If you bought an iMac from 2009 – 2011, Apple might owe you a new hard drive

Certain iMacs that shipped with 1TB Seagate hard drives have been identified as having the potential to fail. Both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models are included. If you purchased an iMac between October 2009 and July 2011, use this page and check your serial number to see if yours is affected. If so, you have [...]


iPad Mini Event Scheduled; Prices Leak Early

Today, Apple sent out media invites to the press, announcing an event next Tuesday, one week from today. It’ll be held at 10am PST / 1pm EST at the California Theater in San Jose, unlike previous events in San Francisco and at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. Purely thinking out loud here, the context of “little” in the invite text [...]


You knew this was coming: Will it blend? iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3

The fine folks at Blendtec always produce great videos for us to enjoy, blending, liquifying, pulverizing, and otherwise obliterating the latest tech. They’ve done it again, this time in an Phone 5 vs.  Galaxy S3, side-to-side face off. Check it out. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. If [...]


This $60 gadget turns your iPad into a Pinball machine

Arcade gaming may seem like a dying fade to some but many gadget accessories allow for the nostalgia to live on into modern times. The iCade, for example,does just that by transforming an iPad into a mini-arcade cabinet. The folks at Duo Games have continued this trend and developed a controller that makes playing handheld [...]


Amazon A9 Founder to Join Apple and Run Siri

According to AllThingsD, Apple has hired Amazon A9′s co-founder and CEO William Stasior to take the helm of the voice recognition program Siri. Stasior, who holds a PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, formerly led product and engineering for the Search & Navigation team at Amazon before finding the independent search company [...]


Want to browse a huge collection of iPhone 5 wallpapers? There’s a Tumblr for that

If you’re looking for wallpapers with the correct dimensions for the iPhone 5, check out I stopped scrolling after a few minutes because they just kept coming. It’s probably safe to say there’s something there for everyone. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. If Twitter isn’t [...]


How To: Prevent your iPhone, iPod, iPad from tracking you for advertisers

If your iDevice runs iOS 6, this applies to you. Apple now displays a setting, which you can toggle on or off, that allows advertisers to serve more targeted ads to you based on a variety of factors of how you use your phone. If you don’t want advertisers seeing this data, it takes all [...]

Perspective on iPad Mini’s October 23rd (rumored) Launch Date

Perspective on iPad Mini’s October 23rd (rumored) Launch Date

If AllThingsD‘s sources are to be believed, Apple will host an event on October 23 to unveil the long-rumored smaller iPad. That means we’ll see media invitations go out no later than this coming Tuesday. If we look at historical Apple announcements, they typically announce products on Wednesdays, making them available Friday of the following [...]


Apple’s new iPod ad reminds us of Apple’s old iPod ads

Apple has some very iconic ads from the colorful silhouette iPod ads to the Mac vs. PC ads. This week, Apple released its latest ad for the new iPod line. I have to say, it’s one of the best Apple ads in a while. It brings out just how colorful and playful the new iPod [...]

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No need to carry or pull this suitcase: It follows you around via Bluetooth connection

Hop! is the name of the suitcase of the future. The sensors can be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the Hop! will follow it’s owner around. You have to watch this to believe it. Here is a definition from the idea man himself: A microcontroller interprets these signals calculating the phone’s position regarding to [...]

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