20 People Who Wish There Was An App For That

[View the story "20 People Who Wish There Was An App For That" on Storify] 20 People Who Wish There Was An App For That There’s hundreds of thousands of apps out there to cater to your every need, but regardless, there’s always room to grow! These twitter users share the apps of their dreams. [...]


Review: Plants Vs Zombies 2: “It’s About Time”

A few months ago, I posted about my excitement over Popcap’s release of Plants Vs Zombies 2. Well, it’s here and it was worth the wait. The tag line “It’s About Time” has a double meaning. We’ve had to wait over 4 years for Popcap to release PvZ 2 and the game really is about [...]


Meta’s Spaceglasses Are Mindblowing [VIDEO]

Meta’s Spaceglasses make Google Glass look like child’s play. These futuristic glasses are definitely the most advanced augmented reality system out there. There’s really no way to explain the insanity of these things. Watch the video—literally jaw dropping. The glasses sport a dual camera, projectors, and advanced software that can detect motion and much, much [...]


Here’s The First Google Analytics App For Google Glass

For all you Google Glass Explorers out there, developer Chad Smith has written the first Google Analytics app for Glass so you can get your pageview and visits stats, right in front of your face. You’ll login with the Google account associated with your Analytics, choose the site(s) you want displayed, and go. It’ll also [...]


So You Don’t Have To: This $0.99 iPhone App Will Send A Breakup Text For You

I stumbled across this app this morning (completely by accident, mind you) and it made me laugh. If you ever find yourself needing to end a relationship via text message, cough up $0.99 and the BreakupText app (App Store Link) will craft a crafty text to end your turmoil. I particularly like the part about [...]


14-Month-Old Buys Car On eBay, Parents Happy About It

Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone app. That is, unless it’s a little too convenient. Enter 14 month old Sorella Stoute: juice drinker, trouble maker, car buyer. The young gearhead got a hold of her Dad’s smartphone and launched the eBay app. A few Cheerio crumb-smeared taps later, she had bought a 1962 Austin [...]


This Website Allows You To Easily Create A GIF

Oh the GIF. The ever active, and hyperactive, GIF. These little bits of data can either light up our eyes or make us shake our head in shame. Thanks to a nifty web app, you can now make a gif of this response to respond to the gif (wrap your little Inception minds around that). [...]


FAA Advisory Board Could End Restrictions On Airplane Gadget Use

Oh Alec Baldwin, you’ve really done it this time. Well actually, let’s hope he has. Ever since the veteran actor/comedian made his infamous rant when a stewardness told him to turn off his phone and stop using “Words with Friends,” the 30 Rock star has since been a poster child for change regarding the FAA [...]


Arrested Development’s “Fakeblock” App Now Available For iOS And Android

Stair car. Never nude. Banana stand. Candy beans. If any of these items are remotely familiar, you can consider yourself an Arrested Development fan. The popular television show that was cancelled after its third season in 2006, much to the sadness and confusion of critics and fans alike, regained steam over the years that followed [...]


These Sketch Pads Have An Outline Of An iPhone So You Can Sketch Out App Ideas

Have a sudden idea for an app? These sketch cards were made for those moments. Complete with the outline of an iPhone, the sketch pads create a unique canvas for app ideas everywhere.

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