The Coolest, Most Complex Watch Ever

Harry Winston’s Opus 12 is the most complicated watch I’ve ever seen. Not only does the watch not have hands to tell the time but it is SO much more complex than that. The watch uses different spinning markers that tell what time it is. These markers are placed at the five minute marks that [...]


If you have $6,500 to spare, this curved PC monitor will take up 75% of your peripheral vision

We have surround sound. Now, what about surround vision? How would it be to see things happening all around you in a movie or video game? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in the middle of all that action? Ostendo’s new monitor will make it so you won’t ever notice what’s going on outside of [...]


Lipstick Tasers? Better Be Careful With That One

Gadgets – we all think they’re awesome and we all want them! Whether we use a pen that secretly records audio or an umbrella that can be used as a gun, we all want to be a little like James Bond. Here are some gadgets that caught my eye while browsing the internet the other [...]


When tech and DIY collide

I feel like half of what I write about is something I came across on Pinterest. But, really, Pinterest! Land of genius ideas and interesting products! The wonders never cease. Anyway, this isn’t a post about Pinterest necessarily. But, those of you who frequent Pinterest may have noticed that it is a DIY-ers heaven. There’s [...]

coffee cup 2

Power your gadgets on the go with a coffee cup?

People have been turning to caffeine for ages to keep them going when running low on energy. So why not use a coffee cup, so to speak, to charge your gadgets? The Coffee Cup Power Inverter fits easily into the cup holder in your car, allowing you to convert your car’s DC power into two [...]

spiderman gloves

Real life tech from Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 4 really made me feel like I was in the future. Awesome tech was used to help them to save the world. After thinking about it, I realized the tech they used was not far off from what exists today. DARPA is currenlty developing a contact lens that allows the user to have [...]


James Bond Cufflinks That Give You Wi-Fi

Okay, we all want to be James Bond sometimes. The biggest reason we want to be like him is because of his gadgets! These cufflinks are like something that would come out of Q’s lab! They are a USB device that also retains a Wi-Fi hot spot capability. This way, if you’re bored in a [...]


Heads up! Google’s HUD glasses coming soon

Do you ever feel that by constantly looking down at your smartphone you’re missing the world around you? Google is rumored to be releasing their heads-up display (HUD) glasses later this year, allowing you to literally keep your head up while still receiving the steady stream of information we’ve become accustomed to. The glasses are [...]

property insurance 2

How I Use Property Insurance To Protect My Gadgets Against Theft Or Damage

There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on a new gadget, only to have it broken or stolen shortly thereafter. There are a number of things you can do to protect your new tech toys, with some not quite as obvious as the others. First off, you should [...]


Batman Gadgets I Wish Were Real

Let’s face it! Batman is the coolest superhero ever. Everyone loves him because he’s just a guy with a lot of money who uses that money to buy the safety of Gotham City! He doesn’t buy that safety through investing in the Police Departments. He buys gadgets to take down criminals. From detective equipment, to [...]

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