Has Apple Become A Religion?

Whenever I see Mac fans these days (also called Macheads), it makes me think back to the famous 1984 commercial where Apple pits itself against “big brother”.  Oh how times have changed!  If any company could be labeled as “big brother” these days, I would definitely have to say it is Apple.  The brand recently [...]


Are Tablets Overhyped?

In the past year, we have heard over and over about tablets.  Ever since the iPad launched, it seems as if they are all anyone could talk about.  With all the hype, you would think that a large percentage of people would own a tablet.  As it turns out, that assumption is dead wrong.  Nielsen [...]


Five Tech Features To Pass On

With the economy as bad as it is, people want to spend less but get more. So why not start with the different tech features that so many want and have? It’s easy to pay for what you think is better, but sometimes it’s not. So, here are five features to pass on and replace [...]


Let The iPhone 5 Rumors Continue!

Yay, more iPhone 5 rumors!  Sorry if you’re sick of them, but I’m certainly not!   In fact, according to recent rumors, it may not even be called the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S, according to analyst Peter Misek.  I find myself wondering why they don’t just name it the iPhone 5 (and maybe they [...]


Flashback: Top 5 gadgets from 2010

The world of technology is moving at a rapid pace. Everything is constantly out-of-date and being upgraded. This year has been no different. The iPad 2 was introduced; PepsiCo’s social network vending machine has come out, among many more advances. But do you remember all the cool gadgets from 2010? It’s hard to believe it [...]


Apple Is Legit

This one is for all you Apple fans out there.  Those of you who religiously follow the progress of the Cupertino Company will know that Apple recently passed up Microsoft in market capitalization, becoming the 2nd most valuable U.S. company in 2010.  Besides this impressive achievement, Apple also recently passed up Google, becoming the most [...]


Apple Overtakes Google As Most Valuable Brand

Apple is now the world’s most valuable brand. Read that again and let it sink in. We’re not talking about products or services; just the brand. That little silver apple logo? It’s now worth $153 billion. That’s about half of Apple’s entire public worth. BrandZ, which releases an annual study of the top 100 brands [...]


Peel, Lose Those Remote Controls

Every time a device is able to perform the functions of other devices, thus making those devices obsolete, the geek inside of me squeals in pubescent joy.  And this is exactly what the iPhone does.  It is able to perform the jobs of so many devices that it just becomes the ultimate tech tool.  The [...]

Android Market?

Apple’s App Store Will No Longer Be #1

This may just push me over the fence. The “iPhone or Droid?” debate has been raging in my mind ever more intensely as my cell phone plan comes up for renewal. Now TechCrunch is reporting that the Android Market will soon surpass Apple’s App Store in their number of available apps. And it will happen [...]


The New iMacs

Apple recently released their new line of iMac desktop computers, upgraded with all the Sandy Bridge bells and whistles you can expect from computers these days.  Following the recent updating of their MacBook lineup, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the iMacs were next in line. Sporting the new i5 and i7 [...]

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