Automatic Car Syncing System

This App Will Diagnose Your Car’s Check Engine Light And Alert Family If You Crash

When the check engine light comes on in your car, you generally have to take your vehicle to a mechanic who can then connect to your car’s computer and diagnose the cause of the alert. A new gadget that plugs in to your car’s computer and syncs with a smartphone app will put that diagnosis [...]


Tesla’s Android App Is Drool-Worthy

If you’re looking for a car that offers more tech options than any other, the Tesla Model S has to be towards the top of your list. From the enormous capacitive touch screen display with built-in Google Maps and WiFi hotspot for everyone in the car, to the battery and motor that power it, the [...]


Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Hyundai, And Kia Will Feature Google Maps Integration

Regardless of what smartphone or tablet you use, you’re likely already very familiar with Google Maps. They have undoubtedly created the most comprehensive and complete database of mapping data; from simple 2D road maps, to personalized My Maps which groups can customize and build upon, to Street View, Satellite View, and Google Earth, as well as navigation [...]


Tesla Model S vs. Twin-Turbo BMW M5

I’m a big fan of the work of Elon Musk and the incredibly talented team at Tesla. Here’s a video pitting the fully-electric Model S against a twin-turbo M5. You may be able to guess the outcome, since the video wouldn’t be notable otherwise. So, are you impressed? Or are you impressed? —– You should [...]

DRIFT44 SKILL – DRIFT PARKING (ドリフト駐車) – YouTube

VIDEO: Drifting Remote Control Cars… Way cooler than it sounds

One of the best things about this job is that I have to flip through tech news and watch YouTube videos. This one is pretty slick: You wouldn’t think that someone could pick up remote control car driving skills like this, but it seems they can. Each part of the car is hand picked and [...]

lego go kart

A real go-kart made of legos

As you can see from the video it doesn’t drive fast. In fact, I would say it rolls, rather than drives at all. The build process was documented by the creator Eric Steenstra’s with quite a few photos. It may not be the winner of the next WKA Divisionals, but it’s definitely cool. Wouldn’t you [...]


VIDEO: Hover bike successful test flights

Aerofex has a hover bike and a video to go with it. The device is capable of going faster and higher, but has been tested only at 30 mph and 15 feet in the air for saftey reasons. A video is below. Note that there is no audio in the video. “It essentially captures the [...]


Volvo SARTRE Driverless Train: 53MPH at 20 feet apart

One of the coolest tech projects out there is Volvo’s SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment). Volvo gave the project a boost of public awareness, and maybe trust. The 124-mile Spanish test both proved that the cars could stay driverless without posing a threat and upped the ante for what the cars could do: [...]


770-pound car may signal creation of new class of vehicle: The micro-mini

In today’s age of energy-consciousness and high gas prices, we’ve seen innovations in vehicles that range from more efficient engines, to hybrids and all-electrics, to cars that just get smaller and smaller and smaller. I’m talking about cars like the Mini, then the Fiat 500, and then the Smart Car. The trend of smaller vehicles [...]


Starting in 2015 All New Cars Will Have Their Own ‘Black Box’

A new bill that has passed the Senate requires all new cars in the USA to be made with airplane-like black box data recorders starting in 2015. Similar to the devices in airplanes, the black boxes would record car speeds, miles, and possibly GPS location data. Data recorded just before and after a crash would [...]

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