T-Mobile will be selling ‘against’ the iPhone. Not getting it — again.

Those of us who like to keep our phone bills cheap have either moved to Sprint, or are holding out hope for a T-Mobile iPhone. It seems the hold will continue, because the new training program at T-Mobile is setting September sales goals to sell ‘against’ the iPhone. Perhaps it’s coincidental that the information for [...]

tweetbot searching for accounts

Tweetbot For Mac is the first app to buckle under Twitter’s new client restrictions

As of August 16th, 2012 any third party Twitter client has a fixed number of tokens. THey have 100k, or if they are already above 100k they can grow to two times the number of tokens they had on that date. It was believed that Tapbots might be able to do well with such a cap [...]

iPhone iPad Event Not Together

The iPad Mini Won’t Be Announced With The New iPhone

The Posit John Gruber had a spotlight post just days ahead of a few big news outlets breaking that the iPad would be announced a few weeks after the rumored September 12th iPhone event. ”I’m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events. First, an iPhone event, focused solely on the new [...]

Logitech Washable Water Proof Keyboard Design

VIDEO: Logitech Washable Keyboard

I saw a gorgeous commercial I thought I’d share with you. It was a bonus that the product isn’t too bad either. There are quite a few ways to ruin your day, and your computing devices. The keyboard sits flat on your desk right in the way of spilling drinks, food, and other gross things [...]


Opinion: Thoughts on Innovation

On Friday, Apple won the landmark patent lawsuit against Samsung. Samsung’s response to losing the suit was a lot of ho-hum, but it focused on how the average consumer will be [negatively] affected the most, because innovation can now be stifled by courts and patents. First, I would argue the contrary. Innovation, in its true form, [...]


Waiting for the Apple HDTV? Keep waiting

This morning, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves laid out his projections for Apple for the foreseeable future. He anticipates hot sales of the new iPhone / iPhone 5 and he also expects Apple to release an “iPad Mini” – a smaller iPad with a 7.85″ screen. What he doesn’t expect? An HDTV, dubbed by some as [...]

Google Mobile Ads Blog

Google loses app in iOS, gains in-app video ads

The YouTube video app is leaving iOS 6. This may seem like a slap in the face by Apple on Google. However, the details of the licencing agreement are unclear. Moreso, it’s unclear if Apple is the one that dropped Google or if it was the other way around. Mobile Ads Looking at Google’s announcement [...]


You’ve Never Seen This iPhone Prototype Before [Updated]

You’ve probably never seen an iPhone quite like this before. Most of the world hasn’t. But alas, this one is up for grabs to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at $4,500 and the price tag for an immediate deal: $10 grand. For that kind of money, the potential amount of buyers will be reduced substantially. [...]

Animated GIFs: 10 Ways Android Fans Are Reacting To News About The iPhone 5 Launch Date

Animated GIFs: 10 Ways Android Fans Are Reacting To News About The iPhone 5 Launch Date

Earlier today it was reported that iPhone 5 will launch on September 21st. Here are 10 ways Android fans across the globe reacted: RELATED POST: 10 Ways Apple Fanboys (and girls) Are Reacting To News About the iPhone 5 Launch Date


Animated GIFs: 10 Ways Apple Fanboys (and girls) Are Reacting To News About the iPhone 5 Launch Date

Reports are out that the the iPhone 5 launch date will be September 21st. Here is the reaction we’re seeing from iPhone lovers across the globe:

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