For One Day, Anyone And Everyone In The US Will Be Able To Purchase Google Glass

If a leaked document published by The Verge is to be believed, anyone and everyone in the U.S. will soon have their chance, for one day only, to become part of the Google Glass Explorers program. The document is clearly marked as a “Proposal” so there’s no telling if this will actually see the light [...]


You’ll Soon Be Able To Order Google Glass With Oakley Or Ray-Ban Frames

For you early adopters out there planning on purchasing Google Glass, we’ve got a bit of good news. Instead of the typical “frames” that Glass ships with, you’ll soon be able to add a bit of character and personalization to your face with the help of Oakley and Ray-Ban. Their parent company, Luxottica, announced the [...]


Sacramento Kings Play With Google Glass

Check out this video of the Sacramento Kings playing around with Google Glass at practice.  See what they see as they mess around on the court. Can we take a moment and imagine how fun it would be to have a game where every player was wearing Google Glass?  Suddenly you are no longer watching [...]


NYPD Testing Google Glass?

We’ve been hearing a lot about Google Glass lately, and we’ve talked about it quite a bit hear on the ZAGG Blog.  It may be a while before we fully recognize all of the benefits of accessing the Internet, your phone, or a camera from the glasses on your head.  As people and companies get [...]


Atheer Labs: Another Player In The Augmented Reality Empire

Back in August, we told you about a Google Glass competitor, Meta One. Now, another company, Atheer Labs, is looking to get a piece of the action. With a new Indiegogo campaign, which started December 19 and has already garnered plenty of support, they’re planning on giving their competitors a run for their money. Check [...]


Prescription Google Glass Is Real And Coming Soon [Photos]

Last month, we caught wind that Google will be introducing prescription versions of Google Glass — you know, for those of us with less than perfect eyesight. That’s been my one barrier to entry so far: I need prescription glasses. I’ve passed on three different offers to buy Glass just because of it. Good news: [...]


Google Glass Finally Getting Prescription Lenses

We’ve talked extensively about Google Glass, and it’s likely you’ve read plenty of accounts about it and even seen people using it. With the Glass Explorer program in full swing, there are plenty of them out there. One of the most-requested enhancements to Google Glass is the ability to use prescription lenses. For those of [...]


Woman Ticketed For Driving Wearing Google Glass

Speeding, running a red light, following too close…there are a lot of ways you can get a ticket. Add a new one to the list: driving with Google Glass. A California Cop ticketed a woman for driving while wearing Glass this past week. The ruling of the case could set a legal precedent for the [...]


[POLL] Will You Buy Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch?

In addition to unveiling the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA in Berlin today, Samsung also announced the long-rumored Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Samsung is touting it as a standalone fashion accessory, in addition to being a device that lets you “experience new mobile communication freedoms.” It has a 1.6-inch Super AMOLED display, with a resolution of [...]


Google is Rolling Out Invites for Google Glass

You might remember the early days of Gmail, when you had to be “invited” by one of your friends to get an account. Google has done it with several of their emerging products in the past, and other companies have used the same concept (you’re not still waiting for your Simple Bank invite, right?) From [...]

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