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Your Cup Could Be The Healthiest Choice You’ve Ever Made

Unless you are drinking a can or bottle of soda, it is difficult to notice how many calories or sugars we consume through liquids each day. With any diet or health plan, unknown calories can really hinder your progression, this is where the product Vessyl comes in; Vessyl, a product by Mark One, is the [...]


Samsung Announces Advanced Health Tracking Wearable Device

At Samsung’s “Voice of the Body” event in San Francisco they gave sneak peak of their upcoming wearable tech innovation, the Simband. The Simband is being pitched as the most extensive health tracking device on the wearable market, providing the user with instant access to a plethora of information truly making the Simband the “voice of [...]


Garmin Takes On Nike, Jawbone, Fitbit With Vivofit Fitness Tracker

There’s a new fitness gadget in town: the Garmin Vivofit. Well, technically it arrives next month, but it’s available for pre-sale now. The Vivofit takes on the likes of Nike’s FuelBand SE, the Jawbone UP, and the Fitbit Force. It’s the latest contender in the wearable tech space, vying for a spot on your wrist. [...]


This App Tells You What Makes You Most Happy

Have you ever pondered what things in your life make you consistently happy and what things make you less than happy? A new app available for iOS more or less is giving users a way to identify the trends in their lives that impact their moods, and it accomplishes this by logging detailed information about [...]


This App Will Pay You For Exercising And Eating Healthy

Do you need a little extra motivation to get in your daily exercise and eat healthier in 2014? Pact (Formerly known as GymPact) is a smartphone app that will give you some extra incentive. Financial incentive, that is. Pact works by asking its users to make a financial commitment to exercising or eating healthy for [...]


This iPhone App Might Be The Best And Easiest Way To Track Your Physical Fitness

If there’s one thing we use our phones for these days, it’s keeping track of health and fitness. You’ve probably seen your Facebook friends keeping track of their run times with apps like MapMyRun or Run Keeper. From counting calories to counting steps, your phone is likely the one thing you always have within arms [...]


Here’s A Roundup Of A Few Of Those Activity Trackers That Sync With Your Gadgets

Today I’m wearing the Jawbone UP. I picked it up for my birthday last week. I love it. It’s my silent alarm every morning, and the pedometer and food tracking is a bonus. The technology to track our movement and general health smaller and more capable than ever. That means we see more and more [...]


Jawbone at it again with the new wearable wrist band

Do you remember Jawbone’s first attempt into wearable technology? The UP made a brief appearance for a few weeks before it was recalled, and refunds were issued. The problems with the first model were more than one. Water and sweat would leak into the construction causing a fried circuit board. Furthermore, the board hardware degraded [...]


How An iPad Helped Save A Life

The iPad is a popular device for many reasons, and I’ve heard people say, “I can’t imagine life without my iPad!” There are many features that make life easier, but now the iPad has been credited for helping save a life. The world-famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has been giving iPads to their doctors and [...]

A little yellow robot can dance, touch, and perform charity work.

KeepOn was made to help people with autism therapy. It’s a cute little yellow robot that dances to music and responds to interaction. The yellow blob-like My Keepon is a small stationary robot that reacts to touch and music. It’s been tickling audiences over the web for years, but in a month from now, you’ll [...]

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