Roku Releases Official iPhone App and Software Updates

Roku has been hard at work to release a powerful update that will please many Roku 2 users. The update is for all Roku 2 devices and the new LT version. Here is the change log for version 4.2. Support for more games Mobile support MKV playback support on Roku 2 XS Improved Wi-Fi performance [...]


SelfControl Keeps You Focused

Technology brings the best and worst inventions in the world. With that being said, I think it is safe to assume that everyone has dealt with the problem of getting distracted from the task at hand by email, Facebook, Twitter or what have you. As a college student around finals time, I find it hard [...]


Apple’s Halo Effect: It’s Only Up From Here

Apple seems to be taking over the world one device at a time, or so it may seem to Apple users. Though Apple’s iPhone and iTunes music business is profitable in its own right, Apple’s initiative into these product areas was based on the strategy of using this business to help spur the appeal of [...]

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Would You Like An Ice Cream Sandwich With That?

Ice Cream Sandwich is not the first name that comes to mind when I think of Google’s latest operating system, but that is exactly what they decided to nickname the Android 4.0. From enhanced contact menus to improved keyboards, even the most zealous Android users will need to get used to this new operating system. [...]


What’s New With Spotify

Being a Facebook junky has its perks. It keeps you in the know with all the new fads and technology, so it wasn’t a surprise when Spotify hit my newsfeed. Spotify is a music streaming service that offers music streaming from a wide range of major and independent record labels. It was launched in October [...]


Tech Gifts By May Simplify You Life… Or Not At All

I’ve given and received some pretty wacky Christmas gifts in my time, but things I find on the internet always seem to outdo me in terms of weirdness.  Consider the iArm Forearm Mount for a moment. Featured on, the iArm is one accessory that you’ll probably be able to live without.  The website claims [...]

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Top 5 Holiday Must-Have Apps

With the holidays looming just around the corner there is always a lot to plan, cook, schedule and buy and phone apps can be the extra tool you need to get the job done. I’ve composed a list of 10 of the most helpful holiday apps to make your lives a little bit easier and [...]


Siri Isn’t Perfect

Two month’s ago Apple’s iPhone 4S was released, and Siri became the next big thing. With her new technology, Siri has distinguished the iPhone 4S from all other smartphones on the market. She can send your text messages for you, schedule your appointments, remind you to take the trash out when you get home, and [...]

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Android Offering Premium Apps for 10 Cents

The infographic you see posted here comes from Android’s Google+ page. They’re obviously quite proud of the fact that they’ve reached 10 billion app downloads. That’s quite the feat! To celebrate this milestone they are offering some of their top premium apps for only 10 cents. Apparently, this will be going on for 10 days. [...]

Fuelly Mileage Report

Fuelly, record your mileage without an app or data plan

Sometimes smartphones and their apps take the long way of getting things done. Fuelly, an online mileage tracking program shows us how it can be done with just a simple text message. To get started you will need to online and create an account. Once you have created your car’s profile (Facebook for cars anyone?) [...]

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