Amazon Flow For iOS Makes Buying Stuff Even Easier

Oh Amazon, you clever beast of an online store. You had us at hello in 1995 when all you sold were books. I remember you then. So smart. So studious. Then you started selling DVDs and music and after a few more years you had pretty much anything anyone could even need, want, or imagine [...]


The Yearly Cost of Amazon Prime May Soon Be Jumping To $119

Amazon had a disappointing holiday quarter. They missed revenue projects by nearly $6 billion, and net income estimates by “a landslide.” Wall Street wasn’t pleased. BGR points out that, during the earnings conference call to discuss Q4 2013, Amazon’s CFO Tom Szkutak mentioned an increase would be coming to Amazon Prime. How much of an [...]


How To Censor Online Videos For Kids

I’ll be honest. I don’t really have a problem with watching movies or videos with swearing, sex, or violence in them. In fact, because I’ve been an adult for so long (I won’t tell you how long), I hardly even notice if my favorite comedian drops the “bomb” in a YouTube clip. But my friends [...]


How To: Sign Up And Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

There’s really just one major drawback to shopping online, as compared to shopping in a brick and mortar retail store: the time you have to wait for your item(s) to ship and arrive on your doorstep. If you’re a frequent online shopper, you’ll find it in your best interests to sign up for Amazon Prime. [...]


How To Return That Unwanted Gift Back To Amazon

It’s easy to return gifts your friends or family purchased from a brick and mortar retail store, but what about gifts from While not as fast as walking into your local big box store and walking out with cash a few minutes later, it’s actually a fairly painless process. Amazon knows many people order [...]


That Giant Amazon Delivery Box On Reddit Had A Car Inside

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve likely seen the photo someone took of a flatbed delivery truck with a monstrous cardboard box in tow. That box clearly has Amazon stamped on the side, but no indication of what was actually inside. A few day have passed and now we can [...]


Amazon Broke Sales Records, See What We Bought This Christmas Season

Amazon is my “go to” store.  Of course I would also go there for my Christmas shopping. I imagine that a good majority of Americans feel similarly because the days, weeks, and hours leading up to Christmas gave us some great numbers. New Prime Members: 1,000,000+ Cyber Monday Items Sold Worldwide: 36.8 million (426/second) This [...]


Gift Cards To Amazon, Walmart, and More For Gifts Not Delivered In Time For Christmas

It was a banner season for Amazon.  Sales went through the roof for most online retailers.  Somehow, this was surprising to some.  A surprise at the demand for deliveries combined with winter weather meant that many people did not get their packages in time for the big day. Amazon is apologizing to those effected by [...]


Your Package Arrives In 30 Minutes With Amazon’s Prime Drone Delivery

We all love Amazon.  They’ve got everything, the prices are great, and the number of reviews that most of the products have really helps me in decision making.  I’ve been a loyal customer for years and am a proud Prime Member.  Imagine my excitement at the news that the team is working on “Amazon PrimeAir,” [...]


Deal Alert: Verizon LG G2 for $199 Without Contract

If you’re looking for a new phone, this is a deal too good to pass up. One of the top-rated phones, the LG G2, is selling off contract, no upgrade required, for $199. The full-price listed on Verizon’s website is $449. This is a ridiculously good deal for anyone wanting/needing a new device and doesn’t [...]

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