hero 20110302 300×164 iPad 2 Cover Its not a case, okay

iPad 2 Cover: It’s not a case, okay?

One of the few surprises out of Apple’s recent iPad 2 keynote event was the introduction of Smart Covers. These simple screen covers (the company emphasizes they are covers, not cases) from Apple essentially ‘snap’ onto the side of the iPad 2 with powerful magnets (don’t worry, it’s flash memory, no data wipe here) and [...]

Image 300×231 Dell XPS Gives MacBook Pro Some Competition

Dell XPS Gives MacBook Pro Some Competition

Dell recently released a new string of very impressive XPS laptops, the XPS 17 and the XPS 15 (the numbers have to do with the size of the laptop screens available, either 15” or 17”).  Each of them offers a wide variety of customization options and feature Intel’s all-new 2nd generation i7 processors. The XPS [...]


iPad 2 Revealed

So as many you tech-savvy (read: nerds) people like myself already know, Apple officially revealed the iPad 2. The new model features some new upgrades over the first model, and will ship to stores on March 11th.  The prices are the same as the original, $499 for the 16GB to $699 for the 64GB. With [...]


A Successor For Jobs? Not yet.

The Central Laborer’s Pension Fund recently proposed that Apple release its plans for a successor to Steve Jobs.  The Fund owns 11,484 shares of Apple stock and called for the succession plan in order to ensure “a smooth transition” for the eventuality of Steve Jobs leaving from Apple as CEO. Apple shareholders, in a meeting [...]


iFart Worth $1 million?

Yes, that’s right folks. The infamous app, iFart, is for sale for the small price of one million bucks. Fart applications have been around since iPhone apps were born. And they have seen success. iFart is one app that has stood out from the crowd and has claimed it’s stake as one of Apple’s Top [...]


iPad is King

The announcement of the iPad 2 is only a short ways away, but the original iPad is still king of the tablets.  Many companies are making their own versions of tablets to compete with the iPad, and many of them have done a decent job of it.  But nobody has been able to dethrone the [...]


Apple Strikes Hard With Thunderbolt

No doubt you’ve heard about Apple’s release of their new line of MacBook Pros.  These laptops come brand-new with shiny new features, faster Intel processors, better graphics processing units, and (ohemgee) Thunderbolt! What exactly is Thunderbolt?  Good question.  It is basically a really fast replacement for traditional USB.  How much faster?  About 10 times faster. [...]


Apple Takes a Bite Out of Profits

After quite a while, Apple is finally going to start charging for subscription services.  Up to this point, Apple has allowed companies like Netflix to gain 100% of the profits made from their subscription apps for iPhones and iPods.  How much of the total profit will Apple be taking?  About 30%.  Which is fair, seeing [...]


Adobe Flash In Danger of Becoming a Flashback

Ever since Apple’s “denouncement” of Adobe Flash (like when Apple decided to forego Flash on the iPad), Flash has been getting a bit kicked around.  People, especially product developers, seem to have mixed feelings about having Flash support on their mobile devices when they ship.  The Motorola Xoom is in the same boat; it will [...]


2010 Engadget Award Winners

Over 100,000 people voted for Engadget’s Readers Choice Awards for 2010. But what do the experts think? The editors from Engadget have all chimed in and given their opinions. That being said, here are a few of the Editor’s Choice picks for 2010: 1. Gadget of the Year: Apple’s iPad. No surprise here. This was [...]

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