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200+ Games On Sale Memorial Day 2012 — up to 100% off

We rounded up all sorts of Memorial Day deals. On top of father’s day deals and tech deals, we’ve found a ton of mobile games for sale. The best part about app deals is that they can be 100% off: ★★★★★ Cut the rope: Experiments ★★★★½ Mini Motor Racing HD / for iPhone ★★★★½ Siegecraft ★★★★ Crystal War Bloodfield [...]


I Have iPhone Fatigue

The title says it all.  I just don’t use my iPhone as much as I used to.  It’s not that it’s any less cool, but I think the novelty of it has worn off for me somewhat.  When I first got my iPhone 4 (just over a year ago), I was in love.  I felt [...]

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Pair Welcomes the Android Platform

Until now, Pair, an app that focuses on keeping couples in touch, had discriminated against cross-platform romance. The iOS version launched in March of this year and picked up over 200,000 users, with $4.2 million in funding and a lawsuit over the app’s name. The app essentially creates a privately shared timeline for couples that [...]


FastCustomer app will make waiting on hold for customer service obsolete

Let’s face it: Telephone customer service generally sucks. Most companies fail to delight customers who are calling in to speak with an agent for a number of reasons, ranging from housing agents at off-shore call centers to simply being unhelpful. Before we customers ever get to an agent, however, we often have to wait on [...]

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Google’s new Schemer app lets you make devious plans on your iPhone or Android phone [with special invite codes]

Google’s devious goal-planning site, dubbed “Schemer,” just released a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Those of you already on Schemer will enjoy playing around with the app. It’s not as beautiful as the new Google+ app, but it does what you need it to. You can create, share, and comment on schemes. The app [...]


University of California, Santa Cruz Develops Free App To Explore The Universe

We can now explore the cosmos with a touch of our fingertips using this innovative app for iPads and iPhones called the Kepler Explorer.  The app was named after NASA’s Kepler Mission in which they discovered roughly 2,000 distant planetary systems while scanning the Milky Way galaxy in search for Earth-sized planets in the habitable [...]


This gadget has a little face that lights up and lip syncs the song playing on your iPod

In today’s world, there seems to be no end to the amounts and types of gadgets you can buy. A lot of them are useful and interesting. This one is interesting (kind of) but it’s definitely not useful. It’s called Tengu. It is a little face that lights up and lip syncs the song playing [...]


We Roadtripped from Central New York to Salt Lake City (2,000 Miles). These Apps Helped Us Make The Trip

A friend and I recently went on a week long road trip from Central New York, down Route 66, then to Salt Lake City. During our journey we used several apps. Some of them were extremely useful, while others were more annoying than anything. My friend has an iPhone and I have an Android. We [...]

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This gadget syncs via Bluetooth and automatically orders a pizza when you push a button

Sometimes the cravings hit when you are least expect them, and running down to the store to get that late night munchie just seems impossible. That’s why a pizzeria in Dubai has unveiled a new refrigerator magnet that actually orders pizza in a single tap. The VIP Fridge Magnet (short for Very Important Pizza) is [...]

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Hey Android, Instagram this!

You either love your Android phone or wish you had an iPhone. Either way, you don’t have Instagram…yet. This past weekend the company of the very popular photo-editing Instagram App announced they would be coming to Android. They haven’t announced when they will be coming, but when you visit their page you can mark your [...]

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