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What’s your Path?

Have you checked out Path?  It is a super exclusive app that you only share with your closest buds. In fact, you can only add up to 150 friends to your network. If you’re ever worried your photos aren’t facebook or instagram worthy fret no more.  Users can take simple photos of small accomplishments or [...]


Google Music, is it enough to convert your from your long iTunes relationship

This week Goolge brought its music service out of beta and added the ability to buy songs, share them with friends with Google+, and the ability for any artist to make a artist page and submit their own music. Android owners are really going to make impacted the most. When you open the market you [...]


iOS App Review: Monsieur Monsieur!

In honor of No-Shave-November, the app up for review this week is Monsieur Monsieur, a cool little physics-based game that is challenging and fairly addictive. I’m just going to abbreviate it MM in order to satisfy my lazy tendencies.  MM features a cool little yellow square dude with a stretchable, elastic mustache.  The point of [...]


iOS App Review: Zombieville USA 2!

It’s that time again!  The iOS app review written by none other than…well, me.  Woot.  So, I know I usually review game apps, so this week I decided to…hold to that tradition.  Y’all should have a healthy cadre of iOS games on your iPhones by now.  The app up for review this week is Zombieville [...]


Angry Birds Total Gameplay Adds Up To Over 200,000 Years

Angry Birds continues to be king of the nest as far as app gaming goes.  Some recently revealed stats from Angry Birds developer Rovio are quite interesting, as well as surprising.  Rovio recently announced that: Angry Birds has surpassed half a billion downloads in 2 years The game’s total playtime now adds up to over [...]

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Oink, a new app that will be launched soon, will give users the option to rank, compare, share, and discvoer things. Users can rank items with the following options:  Love it, Like it, Soso, or dislike it, and there is the option to add it to a “to do” list. Let’s say a user wants [...]


Gmail on the iPhone? Yes please!

For years iPhone users have only had two options to access their Gmail. They either had to use the email client built in to the iPhone or use the Gmail web app. For the most part these functioned great but were still missing a few key features of Gmail. Google has taken their favorite features [...]


iOS App Review: Fara!

It’s time for the ‘ole iOS app review!  The app loaded up and ready to go for this post is Fara.  Fara is an RPG that is based (like most RPGs) around fighting monsters, collecting gold, and advancing through the storyline via quests and in-game events. Pros Fara has quite beautiful scenery for a .99 [...]


Weekly iOS App Review: Tetris!

Time for another app review!  The one on the chopping block for this week is Tetris by Electronic Arts (EA).  Maybe I shouldn’t use the words “chopping block” since I actually am enjoying the game very much…probably a little too much.  I spent a total of 3 hours playing Tetris yesterday.  I made some definite [...]


Weekly iOS App Review: Rebecca Black Friday Soundboard App

It’s time to highlight another app for the week!  The app that we will be reviewing this week is called It’s Friday.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the Rebecca Black Friday soundboard app. Why would I waste time reviewing this app?  Friday is sooo last…Friday, right?  Well, no.  Friday has an annoyingly enduring presence [...]

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