Vigo: Gauge Your Own Energy To Be More Productive

An interesting Kickstarter product may help you become more productive by tracking your body’s energy levels and giving you a little prodding when it sees you’re not living up to your potential. Vigo is a wearable device that quantifies your alertness, collecting data that helps it know when you need to rest, when you need [...]


Scribd: Netflix for Books

Don’t know what to get the book worm on your Christmas list? How about a monthly subscription to Scribd, an online database of more than 40 million books and documents? Better than just one book you think they might like, Scribd is a book lover’s smorgashborg, with an unlimited number of books, papers, research, and [...]


Give Your Android A Face Lift With Themer

One of the best things about having an Android phone is the ability to personalize and create any look you can imagine on your home screen.  We even have My Color Screen, which is the website where people can show off what they’ve done with their home screens.  Unfortunately, I have found that I’m not [...]


Google+ Is Making Holiday Pictures Magical With Auto Awesome

Those of us uploading our photos to Google+ this month have definitely seen some fun additions to the Auto Awesome feature.  Along with creating gif’s or movies of our photo filled days we are now seeing sparkles and snow.  There is a fun feeling of excitement when I look at my phone to see that [...]


Instagram’s, Direct Moments, Lets You Share Pics And Vids With Select Friends

Instragram Direct was debuted on December 12, 2013, during their event in the Big Apple. Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, announced Instagram Direct, a way of sending specific photos and videos to a select limited group of up to 15 friends (which also happens to be the same number of seconds you can shoot an Instagram [...]


Now You Can Prove Santa Exists With An App

Listen, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d be the first to tell them Santa wasn’t real, just so they could tell all the other kids at school and all the other parents would hate my guts. But I just have two cats, so you’re in luck. Plus, I’m [...]


Taxi? There’s An App To Help You Find Your Next Ride: TaxiMe

It’s always difficult for me to figure out the ride situation when I want to get home from the bar at 2:00 a.m. but no one in my group of friends was responsible enough to think ahead and order a Diet Coke. I never seem to have the taxi information saved on my phone and [...]


Uber App Delivers Christmas Trees

Uber, an app that connects people with driving services in a growing number of cities worldwide, decided to promote its service—and some holiday spirit—by teaming up with Home Depot to deliver Christmas trees to some lucky U.S. citizens. On December 5, those limited number of people who were able to get through the UberTREE option [...]


How Did Pinterest Get Its Start?

Today, Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms, and is definitely growing. But how did this organized internet haven get started? Back in 2008, friends Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann quit their jobs and formed a company called Cold Brew Labs. Silberman first had the vision for what would evolve into  Pinterest in [...]


3D Printing Made Ultra-accessible Through This Simple App

3D printing has definitely been a big trend this year. Though I’m a big fan of this super cool development and the increasing accessibility thereof, I’ll be the first to admit; 3D printing something on my own seems like a bit of a daunting task. Buying a 3D printer, obtaining the proper materials…I’m not so [...]

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