Get the iPhone 4 now or wait for the iPhone 5?

So that wonderfully time has arrived when my two year contract with my service provider ends! It is almost as joyous as Christmas, only because it seems like it has been so long since this day was last here. I have been lucky enough to use a Droid X on rental for the past little [...]


Sony to make iPhone camera image sensor?

It may be possible that Sony will be supplying image sensors for the iPhone 5 that is rumored to be coming out next Fall.  In an interview on Friday with the Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Sony Sir Howard Stringer let slip that a camera image sensor made in Japan was on its way [...]


Google Gives Grooveshark App the Boot

A while back I did a post on Grooveshark and why it is so much more awesome than Pandora.  I still hold to this.  Apparently record companies would disagree with me, seeing as how Google has recently removed the Grooveshark app from the Android Market.  This is similar to what Apple did back in August. [...]


10 uses for out of fashion thumb drives

As I’ve mentioned before, digital storage is a constantly changing field that often leaves cutting edge technology in the dust within years, sometimes months. Take for example thumb drives. Sure, people still use them and they are still somewhat mainstream, but I find I personally haven’t used one heavily for years due to great alternatives [...]


I Just Got the iPhone 4…

So, I recently signed up on my cousin’s family plan with AT&T and got myself an iPhone 4.  I know I’m about a year later, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never wanted one before now.  I often visited Apple’s webpage just to look at pictures of the phone and browse its many impressive features, but [...]


iPhone 5 Rumors, Some Personal Thoughts

Rumors of what the iPhone 5 will look like, what features it will have, how it will be different from the iPhone 4, etc., have been flying around like mad as of late.  Let’s wrap-up these rumors and take a look at some of them, along with the likelihood that the rumor is true (according [...]


Photoshop for iPad?

As I’ve mentioned before, sadly I don’t do ZAGG blog posts all day (though it would be fun). I’m actually a designer who spends most of his days in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, so when I hear of buzz concerning these products, my ears perk up. Take for instance the news that [...]

Boxed set

April Fools 2011 Recap

Ah, April Fool’s Day. Adored by many and hated by many others. The pranks and chain yankin’ of the season has moved hard core onto the internet as many companies and sites take advantage of a little leg pulling and the chance to have a bit of fun with their readers. Below are a few [...]


iPhone 5 To Be Announced June 6th?

Rumors of the iPhone 5 continue to circulate, but now we have a pretty definite date by which we can expect the announcement of the phone.  Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) will begin on June 6th and, if Apple keeps to tradition, will most likely be the time that the new iPhone is officially announced. [...]

iPad 8

Rumors of iPad 8 Revealed

With the iPad 2′s release 3 weeks ago today and rumors of an iPad 3 slated for a fall 2011 release, a tipster within the Cupertino company has leaked some information on the iPad 8, slated for a 2014 release. “Even thinner and more magical and revolutionary” was the hushed word from the anonymous source [...]

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