Chart: Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet Vs. Other Tablets

Amazon just announced its new Kindle Fire Tablet. It comes with a lot of features that a tablet should have, and it costs only $200. But how does it stack up against other tablets? Gizmodo put together the following chart… Click here to see a larger version of the chart. Now the question remains, will you buy [...]

Want to be the first Google Wallet Customer? Too late.

There was a pretty good chance that this was going to happen. For many people it is a very memorable moment in the Seinfield franchise. For those of you who don’t or haven’t watched a lot of Seinfield, there is a bit from an episode called “Reverse Peephole” when George refuses to give up his [...]

Amazon logo

Read all you want! Amazon’s Prime = Netflix for books?

Hey guess what? Amazon may soon let you read as many books as you want for a flat rate. Namely: $79/year ($6.58/month), as part of an Amazon Prime membership. Hopefully there will be a wide selection of books offered with the subscription. Amazon Prime already offers a lot of goodies to its subscribers. For example, [...]


How Much will Amazon Change for the Kindle Tablet?

Amazon is adding a full, web browsing, app installing, media playing tablet to the repertoire of stuff they sell. Adding a single product to a sea of millions of products may not seem like a big deal. But it is. Buying on Amazon online has always been easy. Buying on Amazon on a mobile app [...]

Amazon Student

A Must-have App For Students: Amazon Student

Amazon has a new app for iPhones and iPads, which will come in very useful to college students. Here’s what it has to offer: Textbook barcode scanner Scan the barcode on the book that you need, and the Amazon Student app will compare prices on Amazon. Online stores very often sell books cheaper than the [...]


Firefox Keeps Going… Adds Addons To Aurora

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader came out, and Firefox was left out. The fact is, Firefox uses a web engine that is very much far behind Webkit in HTML5 offlie web app support. Mozilla has been playing their own game in the browser war from the beginning. They, and their users, have decided what features and [...]


Save up to 80% on textbooks with Amazon’s new digital rental service

Finally, a good way for students to get digital textbooks is here. You can also find some of your class readings for free on Google Books or Project Gutenberg, but it’s a lot harder to get digital versions of actual textbooks. Amazon explains how their Kindle Textbook Rental service works. Here’s a summary of that [...]


Amazon Tablet… You Want Some Proof?

Can anyone remember back as far as 2009? Rumors of an Apple iPad were starting to emerge again. The iPhone was taking off, and people were excited about touch devices. Rumors were all over the place — and most were dead wrong — but there was smoke. And there was fire. Brian Blair from Wedge [...]

Mail Carrier

The Internet Will Kill Post Offices

Did you know that the Canadian postal service went on strike? No? Me neither. Apparently, neither did a lot of Canadians. When postal workers went on strike three weeks ago, they were hoping to force the national postal service, Canada Post, to rethink a proposal to reduce wages. The proposal is meant to cut costs [...]

Amazon Mp3

Amazon Offers $0.69 MP3 Songs

To draw attention away from iTunes and other music-buying sites, Amazon has launched discounted MP3 songs. While you may be worried that they are obscure, weird songs that only 10 people in the world would every want to download, they are offering chart-topper songs. Amazon was originally offering these songs for $0.89, which is already [...]

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