Google Offers $25 Google Play Credit + Free Shipping on Nexus 7

If one of the latest and greatest Android tablets is on your wish list this holiday season, Google just launched an enticing offer on the new Nexus 7: $25 in free Google Play credit and free shipping. A quick check of the different size and connectivity variations indicates all models are currently in-stock, shipping within [...]


LTE Version of Google Nexus 7 Now Available for $349

We’re big fans of Google’s 7-inch tablet, the Nexus 7. Several of you have been waiting for the 4G LTE version since it was announced back in July. Good news — it’s now available on Google Play for a modest $349 price. What’s better, the price includes free shipping and the first month of 4G [...]


The Nexus 7 Will Help You Give Awesome Speeches And Get A Girlfriend

All jokes aside, I think this ad for the Nexus 7 is really well done. It highlights how typical, average young people use tablets. Give it a watch. RELATED POSTS 7 Tips and Tricks for Your New Nexus 7 Check Out How These 8 Apps Look on the New Nexus 7 Video: Unboxing and Hands [...]


Check Out How These 8 Apps Look On The Nexus 7

If you’ve been following along with ZAGGblog for a bit now, you might have already seen the unboxing and hands-on video I did with the new Nexus 7 yesterday. Here’s one of several follow-up posts about it. This one looks specifically at apps and what they look like on the Nexus 7′s 1920 x 1200 [...]


7 Tips And Tricks For Your New Nexus 7

A lot of you are just getting your new Nexus 7, or expecting it in the next few days. As they start hitting the shelves and flooding the streets, I wanted to put together a quick how-to guide with 5 things you should know how to do once you get it out of the box. [...]

[Video] Unboxing and Hands-On with the New Nexus 7

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from you all about the new Nexus 7, and I wanted to be able to answer them first-hand. So, I picked one up to make a few videos and write a comprehensive review. Here’s the first. If there’s anything specific you want to know, ping me on Twitter: @mbchp. [...]


Rumor: New Nexus 7 Coming Next Week

Google has a press event scheduled for July 24th (next Wednesday). “Breakfast with Sundar Puchai”, they call it. And what do we expect? First, a new Nexus 7 tablet. Since Google was mum about it at Google I/O last month, we knew it’d be following shortly after. We’ve seen it clear the FCC and show [...]


Nexus 7 Now Available From T-Mobile

Since the Nexus 7 was released last summer, you’ve been able to get the tablet in two configurations: WiFi-only or WiFi+Cellular via AT&T. Now, the 7-inch slate comes in a third flavor, adding HSPA+ cellular connectivity from T-Mobile. You can order one via the Google Play Store, which currently shows them as In-Stock. Like the [...]


Nexus 7 + Mobile 3G Now Shipping from Google Play

Here’s the device many have been waiting for: the Google Nexus 7 + Mobile. A WiFi-only tablet is useful when you’re at home, at the office, or anywhere else there’s WiFi — but that leaves a lot of holes. We don’t have WiFi in our cars, at the beach, on the golf course, walking down [...]


Asus VivoTab Windows 8 meets the Transformer

The Windows 8 OS was made for a tablet and optional keyboard dock. It’s unsurprising then that ASUS has taken it’s Transformer Android product and made an even more powerful Windows device: ASUS TivoTab RT. What’s most important in the Windows world? VGA Ports? Nay; it is, of course, USB ports on tablets. So the [...]

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