How To Prank Someone With A Prank Trimmer App [VIDEO]

There are a few prank trimmer apps available for iPhone and Android [iPhone] [Android]. The apps simply play the sound of an electric hair trimmer. When used properly, it’s an excellent tool for pulling pranks. Watch the video above to see it in action.


This App Lets You Turn Anyone’s Face Into A Halloween Mask

Halloween is a month away, so it is time to start thinking about what you want your costume to be. If you are someone who doesn’t like to invest a lot of effort into your costumes, however, a new application that lets you turn anyone’s face into a mask for $20 could be the “most [...]

Tinder Pick-Up Lines

Striking out with your pickup lines on Tinder? Here’s 10 lines that were tweeted that may help you find that special someone. [View the story "10 Pickup Lines People Have Used On Tinder" on Storify] 10 Pickup Lines People Have Used On Tinder Here are 10 of best/cheesy pickup lines I’ve found via Twitter to [...]


Nextdoor: The Private Social Network App For Your Neighborhood

In an effort to foster community, Nextdoor creates a safe online environment for your neighborhood.  Only after verifying your name and address are you able to create an account, and you must log in under your real name.  There is then a community site only for your and your neighbors.  You can post emergency alerts, [...]


Google Play Bans This NSA-esque App For Girlfriends

You think the NSA’s scary? This app puts spying power into the hands of someone even more terrifying: paranoid girlfriends. “Boyfriend Tracker” is exactly what it sounds like, but probably even more extreme than you think.  Let me explain (I imagine tracked boyfriends everywhere are saying the same thing) : This app allows you to track [...]


PiP: The Facial Recognition App To Help You Find A Lost Pet

If you own a cat or a dog, you know they’re not just your pet—they’re a member of your family. The creators of PiP, the “Positive Identification of Pet” app, understand completely, and they’ve developed a way to help you in that heart-stopping moment when your pet goes missing. Their innovative app uses facial recognition [...]


20 People Who Wish There Was An App For That

[View the story "20 People Who Wish There Was An App For That" on Storify] 20 People Who Wish There Was An App For That There’s hundreds of thousands of apps out there to cater to your every need, but regardless, there’s always room to grow! These twitter users share the apps of their dreams. [...]


Review: Plants Vs Zombies 2: “It’s About Time”

A few months ago, I posted about my excitement over Popcap’s release of Plants Vs Zombies 2. Well, it’s here and it was worth the wait. The tag line “It’s About Time” has a double meaning. We’ve had to wait over 4 years for Popcap to release PvZ 2 and the game really is about [...]


Meta’s Spaceglasses Are Mindblowing [VIDEO]

Meta’s Spaceglasses make Google Glass look like child’s play. These futuristic glasses are definitely the most advanced augmented reality system out there. There’s really no way to explain the insanity of these things. Watch the video—literally jaw dropping. The glasses sport a dual camera, projectors, and advanced software that can detect motion and much, much [...]


Here’s The First Google Analytics App For Google Glass

For all you Google Glass Explorers out there, developer Chad Smith has written the first Google Analytics app for Glass so you can get your pageview and visits stats, right in front of your face. You’ll login with the Google account associated with your Analytics, choose the site(s) you want displayed, and go. It’ll also [...]

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