Toyota puts Prius C on a pedestal, we go back for more

The Future of Cars at CES: Toyota

This is part of a continuing series on the future of cars that debuted at CES 2011. To see similar stories, click on the CESauto2011 tag. Doing a series of posts on the future of cars just wouldn’t be right without including Toyota, who in the mindshare of the world, started it all. That’s right, [...]


iPad 2 Tech Spec Rumors

WARNING:  The following post is full of unverified rumors and speculation about the upcoming iPad 2, as it has tentatively been named.  There are no solid facts about this upcoming product from Apple, since the company has not yet released any official statements regarding it, but naturally the internet is full of rumors.  Herein you [...]


Motorola Atrix

Image Source:, Among all of the exciting and shiny releases at CES, you may have missed the Atrix, a unique smart phone that seems to be capturing many tech blogger’s hearts. It is yet again, another product from Motorola. The same company who seemed to be doing what they could to stay in the [...]


Nike GPS Watch

Next up in Nike’s trend towards some new and innovative fitness technology is the Nike GPS watch. At CES this year Nike was more than excited to show off their new GPS watch that tracks user routes, times etc. The watch is set to debut in April and will likely run around $300 at Nike [...]


Toyota Entune: Apps on your dash

One of the more interesting debuts at CES this year was the debut of Toyota’s “Entune” technology. It links your smartphone with the touch-screen on the dash of your Toyota. All you need to do is download the app, connect your phone via Bluetooth and you are good to go. Entune allows you to run [...]


Is this the new iPad?

Image Source: At CES, the tech site, Engadget stumbled across a possible mockup of Apple’s next generation iPad tablet. This is not their first sighting of possible evidence of the fabled product at the show, but this particular iteration is the most complete I’ve seen. The prototype was constructed of aluminum similar to the current iPad [...]


“iPad vs. Xoom” is “iPhone vs. DROID” all over again

Image Source: With CES a time for companies to get together and flex their tech muscles against the competition, Google and Motorola have teamed up to bare their teeth at Apple and its iPad with their latest release of Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb) running on a powerful tablet simply called XOOM. Android 3.0 is designed [...]

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