Not Just Another Smartwatch—FiLIP Is For Kids

Smartwatches are the latest in wearable technology, but FiLIP is a little different. It’s actually a watch AND a phone—and it’s for your kid. After all, staying connected to your kid can be pretty useful. The device itself is simple. It stores five important numbers so your kid can place a call if they need [...]


Here’s How The FCC Plans To Speed Up Wi-Fi

Big news for anyone who believes that Wi-Fi is the future: The FCC is planning on helping boost the speed and capacity of Wi-Fi networks by increasing the spectrum made available for the wireless protocol. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski said that the new scheme, aimed at increasing speeds and alleviating congestion in [...]

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Jawbone’s Bigger and Better New Jambox

Since the original Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker was such a hit, an even bigger, better and newer version has been rumored to be in the making. The new speaker will deliver all the same amazing features of the older version, just in a bigger package. This new speaker will be able to fill up any [...]


911 Accepts Calls, But Soon It Will Also Accept Texts, Photos & Videos

911 is probably one of the easiest numbers to call; I mean it only consists of two different numbers. But sometimes people call the number and have a hard time saying what they need to because they’re either hurt, too freaked out, or hysterical; it can make it hard to get them help if the [...]


Verizon Challenges the FCC: What It Means to You

This past Thursday, Verizon issued a legal challenge towards interned restrictions on broadband providers set forth by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The gist of the challenge is that the FCC currently mandates that broadband providers stay “neutral” in controlling access on their broadband networks. Verizon wants to lessen this rule, and has fair reason [...]