New portable camera slider can take your videos from subpar to professional

Thanks to the ease and access of creating and posting videos,  tons of people consider  themselves practically pro at putting together something worth watching.  I hate to break it to you YouTube junkies…but a lot of the videos leave a little something to be desired.  I know, I know, it’s not your fault!  You don’t [...]


How to protect your car from your neighbor throwing his pliers or power drill at it.

This little baby actually is pretty cheap depending on your car. They start at $269 and go up to $419 depending on the size. How many times have you looked at your car and thought “man, I wish I could put it inside a bubble.”? Odds are that this doesn’t come to mind very often. [...]


Funky weight loss gadgets to jump start the New Year

Recently I wrote about my favorite fitness app to help me jumpstart my New Year’s health and fitness plan along with pretty much the rest of the country. (Can you tell I’m really not thrilled about my pants mysteriously becoming uncomfortable all of the sudden?) Since a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel like an uphill [...]


Do You Suffer From Gadget Fatigue?

2012 is upon us, and with the new year comes a new “disease.”  Dubbed “gadget fatigue”, this new disease is spreading amongst consumers like wildfire.  According to a survey released by nonprofit product testing and certification organization Underwriters Laboratories, 48% of gadget consumers polled believe that tech and gadget manufacturers are building and releasing new [...]


Tech Fails of 2011

2011 was a year of some pretty cool advancements in technology and gadgets, yet it was not without its faults, flops, and failures.  Always all about alliteration.  So without further ado, let’s reminisce for a moment and relive some of the worst tech failures of 2011. That way, when 2012 comes along, we can forget [...]


Gadget fatigue wearing out consumers

Could there possibly be such a thing as too many gadgets?  Apparently the answer is yes. “Gadget fatigue” is a new term being thrown around, and many of you are probably feeling it. The market is frequently flooded with waves of new gadgets, such as what we’ve recently been seeing with tablets. Often times, however, [...]


Tech savvy alarm clocks that actually get the job done

I don’t know about you guys, but the dark days of winter are rough for me.  Not only is it dark by 5:00 PM, but it’s also dark when my alarm clock goes off in the morning.  Some mornings getting out of bed when it is dark and freezing cold feels about as impossible and [...]


CES: The Major Products Over the Years

If You’re going to CES in January, stop by and see us. We’ll have giveaways, contests, and amazing demos! The beginning of the year is always a wonderful time to get together and show the rest of the world how awesome your company is with your latest creation. While the CES of 2012 is about [...]


Tech Gift Ideas for Non-Techies

So, you’re a tech a geek. I know that because you’re reading this blog. If you weren’t at least a little bit of tech geek, you’d probably be spending your time elsewhere. But you’re like us – you love gadgets, games, and all-things tech. Maybe you get a little bit giddy over the latest Apple [...]


Disassembled Gadgets Arranged Beautifully by @jkhowland

This photo series is enough to make anyone love the beauty of gadgets. Art. Todd McLellan’s gorgeous photo series is called “Everyone has a piece of the puzzle”. He takes everyday electronic items, disassembles them, and then arranges them attractive layouts – sometimes neat, sometimes messy. The messy pieces are usually falling through the air, [...]

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