardware on their networks that enabled [...]


Get the Parallax 3D Effect on Your Android Now

One of the shiny new features of iOS 7 is called Parallax, which makes items on your screen pitch and tilt using the iPhone’s gyroscope. Just because it’s new to iOS doesn’t mean it’s an entirely new concept, though. In fact, the same thing has been available on Android for quite a while. If you’ve [...]


Amazon Might Be Building A Smartphone With A 3D Screen

Amazon has long been reported to be working on a line of their own gadgets.  Today, The Wall Street Journal, is reporting that Amazon is specifically working on two smartphones, one of which will have a 3D screen. The Journal cites multiple anonymous sources for their breaking news and says the advanced 3D smartphone will not require special glasses [...]


Leap Motion Controller, The Gadget That Allows You To Control Your Mac Or PC With Your Hands, Will Ship In May

I’ve been anxious to get my hands on the Leap Motion controller since I first saw it last May. It brings 3D gesture control to your Mac. Instead of a mouse or other pointing device, you just use your hands. Naturally. If you’ve seen Minority Report, you’ve got a good idea how Leap works. If [...]


3D Eye Tracking Glasses let you play games without your hands

Have you ever been too tired to sit up and play games, but too wired to fall asleep? The future might come with a solution for you: Play with your eyeballs. A team at UK’s Imperial College lead by Dr. Aldo Faisal has rigged eye tracking circuitry that take advantage of new 3D technology. The [...]


YouTube says hello to 3D

Can you remember the first movie you ever saw in 3D? It’s a question that may take a second to answer, probably because of everything being in 3D today. From smartphones to 3D television to pretty much every medium of watching film, we have the option of 3D. With this growing trend it’s no surprise [...]


Straight Out Of Minority Report: Transparent 3D display

A recent post on the ZAGG Blog told you about the Air Mouse Glove, a device that looks to be straight out of Minority Report. If the Air Mouse Glove becomes a reality, this transparent 3D display out of Microsoft Applied Sciences will be a natural companion device. Coolest Tech reports that the innovative display, [...]


3DeeScreen takes your laptop to the next dimension

Viewing things in 3D is all the rage these days. Whether it be 3D movies, televisions, or video games, tons of people seem to think it’s the coolest new trend. What if you could have a 3D experience on your laptop, too? Spatial View, Inc., has launched a snap-on screen that attaches to your laptop, [...]

Screen Shot 2011-12-27 at 12.38.00 AM

Chrome Web Store Gets High Quality 3D Games

Google has been working hard to make Chrome the next big thing in online gaming. They have recently added a few high quality games to the Chrome Web Store that will please all types of gamers. The first of the games that they recently added was one of my favorites, Bejeweled. There have also been [...]


3D Movies: Are they here to stay?

From the early 1950′s until now, hundreds of movies have been produced in a 3D format. Over time, the 3D technology improves and becomes better every time the crowds enter the theatre with each new phase. From the above chart (full size image here) I see a pattern that may or may not be foreshadowing [...]

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