How To Transfer Your Music From iTunes To Your Android Phone Or Tablet

So you’ve just gotten an Android phone, but all of your music is sitting in iTunes on your desktop and now seldom used iPod.  This used to be a much messier deal, but Google has since made putting your music on your Android phone so much easier. Go to Google Play Music and download Music [...]


‘Mobile Money’: A Free Checking Account, Debit Card, And App For Mobile Banking

Go ahead and put this one in the “things we didn’t see coming” column: T-Mobile is getting into the banking business. As in, they want to be your wireless carrier AND your bank. Launched just yesterday, Mobile Money is three things: a free checking account, Visa debit card, and a mobile app for managing your [...]


How To Live Stream The Super Bowl If You Don’t Have Cable

This one is for all you cord cutters out there. For the first time, Fox will offer a free live stream of the Super Bowl to those of us who don’t pay for cable or satellite. On February 2, the Fox Sports Go iPad app will give you a free one day “preview” during the [...]


The Horizon App Makes Sure All Your Videos Are Shot In Landscape

Now that all of us always have a camera in our pocket, we have all become photographers.  One of my biggest frustrations with camera phone video is that a lot of people (it used to be most, but people are getting a lot better) record their videos the same way they hold their phone. In [...]


How To Make Your Passwords More Secure With LastPass

Seemingly every week in the news there are stories about web companies getting hacked, security breaches that result in passwords being exposed and consumer accounts being put at risk. In some cases, the bad guys simply break into customer accounts by using lists of commonly used passwords that many people use out of convenience. There [...]


How To Make Your Computer Screen Easier To Read At Night

If you’re reading this at night or early in the morning when it’s dark outside, look at the darkness out the nearest window, and then look at your computer screen. When you pause to think about this for a second, you’ll realize that the computer screen is much brighter than it needs to be at [...]


Start Journaling Your Walk Through Life With The Day One App

There really isn’t a bad time to start a journal, but perhaps the easiest time to get started is in January.  We all have high hopes for starting and sticking with things throughout the whole year.  Maybe this app will be just what you need to have a completely documented 2014. It’s called Day One [...]


iTunes 12 Days Of Gifts

Christmas may be over, but the spirit of gift giving still prevails in iTunes.  From December 26 to January 6th is the 12 Days of Gifts.  There will be a choice of a song, book, movie, or app for you to download for free. Download the free app to get details you’ll need each day. [...]


Vigo: Gauge Your Own Energy To Be More Productive

An interesting Kickstarter product may help you become more productive by tracking your body’s energy levels and giving you a little prodding when it sees you’re not living up to your potential. Vigo is a wearable device that quantifies your alertness, collecting data that helps it know when you need to rest, when you need [...]


Scribd: Netflix for Books

Don’t know what to get the book worm on your Christmas list? How about a monthly subscription to Scribd, an online database of more than 40 million books and documents? Better than just one book you think they might like, Scribd is a book lover’s smorgashborg, with an unlimited number of books, papers, research, and [...]

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