How Promising is the Future for Netflix?

Recently, Netflix has encountered financial troubles and topsy turvy decision making flaws. With the price increase between its DVD-by-mail service and online streaming service, as well as the almost introduction of Qwikster, Netflix has angered and lost many of its subscribers. But Netflix’s future is not particularly gloomy. Despite the frequent complaints about the lack [...]


The iPad 3 Rumors Of 2011

The iPad 2 is still doing really well, and it doesn’t seem like any competitor’s products are going to compete with it in the near future. Of course Apple will, as they have in the past, unveil a new product. The iPad 2 announcement came in March of 2011. Even before it was revealed, the [...]


Cyanogen Mod 7 available for Kindle Fire!

We saw last week that this would be coming on xda-developers forums via JackpotClavin: Everything is running okay, the only noticeable bug right now is this if you look at the numbers above the letters, some numbers are missing I just wanna make sure everything is in ship shape, and I will play with that [...]


Amazon’s Free App of the day: Muffin Knight

The free Android app of the day on the Amazon App Store is Muffin Knight. This app is a super simple and fun to play. I first was introduced to this app on my iPad and spent lots of time playing it on their. I was only using the free version so it is nice [...]


Cyber Monday… Are You Ready?

This post is to help novice Cyber Monday shoppers who maybe don’t know exactly where to turn for the best deals.  I have included several links that will at least get you pointed in the right direction. Here, Amazon is doing a countdown until Black Friday.  They are doing tons of awesome deals all day long every [...]


Amazon buys voice service Yap. Will it compete with Siri?

Amazon just purchased Yap, a voicemail transcription service. The service officially stopped on October 20. Rumor has it that Amazon’s building a competitor to Siri. Siri is a key part of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, and there have been multiple reports of users trying to port it to other devices. My main question is: When [...]


An Exhaustive Look at Kindle Fire Reviews – You’ll hate reading these.

I may be an favorite-part-cherry-picking blogger, but you have to admit these quotes are simply music to an Apple Fanboy’s ears. The fact that you don’t like these quotes doesn’t make them false, it just means you wanted the Fire to be better than it is. [Disclaimer: None of the quotes are taken out of [...]


Preparing for your Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is going to be released next week. Hundreds of thousands of pre-orders will be shipped with accounts already pre-registered on the device. You may have your Fire next week or you might have to wait  to get it on Christmas. Here are a few things you can do in the meantime to [...]


Digital Audiobooks, what are the best sources?

I drive more than an hour every day. Most of the time I just listen to the radio but really want to use that time to accomplish something. One thing I would really like to do is read a few books during my drive without the actual reading part. Problems I have faced in the [...]


8 Rumors: The OFFICIAL ZAGGblog iPhone Event Predictions

Alright. The time is almost here. Tomorrow morning we will see the new iPhone in all it’s hyped up glory. As with all Apple products its development is a closely guarded secret and its very existence is often denied by Apple until the day Tim Cook decides he’s ready to tell you about it. We [...]

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