Apple Art: These 5 Pieces Of Apple Product Art Are Ready To Hang On Your Wall (Price Range: $50-$3,400)

Etsy is full of creative treasures. Below are five pieces of art that Apple enthusiasts may consider adding to their collection. Made from polished metal. Cost: $160 Self-portrait titled, Me and my iPad. Cost: $3,400 iPhone Art. Cost: $175 Macbook. Cost: $50 Evolution Art. Cost: $175 ZAGG Discount Code


For $249 You Can Send Your iPhone 5 To This Company And They’ll Anodize It In Color

If you’ve gotten bored with the black/slate or white/silver colors of your iPhone 5, AnoStyle can help. They’ll anodize your iPhone in one (or multiple) colors, which will guarantee it doesn’t feel like the same iPhone all your friends have. If you’re not familiar with anodization, you can find out more about it here. They’ll [...]


Typing These 8 Characters Will Cause Mac OS X to Crash

Here’s your fun software bug of the day: In Mac OS X Mountain Lion, typing these 8 characters into a text box within an application will cause that application to crash: “File:///” (without the quotes). I’ve tried it in a handful of applications and indeed, it crashes every time. I’d expect Apple to issue a [...]


Would You Buy A 5-Inch iPhone? [Poll]

When the iPhone 5 came out in October 2012, it was the first to feature a larger screen since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007. If there’s one thing bandwagon Apple hasn’t jumped on, it’s in making larger phones with bigger, taller, wider screens. If you consider the rendering above of a rumored “iPhone [...]


Here’s (Almost) Every Mac Made In The Last 28 Years [PHOTOS]

On January 22, 1984, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, Apple aired a $900,000 TV commercial called “1984.” It’s since been regarded as the one of the greatest television commercials of all time. Here’s a look at every Mac released since then, in order. Macintosh 128k This was the first Mac, as we [...]


When it comes to smartphones, how big is too big? [Poll]

Remember when mobile phones were huge? So big, you had to carry them in a bag? Their battery lasted all of 30 minutes worth of talk-time and they had cumbersome retractible antenas? And then they started getting smaller. Then the external antenas went away, to be replaced internally. They shrank so small, the buttons were [...]


Now More AT&T iPhone Users Can Use Facetime Without WiFi

In November, we told you about AT&T rolling out Facetime video chat to LTE devices or  Mobile Share data plans. Now, customers with tiered data plans can use Facetime on the go, as well. That just leaves customers with grandfathered unlimited data plans out. If you have a tiered data plan and haven’t been able [...]


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Cheaper iPhone

There have been rumors for as long as I can remember that suggest Apple will release a “low end” iPhone; something apparently more affordable for the masses. I’ve never written about these rumors because frankly, I’ve never believed them. A “cheap”, entry-level, low-cost iPhone isn’t Apple-esque. You can get a free Samsung phone, if that’s [...]


T-Mobile CTO Updates On iPhone Progress

Did you watch the college football National Championship? It seemed like Apple had more than 10 commercials for the iPhone. There was a flash of another company that likely footed the bill at the end of each of those commercials: Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. T-Mobile’s case T-Mobile is the only of the major US carriers [...]


There’s The White iPhone, The Black iPhone, And Now, For $40 Extra, You Can Have The Translucent iPhone

We’ve seen an iPhone 5 plated in gold, we’ve seen them with diamonds, and of course, there are enough different cases out there (including ours from iFrogz) to make your head spin. What we hadn’t seen yet was a transparent, completely see-through replacement back piece for iPhone 5. This isn’t a case, a sleeve, a [...]

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