Rediscover News with this App that Reads It to You

A few weeks ago, I was really sick. Not only did I have the flu, but a few days later, I got a massive cold. I got hit with the works—sore throat, completely stuffed-up nose, ears, and head, a cough, a fever. I was miserable. I didn’t want to eat or drink. I didn’t want [...]

Star Wars Origami

5 Children’s Books For Star Wars Lovers To Read To Kids

If ever you hoped to raise a child that speaks Wookiee and understands the force, you’ll want to start ‘em young.  These 5 books will help you to nab them with material that is a little more age appropriate and interactive. Darth Vader And Son Vader’s Little Princess How To Speak Wookiee Star Wars Mad [...]


Bedtime Story: Google Books adds ‘Read aloud’ feature

One of the best features the Kindle had on Google was that it could read your books to you through your headphones. Google has released a major update to the Google Play Books application with some pretty awesome features and enhancements. The ‘Read Aloud’ feature is exactly what you’d request. The app is able to [...]


Apple’s Two New iPad mini Ads: ‘Photos’ and ‘Books’

Two new iPad mini ads are out: ‘Photos’ and ‘Books’. Of course, they’re hitting on two big uses of the smaller iPad with these. Undoubtedly, there IS no better iPad for reading books. As for photos, the iPad mini’s big brother would be more desirable for viewing photos, but then again, if you aren’t carrying [...]


Glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat on your back.

Whatever Works The site Whatever Works has some great little finds. Little things that take care of those little quirks in our lives. They have pouches that scare away squirrels, a wrist band that holds your cell phone, and earlobe repair stickers. Of course, they have glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iBooks Author – What does it mean for me?

Okay, this one is cool. Why do you care? Dude, it’s free. The goal of Apple seems to be to make iBooks 2, and iTunes U a runaway success right off the bat. The easiest way to make that happen is to get great content there the way they have for the App Store. Now [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iBooks 2 Update – What’s in it?

Just so you know, it’s already in the app store. Go get it. So, iBooks has been around since the iPad came out. It’s over 2 years old. There are a lot of iPads out there, and Phil Schiller tells us that there are now even 1.5 million iPads in use in education institutions. Apple [...]


Only 99¢! Charlie Brown’s popular Christmas app on sale

A Charlie Brown Christmas, which normally sells for $6.99, is now available for only 99¢. It’s a great deal, and I would recommend it to anybody with kids around for Christmas. Available on the iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Interactive The app takes you through Charlie Brown’s Christmas in a digital pop-up book,  complete with music [...]


Create posters and books with your Instagram photos with Printstagram

Holy circles Batman! We went from printed pictures to digital, and then back to print again. Instagram is one of the best sharing services out there. Not only does it let you share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, and every other service you desire, you can also add some pretty cool effects and filters. Physical [...]


How digital textbooks will shape the future

As a student, I’ve thought a lot about what the future of education will be like. Brilliant online learning resources like the Khan Academy and exist, but what about textbooks? Here’s what the future may hold for digital textbooks. There is an incredible amount of potential. Search Writing a paper but can’t remember where [...]

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