Not Just Another Smartwatch—FiLIP Is For Kids

Smartwatches are the latest in wearable technology, but FiLIP is a little different. It’s actually a watch AND a phone—and it’s for your kid. After all, staying connected to your kid can be pretty useful. The device itself is simple. It stores five important numbers so your kid can place a call if they need [...]


This App Could Help You Save Your Pet’s Life

Keeping up on your human first aid knowledge is hard enough—what about when something happens to your cat or dog? The American Red Cross has us covered, thankfully. Their Pet First Aid App is a super handy tool that helps you know what to do with your pet in a number of uncertain circumstances. Available [...]


The Newest & Most Interactive Fitness Gadget On The Horizon: LumaFit

Another day, another new health-related piece of wearable equipment, designed to give you the information you need to better your workouts and meet your fitness goals. This one is a little different though. LumaFit is a piece of hardware that goes on and around your ear to track head movements and your heart rate. This [...]


This Smart Car Seat Sends Child Safety Alerts To Your Phone

I don’t think anybody would question the importance of safety when it comes to car seats for our children.  The rules and regulations have only gotten more intense in the recent years.  The First Years is a car seat company that has developed a new Smart Car Seat. The iAlert system is synced with your [...]


Revealr: Get A Date By Using Your Voice

Tinder, the dating app that allows users who like each others photos to instant message each other, is all the rage right now. And to be sure, it’s a cool idea and all, but if you’re fed up with meeting these attractive potential partners only to find out their personality is lacking, Revealr might be [...]


How Does Uber’s Surge Pricing Work?

Popular ride sharing app Uber has come under fire several times over the past year because of one of the central features of the technology: price surging. Price surging for Uber is what happens when there are too many people request rides in a certain area of an Uber market. For those unfamiliar with Uber, [...]


Roku’s Streaming Stick Puts Google’s Chromecast To The Challenge

If you asked me the best way to stream TV and Movies to your TV, my answer would be Roku.  We cut our cable cord last August, and I can’t imagine ever needing to go back.  Paired with an antenna that gets me local channels, I have access to all the content that I need [...]


Spritz Reinvents Reading On Mobile Devices

If you’re a slow reader like me, this is game changing. Spritz, a Boston-based start-up, has created a novel (pun intended) way to help you read and comprehend more than ever before. This isn’t a speed-reading lesson—it’s reinventing reading as we know it. Traditionally, we read word after word, line after line. We only read [...]


Bellabeat Lets Expecting Mothers Listen To Their Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat via Smartphone

In the ever-expanding realm of smartphone app-powered hardware, we have yet another contender for your dollars: a fetal heart rate monitor. The $129 Bellabeat Connected System is a gadget that, when used with its corresponding iPhone or Android app, lets expecting mothers listen to their baby’s heartbeat in the womb. Not only can you listen [...]


What Other Things Is Your Mobile Calender UpTo?

A calendar is just a calendar, right? Dates and times and important stuff and that’s it—pretty simple. But UpTo thinks you want more, and after seeing the teaser for their app, I think they might be right. The basic concept of UpTo is that there are a lot of other things you care about going [...]

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