Google Nexus 7

Here’s why Google is on the right track with the Nexus 7 (by @jkhowland)

Here is the truth. The Nexus 7 has an uphill battle. The new tablet is going up against the single most successful product in the world: the iPad. Android is getting better every day. It seems like with the Nexus they are trying to make a statement that they are taking the tablet market seriously. [...]

Amazon instant video and Amazon Prime now available on Xbox 360

Amazon instant video and Amazon Prime now available on Xbox 360

Add Amazon’s video libraries, including the online retailer’s instant video service and Prime video library to the list of video on-demand services that are available on the Xbox 360. Amazon announced Tuesday that videos from its online repository will now be accessible for an Xbox 360 app, bringing Amazon’s video service to one more resource [...]


Kindle Fire’s Latest Update

Amazon recently released the new update for the Kindle fire to version 6.3.1. The new update will allow users to get additional parental controls that let users protect purchases with a password, disable access to content libraries, and block access to the web browsing, as well as access to some neat sharing features and more [...]


Apple doesn’t give any media form special treatment, just ask the DOJ

Apple is currently facing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice, in which they are claiming that Apple’s agency model is a product of conspiracy. Traditional Media Newspapers, magazines, and other traditional media outlets want a pass. They don’t even want to pay the 30% that Apple is being sued against. ‘I don’t think you [...]

Android Kool Aid Man

Android may be winning. But it isn’t matching Google’s expectations. (by @jkhowland)

According to a presentation given by Andy Rubin in July 2010, Google expected to sell some 10 million Android tablets a year in 2011 and 2012 and capture up to a third of the entire tablet market. Google’s Expectation So, Google expected Android tablets to have 33 percent of the market? Why is that so [...]


The new iPad is unbeatable – Even the compromised home button and camera.

The iPad might have left a few holes open for competitors with their home button and camera choices. After all, if you’re a hardware manufacturer, why not take everything a step further than Apple? Remember the blow-up about the home button? I’ve already spent more time on this than I should have. Go read the [...]

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4 of World’s Top 5 “Most Admired” are American Tech Companies

Every year, Fortune compiles a list of the Top 50 most admired companies in the world. They do this by asking readers and other business people to cast their vote for the company they most admire, then rank the companies based on a composite score. This year, 4 out of the top 5 are tech [...]


Awesome Batman Brake Light Covers

Even though you’re probably not driving the Batmobile around, these break light covers can make you feel one step closer to driving it. They are so cool looking! The only complaint I have for the product is that they are VERY hard to apply to your break lights. It’s almost impossible because they are hard [...]

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Jawbone’s Bigger and Better New Jambox

Since the original Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker was such a hit, an even bigger, better and newer version has been rumored to be in the making. The new speaker will deliver all the same amazing features of the older version, just in a bigger package. This new speaker will be able to fill up any [...]


Is Apple’s pristine customer service reputation on the line?

Apple is bringing over a CEO John Browett to lead their retail department. This is the first high profile hire since Tim Cook took over Apple. Bowett has been the CEO of Dixons since 2007, and was the CEO of Tesco Plc before that. He will oversee Apple’s retail strategy and the expansion of its [...]

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