Weekly iOS App Review: Tetris!

Time for another app review!  The one on the chopping block for this week is Tetris by Electronic Arts (EA).  Maybe I shouldn’t use the words “chopping block” since I actually am enjoying the game very much…probably a little too much.  I spent a total of 3 hours playing Tetris yesterday.  I made some definite [...]


Weekly iOS App Review: Rebecca Black Friday Soundboard App

It’s time to highlight another app for the week!  The app that we will be reviewing this week is called It’s Friday.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the Rebecca Black Friday soundboard app. Why would I waste time reviewing this app?  Friday is sooo last…Friday, right?  Well, no.  Friday has an annoyingly enduring presence [...]


Disney’s “AppMATes” Toys Interact With iPad Screen

Cars 2, which apparently did very well in the box office, is soon going to make an appearance on a screen near you: the iPad. Disney’s AppMATes iPad app is a game that interacts with physical car toys that you place on the iPad screen. Remember the days when we had to use our imagination to [...]


Crowd Mug: Take Pictures And Make Money

No, this isn’t a flash mob for muggers. Hopefully they don’t ever make an app for that. Get a live view of a place This app does something more useful. Crowd mug lets you get a live preview of what a place looks like. The app lets you name the place, the price, and if [...]

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AlternativeTo Lets You Find Better Or Cheaper Apps

There are roughly 23.6 bazillion programs on the planet right now. How many do you know about? What makes them different? Are there any good alternatives to the programs you use? AlternativeTo.net helps you find useful alternatives to apps and programs. How this can help you: Find a free alternative to an expensive app A [...]

Samsung Gets Off Easy With Big Security Flaw

These types of issues are unbelievable to me. Mostly, because if this were Apple it would hammer every tech site on the web, and would probably even end up in the Wall Street Journal. I guess we don’t expect much more from Samsung. There are versions (read: AT&T) of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S [...]


Google+ Not About To Let Facebook Hog All The Fun

No doubt you’ve all seen/heard of all the Facebook changes up and coming.  In addition to the changes recently made to Facebook (the top bar buttons, like profile and home, are different, as well as the mini-newsfeed on the top right corner of your home page, so you can Facebook while you Facebook), Facebook has [...]


My Weekly App Review- SPYmouse!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, from now on I will be making an effort to do an iOS app review every week.  These reviews will cover any iOS app I’ve recently been enjoying (or disenjoying…yes, it is now a word) and could be anything from a utility app to a game I’ve become addicted to.  [...]


Mashable: Facebook’s iPad App Will Launch At The iPhone 5 Event

Mashable is reporting that Facebook will finally unveil its iPad app at Apple’s iPhone 5 event. In addition to the iPad app, Mashable is reporting that an updated iPhone app will launch along with the iPad app. The updated iPhone app may have an HTML5-based app marketplave. Recent reports suggest that the Facebook iPad app has been ready to launch [...]


Want Pizza? Wave At Your TV

I just read the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett (I know it’s a women’s book, but it’s really good, okay?  The movie is also really good) and there was a particular scene in it that stood out to me.  A box was invented that you place on top of your television, allowing you to [...]

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