Verizon’s iPhone 5 is Factory Unlocked

If you’re considering picking up an iPhone 5, or if you already have, you’ll be happy to know that the Verizon model is factory unlocked (verified with Verizon) for use on any GSM carrier, even if you’re under contract with Verizon. A Verizon iPhone has been tested with both AT&T and T-Mobile, and works on [...]


The iPhone 5 didn’t surprise tech bloggers because they read tech blog rumors

This is the second of a three part series; here is part one, and here is part three. Neil Katz for The Huffington Post: ”If anyone but Apple released a major new product whose most unique selling point was a new accessory plug, consumers would jump ship faster than rats on the Titanic.” Was the only upgrade [...]


The iPhone 5 is an evolution… Tech bloggers wanted a revolution… again

This is the third and last article you’ll get from me on this. Here are the first and second of the series. Sorry if it seems like I’m beating a dead horse, it seems to me that my three articles still don’t rise to the whininess we have to endure from the tech bloggers. Mat Honan for [...]


iOS 6 Maps: Seems legit. Or does it?

One of the big new features touted by Apple in iOS 6 is their own homebrew Maps app. When you upgrade, the previous Maps app is removed. 24 hours into it, the reactions have been mixed. I’ll be using it in the car today as I travel, so I’ll have more to report later. In [...]


Apple’s Secret Weapon in iOS 6: Photo Stream

Today, Apple released iOS 6 on the world. They also, right under your nose, turned on the largest photo-sharing social network in the world, and you probably never saw it coming. If you’re an iOS user, regardless of which specific device, and if you love to take and share photos, you’ll find this an intriguing [...]

iPhone 5 launch pick your carrier poison

Andy Zaky was paid $172 by AT&T to buy his new iPhone 5

So… Andy Zaky discovered something that many of us have noticed every year for the last 4 years: So essentially, what AT&T told me today was that I can stay at AT&T and pay $500.00 to upgrade two of our iPhone 4S’s to iPhone 5′s (in addition to the $199.99 price per phone), OR I [...]


[Video] Samsung bashes iPhone 5 and Apple customers… again

Desperate times call for desperate ads, you might say. Check out the latest 90-second spot Samsung just released, poking fun at Apple customers in line to get the iPhone 5, which launches this Friday. This isn’t the first time Samsung has ran an attack-style ad on Apple, its products and customers (“We just got Samsung’d“). [...]


iOS 6: Here are the features each Apple device gets [Chart]

Today is a good day for Apple users, as the next major OS version for Apple’s mobile devices, iOS 6, is expected to drop any time now. TechCrunch put together this great chart highlighting the features each iOS device will get as part of the update. It’s definitely worth checking out. Interesting to note: the [...]


Yandex Maps Integration into iOS6 in Russia

Apple’s departure from Google’s services means greater gains for Google’s competitors overseas. According to TechCrunch, Russian search giant Yandex is powering Apple’s mapping service in its home turf. Sources are even reporting that a bigger deal between Apple and Yandex where Yandex could become Apple’s default search in Safari. The integration was found within the [...]


Verizon’s Lone iPhone 5 Review Quite Positive

Over at Verizon’s online store, one user is already jumping the gun on reviewing the iPhone 5. I’m sure haters are indeed going to hate when the phone hits the market this Friday. Image Source: Verizon

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