Bondsy: A Way For Friends To Trade Things You Can’t Put A Price On

Allow me to indulge in a personal story. A couple of years ago, I did an internship as an art director at Ogilvy (ad agency) in New York City. One of the highlights of such an opportunity is to meet, or at least observe, some of the most fascinating and creative people in the industry. [...]

Tornado App

Tornado App Helps Prepare You For A Disaster

The American Red Cross has released Tornado, an iOS and Android app, to will help those at risk prepare for tornado season.  The app alerts users of tornado warnings, provides checklists to prepare for tornadoes, has quizzes to educate you and even has a feature to let your friends and families know you’re safe through social media, [...]


Ohio Man Wins $10,000 For Downloading The $50 Billionth iOS App

What were you doing May 16th? Probably not winning $10,000 like Brandon Ashmore from Ohio. Brandon was the winner of “Apple’s 50 billion app Countdown” contest by downloading the popular app from the band OK Go, Say the Same Thing. Lucky Mr. Ashmore received an iTunes Card worth US$10,000 to use at his discretion. The press [...]


Evomail: Finally A Great Email App Comes To iPad

If  you think about the most common things people do with their iPad, email is almost always towards the top of the list. Apple’s standard Mail app that comes preloaded on all iPads works fine, but some find it certain features. We’ve seen new and improved email apps for the iPhone (Mailbox, anyone?) but really [...]


Do More People Use Free Messaging Apps Or Paid Text Plans?

“Dude, want to hang out tonight?” “Bro, I don’t text, these texts cost me 5 cents every time. You owe me 5 cents.” “Sorry.” “Now it’s 10 cents.” Remember these awkward conversations, circa 2009? Luckily for many of us, these anxious moments of pay per text are gone due to either unlimited texting plans or [...]


If You’re Indecisive, You Need Seesaw App So Your Friends Can Make Choices For You

You have problems making decisions, right? Or do you? I mean, sometime you do if it is something you really care about, but, simple decisions are usually easy. Or are they? There is an app for you. Seesaw is a social app that lets you outsource decisions big and small. Lime or lemon Jello? Trip [...]


Device Improves Posture By Sensing And Vibrating When You Slouch (And Sends Feedback To Your Smartphone)

LUMOback is a thin sensor worn around the waist to help users improve posture. The gadget, which is available for purchase for $149, vibrates when poor posture is detected. Additionally, the device syncs with a mobile app to provide feedback and data to the user. For more information on LUMOback, click here.


Bitcasa Launches Unlimited Cloud Storage For $10 Per Month

Bitcasa announced today that its unlimited cloud storage service is coming out of beta. From Bitcasa’s press release: “Bitcasa simplifies storage with the Infinite Drive, which works like a magic external hard drive that never crashes or runs out of space. Users can free up space by moving files from laptop and mobile devices into the [...]

PushBullet Android

PushBullet App Is The Perfect Solution For Sending Directions, Lists, Or Any Text From Your Computer To Your Android

Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting at your computer and looking for directions to a meeting, so you go to Google Maps, type in the address, get directions, but then later repeat the entire process on your smartphone? How about typing a grocery list or a reminder? Have you ever [...]


Wunderlist 2: The best productivity app update I’ve seen in a long time

Not only is this one of the best updates to a productivity app I’ve seen in a long time, this is the best productivity app commercial I’ve seen as far as I can remember. Every Major Platform Launching any new product is difficult. Launching a software product on a single has it’s own difficulties. Launching [...]

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