This Might Be The Most Elegant Night Light You Will Ever See

Think about your routine before you go to sleep. Right before you turn out the light. Is turning off the lights ever an elegant experience for you? Probably not. In some cases (like at my apartment) the light switch is far away from the bed, so you have to turn out the lights before you [...]


Garmin Takes On Nike, Jawbone, Fitbit With Vivofit Fitness Tracker

There’s a new fitness gadget in town: the Garmin Vivofit. Well, technically it arrives next month, but it’s available for pre-sale now. The Vivofit takes on the likes of Nike’s FuelBand SE, the Jawbone UP, and the Fitbit Force. It’s the latest contender in the wearable tech space, vying for a spot on your wrist. [...]


BleepBleeps: Eight Gadgets That Make Parenting Easier

Parenting is difficult (or so I hear). BleepBleeps are trying to make it a little easier with a whole family of gadgets, each with their own unique skill-set designed to help you out during the most stressful times of adulthood. These eight fun-looking devices help take you from getting prego all the way to keeping [...]


[Video] This Device Will Measure And Track Your Muscle Fitness

Wearable gadgets to measure fitness are extremely popular right now, whether it is various wristbands from Fitbit, Nike, or Jawbone, or heart rate monitors, or simply using a smartphone as a pedometer. While we can easily measure the number of steps we take, calories we burn, or distance we run, so far there have been [...]


Our Picks For The 10 Most Popular Tech Gifts This Holiday Season

If you haven’t already finished shopping for the tech guru(s) in your life, this post is aimed squarely at you, featuring 10 of the most popular gifts this holiday season. I’ve tried to include some from every price range ($22 – $500), so you’re sure to find something that fits the bill (literally and figuratively). [...]


Google Offers $25 Google Play Credit + Free Shipping on Nexus 7

If one of the latest and greatest Android tablets is on your wish list this holiday season, Google just launched an enticing offer on the new Nexus 7: $25 in free Google Play credit and free shipping. A quick check of the different size and connectivity variations indicates all models are currently in-stock, shipping within [...]

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Here Are The Best of Best Buy’s Black Friday Deals

It’s almost that time of year again. Black Friday shopping is just 2 weeks away, and already, some of the best deals are starting to leak out. Best Buy has published most of what they’ll be offering, minus a few mystery doorbusters and store-specific deals determined by the managers, but for the most part, we’ve [...]


5 Ways To Identify Legitimate New $100 Bills And Avoid Being Scammed

Last week, I listed my iPad mini for sale on Craigslist so I could get some of the cash I’d need for the new iPad Air I planned to buy. A few days later, I got a call from a guy who wanted to buy it and we arranged to meet at a local coffee [...]


FAA Confirms What We Already Knew: Your iPad Is Safe On The Plane

The FAA announced today that it is changing the restrictions surrounding use of personal electronic devices aboard commercial airplanes. We’ve been following these developments since early last year and we’re excited to see progress actually being made from a government agency. According to the FAA news release: The FAA based its decision on input from [...]


Turn Your iPad Into A Foosball Table With This Gadget

If you take a break from your Candy Crush addiction for just a moment, you may find a desire to do something active or possibly with another live human being. This handy-dandy gadget from Hammacher Schlemmer turns your iPad into a foosball table.  Suddenly it can be game on for more than a party of one. [...]

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