NYPD’s new program to stop the rising theft of iDevices in the Big Apple

In the Big Apple, it’s Apple devices that everyone wants. Of course, they had people lined up at Apple stores for over a week before the iPhone 5 launched (or as one person in line called it, the “Apple 5“), but then there’s the illegitimate means of getting one. The NYPD has shed some new light on [...]

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MAME Arcade Machine Powered by an iPhone

Arcade machines are a major nostalgia factor to all the 20-something to 30-something year olds everywhere. There is no doubt that they were the stepping stones to video games today. Even though there are high-tech video games with incredible graphics and compelling story lines in today’s day and age, many people still keep those simple, [...]

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A new iMac accessory made by Twelve South… HiRise

I’m a big fan on Twelve South. What ZAGG gives me for protection, Twelve South seems to give me for stands and accessories for the Mac and iPad. I’m a long time Compass and Magic Wand user. They make great stuff. Today they have taken the wraps off their latest product: the Twelve South HiRise. [...]

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Should you upgrade your iPhone 4 to iOS 6?

Everyone is talking about the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The new hardware is gorgeous. In my anecdotal experience, Gruber wasn’t exaggerating: This iPhone 5 review unit is the single nicest object in my possession. I own things that cost and remain worth more (e.g. my car). But I own nothing this nice. It sounds [...]

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iPhone 5 Personal Pickup Goes Live

If you didn’t get to pre-order your iPhone 5 last week or weren’t up to staying in a massively long line Friday, here’s your chance to get without the lengthy wait although there is a little work to be done. Apple’s iPhone reserve purchase option went live on Monday night at 10 P.M. for US [...]

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VIDEO: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Drop Test – (spoiler: iPhone wins)

Some Android loving iPhone haters are going to hate. Android Authority attempts to prove the iPhone 5 is more fragile than the Galaxy S3, and fall on their face. Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the iPhone 5 did amazingly well in our drop test, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out [...]


8 Great Apps Updated for the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 owners, as well as those who are expecting their pre-ordered iPhone 5 to arrive this week, will be happy to know these great apps have been updated to take advantage of the new, larger screen. A few have been specially optimized with added functionality, while others have the same interface but fill the [...]

39,682 iPhone 5s per second

39,682 iPhone 5s per second

“iPhones per second” is a new measurement for speed, folks. It’s much faster than the speed of sound, but slightly less than the speed of light. Just slightly. Some analysts are disappointed that sales over the weekend were “only 5 million”. Here’s some perspective, as I wrote on my blog. Full post with more details, here. [...]


[Video] iPhone 5 vs. Barrett .50 cal

You knew it was coming. With the release of any new Apple product comes a race to be first and most creative at destroying it. I haven’t seen anything that beats this, yet. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. If Twitter isn’t your thing, fear not, you [...]


[Poll] Which of these iPhone 5 ads is your favorite?

With every new Apple product comes new Apple ads. Check out the four new ads for the iPhone 5 below and then let us know which one is your favorite. // <![CDATA[ document.write(""); // ]]> Ears – Thumb – Cheese – Physics – —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and [...]

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